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conclure; conclusion; conclusiones; conclusions; conclusioun; conclusively; conclusiveness; conclusyon; concoct; concocted
  1. To their conduct I refer him for a conclusive answer to his objection.

  2. I say, moreover, I can give you conclusive proofs that you have arrived at the limits of taxation on articles of consumption.

  3. It cleared up everything, was as conclusive as if they'd seen her commit the act.

  4. Numerous and conclusive proofs exist that go to show that this infinite world cannot end with this human life.

  5. In conclusion, these few words are written, and unto everyone they will be a clear and conclusive evidence of the truth.

  6. He becometh certain that though the Divine Essence is unseen of the eye, and the existence of the Deity is intangible, yet conclusive spiritual proofs assert the existence of that unseen Reality.

  7. It is an extraordinary Power, an all-sufficient proof of the truth of the mission of the Prophets of God, and a conclusive evidence of the power of Divine Inspiration.

  8. I have given conclusive proofs of the misuse of this text from the writers of the seventeenth century.

  9. On the subject of the law of admiralty, his opinions were equally conclusive with the court and with clients.

  10. Rainbow has always been cited as conclusive of the question.

  11. Hence, while he valued the vast and conclusive learning of Gibbon, he was not taken with his diction; and though he despised the toryism of Hume, he regarded his style as approaching perfection.

  12. The verse is so vilely divided in the original that even after Dyce's attempt at reconstruction, no basis for conclusive attribution of authorship is available.

  13. Internal evidence, as will later be seen, is not conclusive of Greene's authorship; but even if it were, it would not prove that he was a minister.

  14. The prosecution, upon the other hand, argued that the evidence was conclusive that the defendant herself was the writer of the check.

  15. In his second conjecture, Halley was more fortunate, as indeed might be expected, since it was formed upon more conclusive grounds.

  16. The revolutions of the binary stars afford conclusive evidence of at least subordinate systems of suns, governed by the same laws as those which regulate the motions of the solar system.

  17. In the third place, the annual motion of the earth itself is indicated also by the most conclusive arguments.

  18. But there is another ample and conclusive answer to the argument that justice would often fail to be done, if jurors were allowed to be governed by their own consciences, instead of the direction of the justices, in matters of law.

  19. The evidence is therefore conclusive that the phrase per judicium parium suorum means according to the sentence of his peers; thus implying that the jury, and not the government, are to fix the sentence.

  20. Conclusive proof that the legislation of the king was of little or no authority, is found in the fact that the kings enacted so few laws.

  21. This oath, then, is conclusive proof that his legislation was of no authority with a jury, and that they were under no obligation whatever to enforce it, unless it coincided with their own ideas of justice.

  22. Tiresome as he was, he made a conclusive argument against the Federalist position that the National Judiciary might apply the common law in cases not provided for by acts of Congress.

  23. Our act "has been held up to the public and to this jury as conclusive proof of our guilt.

  24. In taking such a step the Chief Justice made up his mind that he would sum up in final and conclusive form the reasoning that sustained that principle.

  25. But the numbers of the popular books of the day, printed and sold, afford the most conclusive proof of the extent to which education is carried in the States.

  26. The logic of this is so conclusive that I am prepared to acknowledge that it admits of no answer.

  27. Conclusive evidence of this was afforded by Mr. Samuel J.

  28. When the body was landed upon the pier, it was found to be in a tolerable state of preservation, although there were conclusive signs that it had been in the water for some time.

  29. This question cannot be answered with a conclusive simplicity; opposing considerations present themselves, between which it is not easy to strike a balance.

  30. S: Say: Then Allah's is the conclusive argument; so if He please, He would certainly guide you all.

  31. P: Is not Allah the most conclusive of all judges?

  32. Qur'an) is a conclusive word, S: Most surely it is a decisive word, 086.

  33. Thirdly,--There is no conclusive evidence that Peter ever was at Rome, much less that he was bishop of Rome.

  34. If this assumption of concreated depravity and impotence is correct, Foster's objection to eternal retribution is conclusive and fatal.

  35. The only conclusive evidence of perseverance is a present experience of Christ's presence and indwelling, corroborated by active service and purity of life.

  36. In the absence of any conclusive evidence as to the date of Manasseh's reformation, we cannot determine with certainty whether Amon received his early training before or after his father returned to the worship of Jehovah.

  37. A conclusive argument for an official ministry is to be found in its formal adoption by most Churches and its uninvited appearance in the rest.

  38. Conclusive evidence of this is found in the most grave and maturely considered public documents, as well as in the general tone of the insurgents.

  39. How pregnant with a conclusive answer is the Preamble, to the proposition that Slavery cannot be abolished!

  40. The conclusive arguments against the imagined original civilisation are indeed plain to everyone.

  41. To this day many semi-civilised races have great difficulty in regarding any arrangement as binding and conclusive unless they can also manage to look at it as an inherited usage.

  42. Final and conclusive and admitting no reply!

  43. Mr. Bell took his hat and went out--a conclusive form of punctuation much used by men in discussions of this sort.

  44. Miss Dock is also very clear and strong in showing that women can best reduce this evil through the use of the ballot; and gives conclusive evidence of what is already accomplished in those states and countries having equal suffrage.

  45. He takes these seven deities as sons of Bau, but he offers no conclusive evidence for his theory.

  46. The Clerk was ready for the emergency, and before Mr. Maynard could complete his sentence, he uttered the imperative and conclusive words, "The Clerk can not recognize as entitled to the floor any gentleman whose name is not on this roll.

  47. I by no means mean to impute any wrong motive to the Senator from Maryland, but simply to ask that he will pardon me if I have not been able to see the conclusive reasoning of the Veto Message.

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