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  1. No one remained to uphold the Southern banner in Europe save the Confederate agents, and, privately, even they were hopeless.

  2. Nearly two weeks passed before the Times ventured to lift again the banner of hope, and even then but half-heartedly.

  3. And then Mrs. Jackson Noyes will telegraph to the Connecticut Radiator that a great triumph has been achieved, and that the American banner has begun to wave over the benighted Highlands.

  4. Once we rigged up a banner with the words on it, 'Gobstown to the Front!

  5. I can see them carrying the banner to the front of the crowd.

  6. And now the end was at hand; afar off I saw a cabin over which floated both the banner of Spain and of Portugal.

  7. The lilies were hauled down, in their place floated the banner of England; the fireship had vanished into the elements, the great boom lay in pieces on the water like some long, severed snake.

  8. They are but inhabitants, not citizens in truth of the land over which floats the banner of England; they are French at heart as in origin.

  9. She was the first American woman to uprear the banner of her sex in the matter of independence; she may be said to have been the prototype of all the succeeding upholders of "women's rights.

  10. Standard-bearers, lay down the banner of the Republic.

  11. Luca," said the Legate, "it was fortunate that the Hungarian's black banner detained the Provencal at Aversa.

  12. But for that, my banner now would be floating over St. Angelo.

  13. Up with the Banner of the Church--and down with the tyrants!

  14. And it usually happened that, by some secret intrigue, the appearance of Montreal's banner before the walls of a city was the signal for some sedition or some broil within.

  15. As he rode up, and his gorgeous banner gleamed in the noonlight, the soldiers saluted him.

  16. The banner of the Colonna, borne by Adrian's troop, obtained ready admittance at the Porta del Sole.

  17. At noon of that day the Spanish flag was hauled down and the Stars and Stripes hoisted in its place, above the historic Morro Castle, where the banner of Spain had floated (except for a brief intermission) for nearly three hundred years.

  18. Vienna was the capital of Duke Leopold of Austria, whom Richard had mortally offended in Palestine, by tearing down his banner and planting the standard of England in its place.

  19. The other ten reached the spot, tore down the English flag, and in a few minutes more the consecrated banner of Normandy was flying in its stead.

  20. Another carried a banner with the painted image of Christ.

  21. The Oriflamme, the sacred banner of the realm, never displayed but in times of dire extremity, was at length unfurled to the winds, and from every side the great vassels of the kingdom hastened to its support.

  22. Set your banner high in this bush, and let us rest.

  23. The Bishop of Winchester, who seems to have been something of a weathercock in his political faith, turned again to his brothers side, set Stephen's banner afloat on Windsor Castle and converted his bishop's residence into a fortress.

  24. The next morning his banner should be unfurled and his trumpet should sound.

  25. I believe the custom to have arisen in the battle-banner of the Bedouins, called Merkeb and Otfe, which I have mentioned in my remarks on the Bedouins, and which resemble the Mahmal, inasmuch as they are high wooden frames placed upon camels.

  26. The following is from a Missouri paper, printed in Callaway County, entitled The Banner of Liberty: "The Governor of Missouri has negotiated a State loan with the Bank of Missouri, of three hundred and forty thousand dollars.

  27. Likewise he saw the all-gilded banner lying high over the hoard, that greatest of wondrous handiwork and all woven by the skill of human hands.

  28. Then was chase given to the people of the Swedes and the banner of Hygelac borne aloft; and they swept o'er the field of peace when the sons of Hrethel thronged to the entrenchment.

  29. Then the son of Healfdene gave to Beowulf the golden banner, the decorated staff banner as a reward for his conquest, and the helm and the byrny.

  30. And the banner also he took, that brightest of beacons.

  31. Once across the river, Joan mounted again, with her banner of Our Lord and the Lilies in her hand, and with Dunois at her side, and rode to the town.

  32. White armour was made for Joan to wear, and a Scottish painter made a banner with sacred pictures for her to carry: his daughter was a great friend of Joan.

  33. He was, like all of them of Burgundy, on the English side, and he rode under the banner of Sir John Fastolf.

  34. On 17th July the Dauphin, with Joan and all his nobles, went to the Cathedral, and there he was crowned and anointed, and made King in earnest, Joan standing beside him with her banner in her hand.

  35. Then Joan led on her men and the Duke's, with her banner in her hand, and cried them on to break down a gate called the Porte St. Honoré.

  36. He was as poor as ever, and the excited men who flocked to the Maid's banner were to him objects less of pride than of distrust.

  37. Her dress, her banner and pennon, were inquired about.

  38. On Thursday, April 28th, the relieving army set out from Blois, the priests going before and singing the Veni Creator round their banner of the Cross.

  39. And now here was the Witch, vanquished, powerless, her armour soiled in the fight, her magic banner fallen away from her.

  40. For the priests attached to it, she had a banner made with a picture of the Crucifixion, beneath which they said mass and sang hymns to the Virgin morning and evening.

  41. Watch until my banner touches the fort," she said to a gentleman who stood near.

  42. As for me, I followed the career which was open to me, and took service of my own free will under the banner of our lord king, Henry II.

  43. Mary reined in her horse abruptly at this sight, and wanted to turn back; but she had scarcely moved a few paces when the accusing banner again blocked her passage.

  44. Maceroni to follow him: He led him on to the terrace of the house, which looked over the whole town, and over which a banner floated as it might on a royal castle.

  45. It was indeed an annoying thing to have these fortresses and towns displaying another banner than his own in the midst of the beautiful Romagna which he desired far his own kingdom.

  46. It was in this shape that the inscription was afterwards put on the “Labarum” or banner of the cross, and also on many coins struck during the reign of Constantine.

  47. All that Shund will have to do will be to fall in under the glorious banner of the spirit of the age; his voting trumpet will be given him; and forthwith he will turn out a finished mayor and deputy.

  48. Mariani painted St. Lucy of the Banner and Santa Maria in Aquiro, and Gugliari St. Augustine.

  49. I wanted to intimate that thousands swear allegiance to the banner of progress without comprehending its nature.

  50. For these reasons I have no misgivings about being able to convince you that elections are a folly wherever the banner of progress waves triumphant.

  51. The laical body was in harmony with the ecclesiastical; prayer mingled with warlike exploits; the home was at peace with the church; the banner bore the same device as the altar.

  52. On their battalion banner was the figure of a youth, denoting activity, with the motto, “The cloud of Jehovah rest on them, even when they go forth out of the camp.

  53. They had destroyed the confidence of men in the banner that had never gone back.

  54. The Twelve Peers of France were not all present--some were on the English side--but Joan stood by Charles, her banner in her hand.

  55. Jeanne was climbing a ladder, banner in hand, when her flag was struck by a stone, and she also was struck on her head, but her light helmet saved her.

  56. Seeing this, Jeanne took her banner and went to the front, bidding our men be of good heart.

  57. The English ran before her like sheep; she planted her banner again in the ditch.

  58. She also commanded a banner to be made, with the Lilies of France on a white field.

  59. In the hand of the youth was a mighty lance, speckled yellow, with a newly-sharpened head; and upon the lance a banner displayed.

  60. In the banner borne by Godfrey, the Crusader King of Jerusalem, the only tinctures introduced were the two metals, gold and silver, five golden crosses being placed upon a silver field.

  61. The famous banner of the Knights Templars, called the Beau-seant, had its upper half black and lower white.

  62. At the funeral of Nelson we find his banner of arms and standard borne in the procession, while around his coffin are the bannerolls, square banner-like flags bearing the various arms of his family lineage.

  63. He is depicted as bearing in his right hand a banner of red and white, as shown in Fig.

  64. It was at the Aliscans that he met them, and a great host they were, spreading over the country till whichever way you looked you saw men flocking round the Golden Dragon, which was the banner of the Saracens.

  65. Then I sent on board of him a band of men with arms and a banner of infantry, who captured the poop and the cabin and took the shallop or long-boat which it had at the stern.

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