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Example sentences for "crowning"

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crowne; crowned; crowner; crownes; crowneth; crownland; crownless; crowns; crows; croy
  1. As illustrating how gratefully these men appreciate any slightest manifestation of interest in their welfare, mention may here be made of what I regard as the crowning surprise of my life.

  2. Then fastening the rope to one of the battlements he turned again to perform the crowning act of his adventurous life, and, before two men had swarmed up, the Greek flag waved from the tower.

  3. But her eyes and hair were her crowning features.

  4. Graham could never hope to possess wealth, but he found in Miss St. John a woman who could impart to his home the crowning grace of wealth--simple, unostentatious elegance.

  5. General Howe was astonished, when daylight dawned, to see an embankment of yellow earth crowning the hill overlooking the harbor.

  6. Other friends expostulate; they cross the road and enter a thick wood crowning the hill.

  7. Thirty thousand men and women gazed in tensest silence at the mud- stained, battered youth who had become the crowning issue of this poignant moment.

  8. But the crowning festivity of the evening was reached in a rude camp-meeting hymn, which the lovers, joining hands, sang with great earnestness and vociferation.

  9. But the Indian division was still much in evidence in the Mediterranean, its tents now gleaming on the brown slopes of Malta, now crowning the upland of Larnaca and nestling among the foliage of Kyrenea.

  10. The crowning disgrace of 1842 was that a trained army of regular soldiers should have been annihilated by a few thousand hillmen, among whom there was no symptom either of real valour or of good leadership.

  11. The rear of the column would probably have been entirely cut off, but that reinforcements from the advance under Shelton pushed back the enemy, and by crowning the lateral heights kept open the thoroughfare.

  12. And so it thinks the discovery of anaesthetics the crowning triumph of civilization, and cosiness and innocent amusement, those ideals of the nursery, the whole purpose of mankind.

  13. That tragedy gave them their crowning justification.

  14. She had absolutely forgotten that twilight moment at the window which had seemed to him the crowning instant, the real marriage of their lives.

  15. But with our present degree of knowledge we miss in the "Apostles" that crowning artistic unity which prompted us to describe "Gerontius" as a pearl among oratorios.

  16. The year 1651, when Cromwell's crowning victory put the loyal city of Worcester to so much trouble, left numerous traces of the event in the books of this parish.

  17. I merely dwell upon this to show how inscrutable are the mental processes in the crowning puzzle of the great humourist Nature, the writing man.

  18. Fact-worship, document-worship, is at once the crowning folly and the crowning vice of our time.

  19. The crowning glory of this day was the fact that the work of emancipation was wholly due to the principles of Christianity.

  20. Such are the crowning results of both political and anti-slavery action, for the overthrow of slavery!

  21. Seeing a large Kentucky farm house crowning a hill not far away, I approached it.

  22. I felt that the spirit of kindness shown by that workingman would be the crowning virtue of this new and wonderful Home.

  23. But the crowning glory in the near landscape were the fruit trees.

  24. Johnnie's chosen intimates had given her their suffrages as May Queen; but prudent Maggie had decided that the crowning ceremonies should not take place until May truly appeared, with its warmth and floral wealth.

  25. We learned that, while they were crowning with flowers the statue of our city in Paris, they had no assistance but handsome words to send us.

  26. And as I have said, the Municipaphone is my crowning achievement.

  27. Still more distant were a thousand other lights crowning chimney and kiln, and nearer, on the waste lands west of Bleakridge, long fields of burning ironstone glowed with all the strange colours of decadence.

  28. Mynors surpassed himself in the kind of wit that amuses an excited crowd, and the auction soon monopolised the attention of the room; it was always afterwards remembered as the crowning success of the bazaar.

  29. As he slowly struggled to a sitting posture the moon danced fantastically, and some black trees crowning a near hill bowed and rose, and walked sidewise to and fro.

  30. The crowning instance of the spirit of the Bodyguard was now given.

  31. The citadel, picturesquely crowning the summit of the rock, stood several hundred yards higher, at one side.

  32. Why name spirituality as the crowning characteristic of the good teacher?

  33. Just as we hope for an eventual crowning under the blessing, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant," so we treasure those benedictions along the way that attend the discharge of a sacred obligation.

  34. At that crowning indignity Alice was the maddest elephant in the world for that day.

  35. Of this final goal of our aspirations--of this crowning mystery of our being--the mind is helpless to conceive, and the tongue refuses to tell.

  36. This is the crowning promise of the Apocalyptic vision, "They shall see His face.

  37. That pure affection which has been to you a fountain of benediction; that friendship which has been the crowning glory of your life--can you think of it apart from Christ?

  38. Show me Thy Glory," where else again shall His glory be seen, if not in those friendships which are the crowning gift of University life?

  39. Pilate is the chief agent in the crowning scene of evangelical history.

  40. It was said in the debate on the Navigation Laws, in the best speech made on the Liberal side, by one of the ablest of the Liberal party, that the repeal of the Navigation Laws was the crowning of the column of free trade.

  41. It was not only the carrying out of a principle, but the overthrow of a system; it was not merely the crowning of the column, but the crushing of the pedestal.

  42. And thus much for the Crowning of the Column of Free Trade, and Crushing of the Pedestal of the Nation.

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