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  1. When the moulding is run along the walls, the capping may be made to match the trim or the picture moulding already in place, thus giving an apparently concealed job.

  2. The wires are then laid in the grooves and the capping put in place and fastened by small brads.

  3. It runs in a deep glen, the sides of which are almost five hundred yards of slope, and rocky, the rocks being hardened calcareous tufa lying on clay shale and sandstone below, with a capping of ferruginous conglomerate.

  4. Many a dim twilight have we sat together, reviving each other's recollection, and occasionally relaxing into the grave amusement of capping verses.

  5. And, sir, Capping Pendulum's own house was entered and robbed of jewelry and plate to the tune of about two thousand dollars.

  6. Capping Pendulum, he shows his powerful 'torney, and tends to the 'state.

  7. Jes so, sir; it wer Capping Pendulum and yourself, which it hurt me to the heart as you should have trusted into Capping Pendulum and not into me--a old and valleyed servant of the family.

  8. Why, lord, sir, you had better a-trusted into me from the beginning, than into Capping Pendulum.

  9. Daylight found him leaning against a smooth ledge which formed a part of the black capping he had seen from the road.

  10. Somebody was going to get the big jolt of his life before long, he told himself over a careful breakfast fire built cunningly far back in the crevice where a current of air sucked into the rock capping of the butte.

  11. And Harcourt was capping the jokes of Delane.

  12. His launch rode high on a capping swell and a puff of wind caused him to look anxiously at the beach.

  13. They passed from the blind cutters and came to the capping machine where a man with an artificial leg was being instructed in soldering the cans.

  14. At the end of the dock a narrow gangway led downward to a small float which rocked lazily in the capping swells thrown up by a passing fishing-boat.

  15. Only little patches are found capping the high ground opposite Jedburgh, as at Hunthill, etc.

  16. They are more or less pyramidal and conical in shape, being built up of sandstones often crowned atop with a capping of some crystalline igneous rock, such as basalt.

  17. These gravels could not possibly have been deposited by the present rivers, for they are found capping the hills at a height of more than eighty feet above the sources of the streams.

  18. It was a dodge for capping a gun automatically.

  19. Wal', I'm jiggered if he didn't leave out the capping part of the business, and brought his piece straight up to his shoulder to draw a bead on me.

  20. Such old alluvial deposits now capping the cliffs of Kent seem to have been the river-beds of tributaries of the Thames before the sea encroached to its present position and widened its estuary.

  21. Professor Agassiz, after his tour in Scotland in 1840, announced the opinion that erratic blocks had been dispersed from the Scottish mountains as from an independent centre, and that the capping of ice had been of extraordinary thickness.

  22. The same glacial formation is also found capping some of the Essex hills farther to the east, and extending some way down their southern slopes towards the valley of the Thames.

  23. Well, there is nothing so good for incredulity, don't you know, as capping the climax.

  24. When it reached the middle of that plank the Cajun became alarmed and called upon the local levee board for help to raise the capping higher still.

  25. The local boards in turn notified the planters, in sections where capping was necessary.

  26. The entire earth deposit below the sand capping showed this lamination, sometimes horizontal, sometimes curved, proving a long period of deposition.

  27. The sandstone capping the hill appears within a few hundred feet and is covered with an abundant growth.

  28. By the side of the upper trail, at the bottom of the sandstone ledge capping the hill, are many large blocks which have split off from this stratum.

  29. At first this pilaster-like form bore a reminiscence of a classic capital as its termination; a moulded capping under the eaves of the building.

  30. Next this capping was almost insensibly dropped, and the buttress became a mere flat strip of wall.

  31. Close by, Hurley and Hunter had built a snow mound ten feet in diameter and ten feet in height, finished off with a capping of snow blocks wrapped in black bunting.

  32. The problem to be solved was, whether it was the seaward face of an ice-covered continent, the ice-capping of a low island or only a flat-topped iceberg of immense proportions.

  33. The capping of projectiles consists in placing over the point a cone or mass of metal of comparative softness.

  34. At any rate capped projectiles are, on the whole, superior to the uncapped and the practice of capping is recommended as an additional advantage when used in conjunction with the improvements here-in-after described.

  35. Capping verses, composing impromptu odes on persons or places, giving historical and mythological allusions, are among the ordinary diversions of this kind.

  36. They then conversed on literary subjects, one capping the other's quotation as echo responds to sound.

  37. If trouble be found making them stay in place before the capping is put on, small tacks may be driven into the moulding beside them to hold them.

  38. Of subsequent patents one includes the use of steel T-bars, in which the glass is bedded and covered with a capping of copper or zinc secured with bolts and nuts.

  39. It has a capping and condensation gutters of lead, and the glass is bedded on asbestos packing to get a better bearing edge, so as to be held more securely.

  40. There are also other systems composed of wood bars with condensation gutter and capping of copper secured with bolts and nuts, and asbestos packing with slight differences in some minor matters, but these systems are but little used.

  41. He is at Capping Pendulum's, a doing very well now.

  42. Oh, marse Capping Pendulum, sir, I's so glad you'se come!

  43. Yes, sir; Marse Capping Pendulum, I will go.

  44. The new Grand Central, with its marvelous blue ceiling capping a waiting-room so large that the New York City Hall, cupola, wings and all could be set within it, can hardly escape the attention of any traveler who passes within its portals.

  45. There was Denny hill, with a park of five acres capping it.

  46. Capping verses was a game of which he never tired.

  47. After dinner we played at capping verses, and after that at a game in which one of the party thinks of something for the others to guess at.

  48. Its top is somewhat damaged, having been originally protected, as was the case with many of the obelisks which were not finely finished to a point, with a capping of gilded bronze that remained intact till the thirteen century.

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