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Example sentences for "crows"

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  1. On several occasions two crows had made an attempt to snatch the dainty morsel, but their plans were easily defeated by Topsy's growls and snapping teeth.

  2. Away flew the crows to the branch of a tree near by.

  3. The little brown mice had eaten their last nut; the hedgehog was hungry and the crows were nearly giving in.

  4. He heard the hedgehog snoring in the hedge; and the crows kept on screaming in his ears.

  5. They keep pouring down upon the coast like crows on the scent of a carrion, and once done with the Dane, we shall see them in hundreds prowling around us like wolves.

  6. I have kept crows and white rats; they were not a success.

  7. Crows may be harmful to wild fowl but no boy with right instincts would be guilty of an act so base as this, so unbecoming a sportsman and a gentleman.

  8. The crows killed the rabbits, and the rats smelled bad.

  9. She guessed where they were going, and across the fields she bounded like a fawn, straight as the crows flew home to the precincts of that "ancient rest," and reached it before them.

  10. They are very plentiful and very pugnacious, frequently driving away crows and even hawks, which perch on a tree where a few of them are assembled.

  11. Large wood-pigeons and crows were the only other birds I saw, but I did not obtain specimens.

  12. Neither does superstition in regard to ill-luck arising from demolition of the nests of crows explain their security, although at first sight this may seem to be the case.

  13. But Chinese crows build their huge nests in all sorts of trees, in and about every Chinese village.

  14. But in a region where every stick of fuel is precious, what sacredness can attach to a bushel or two of large twigs, when the crows have visibly done using them?

  15. The crows and the blue-jays are the worst bird robbers, but they can be scared off, especially with a gun.

  16. Crows were flying here and there and calling lustily to one another from all directions.

  17. It was silent in the Square of Wigtown, save for the crows that Provost Coltran had shaken his fist at.

  18. For in the midst of the ill-kept square of Wigtown, where certain tall trees grow, he paused and looked upward among the leaves to where the crows were chattering late among their younglings.

  19. Is it not ominous in all countries When crows and ravens croak upon trees?

  20. The reason, of course, is that in the country the crows frequenting woods are shot and kept down as much as possible by gamekeepers.

  21. Both defenders and assailants were in a high state of excitement; the thrushes screeching, and the crows in a row one above the other on a branch, moving up and down it in a restless manner.

  22. But a couple of crows looked over the refuse once during the day for months till men came to sift the cinders.

  23. THE CROWS On one side of the road immediately after quitting the suburb there is a small cover of furze.

  24. The nest of the missel-thrush is so frequently singled out for attack by crows that it would seem the young birds must possess a peculiar and attractive flavour; or is it because they are large?

  25. There are more crows round London than in a whole county, where the absence of manufactures and the rural quiet would seem favourable to bird life.

  26. The existence of so many crows all round London is, in short, a constant check upon the game.

  27. Crows are not so particular in retiring regularly to roost as the rook.

  28. The Crows were far, and could not be present, but we expect you to promise to be friends with the Crows.

  29. Tappan was unable to learn anything of the Crows except the report already mentioned.

  30. Though the Crows were not present, the Indians pledged themselves not to war upon them, nor upon any of the neighboring tribes.

  31. Illustration: SHE-CA-YAH: FIVE CROWS Cuyuse Chief] At length Five Crows proposed an adjournment.

  32. Ehela tree (Cassia fistula) put on young shoots, and till black crows put on a plumage white.

  33. Grackles, martins, flycatchers, and other smaller birds, recognizing them as marauders, will chase crows in the spring and summer.

  34. It shares with crows and blue jays a habit of pillaging the nests of small birds, but it does much good by destroying garden pests, especially white grubs, weevils, grasshoppers, and caterpillars.

  35. Illustration] Smart enough to adapt quickly to urban life, crows nest in such unlikely places as alongside the Pentagon, and feed in the White House grounds in Washington.

  36. Ranged along a brown-draped oak branch in the waxing light, crows show a lordly glistening of feathers.

  37. Of the Blackfeet, Crows and two or three other tribes, twenty-five thousand perished; but of the poor Mandans, the whole tribe was destroyed.

  38. The Crows slaughtered many of their enemies; but the Blackfoot warriors and braves were at last too strong for them.

  39. It would surprise you to witness the manner in which an encampment of Crows or Sioux strike their tents or wigwams.

  40. With a dozen scalps in their possession, the Crows sought the shelter of the forest, and afterwards regained their own village.

  41. I have seen war-parties among the Crows and Blackfeet, the Mandans and Sioux, the Shawanees, Poncas, Pawnees and Seminoles.

  42. When I go among the Indians, the Crows shall not be forgotten by me.

  43. Whether, as a people, the Crows or the Blackfeet are the strongest, there is a diversity of opinion.

  44. You must not go among the Crows yet, Austin; you cannot talk well enough.

  45. The cock generally crows aloud in defiance and in pride.

  46. The conqueror springs upon him, and crows in token of victory; but it is not unusual for the wounded cock to rise and turn upon his victor.

  47. There upon her bloated body Fed the cawing crows and ravens, Fed the hungry wolves and foxes.

  48. At any rate, the boys, perched like a lot of crows on the distant fence, could see him waving his campaign hat rapidly to and fro, as though trying to cool off after his recent lively experience.

  49. They looked back many times at the stream of flying crows that continued to issue from that one point beyond the thick woods.

  50. Seth, "straight at the place where them crows came out of.

  51. Marche-a-Terre ran to share the fresh booty with Pille-Miche; like two hungry crows they disputed and clamored over the still warm body.

  52. Crows crossed the road in the air above them cawing, but although, like all strong hearts, hers had a superstitious corner, she paid no attention to the omen.

  53. There are few birds, but at nightfall the crows begin to fly home in a long line, going down into the red west as though they had important messages to deliver to some imprisoned princess on the edge of the horizon.

  54. The crows still flew westward as I came out upon a second level lower down than the first, and caught a golden gleam through the fringe of bushes in the middle of the plain.

  55. The crows at home--that would be something worth seeing.

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