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Example sentences for "capriciously"

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  1. There were many men within and without the circle of her admirers whom she could snub capriciously and ruthlessly tyrannise over, but Arthur Claverton was not one of them, and this she knew full well.

  2. For the wooded country has been left, and now before him lies spread a panorama of broad and rolling plains, dotted capriciously here and there with clumps of bush.

  3. He partially allow the mediation of Theodosius, and capriciously rejects that of Maximus, though it is attested by Prosper, Sozomen, and Theodoret.

  4. These extraordinary trials were so capriciously contrived, that, in some cases, guilt, and innocence in others, could not be proved without the interposition of a miracle.

  5. The ruin of the opulent provinces of Gaul may be dated from the establishment of these Barbarians, whose alliance was dangerous and oppressive, and who were capriciously impelled, by interest or passion, to violate the public peace.

  6. A prince, who should capriciously inflict such tortures, would be deemed a tyrant; but it would surpass the power of a tyrant to impose a long and miserable existence on the reluctant victims of his cruelty.

  7. It is taken capriciously from one or other of the sources at his disposal; no information is given respecting the authority for the printed text in any particular passage; and, as a rule, no various readings are added.

  8. Stephen was the first to bring together any considerable body of manuscript evidence, however negligently or capriciously he may have applied it to the emendation of the sacred text.

  9. Then came the poet, embodying outlines, developing situations, not a word wasted, not a sentiment capriciously thrown in.

  10. Nature does not capriciously scatter her secrets as golden gifts to lazy pets and luxurious darlings, but imposes tasks when she presents opportunities, and uplifts him whom she would inform.

  11. Its earthward face was capriciously sprinkled with lamps hung from strong cables, and which, extinguished or unperceived by day, were lighted, or became visible to our eyes, at night.

  12. Nor can these five conceptions and points of view be looked upon as increasable to ten or twenty, or to as many as desired, or that I have placed them in a certain order, but that they could be capriciously placed in another order.

  13. Those who make this statement, and look upon the aesthetic fact as a practical fact, do not do so capriciously or because they are groping in the void; but because they have their eye on something which is really practical.

  14. Lots were capriciously granted and as capriciously withdrawn.

  15. To cast off capriciously or unfeeling, as a lover; to deceive in love.

  16. A woman who capriciously deceives her lover; a coquette; a flirt.

  17. Under our own law we may conceive a case in which a man would be compelled to die unwillingly intestate because one of the two people present at his death-bed capriciously refused to witness a will.

  18. On their capriciously formed ridge appeared dazzling sheets, as mentioned by Pere Secchi.

  19. To the left ran a line of mountains capriciously shaped, lying in the full light.

  20. We find in a somewhat later epigrammatist that one grandee keeps up four town houses in Rome itself, and moves capriciously from one to the other, so that you never know where you will find him.

  21. If a Roman of any standing took part, it was either because he was a ruined man, or else because the emperor had capriciously ordered him to undergo this humiliation.

  22. The list of Ctesias appears to have been put together capriciously or merely invented; the lengths of the reigns are pure imagination, and arranged according to certain synchronisms.

  23. In the place of the patriarchal authority of the elders and heads of tribes, whose decisions they had formerly sought, came the rule of royal officers, who could exercise their power capriciously enough.

  24. A river, almost concealed by bending willows and slender erect cottonwoods, wound capriciously across the valley.

  25. Eulogia as usual was craved for dances, but she capriciously divided her favours between Abel Hudson and Don Tomas Garfias.

  26. Johnson says that 'the vowels are capriciously pronounced, and differently modified by accident or affectation, not only in every province, but in every mouth.

  27. It cannot but occur that "Women have natural and equitable claims as well as men, and these claims are not to be capriciously or lightly superseded or infringed.

  28. It is not a grant capriciously made from a higher tyrant to a lower.

  29. The palace is in the Mudéjar style, the exterior studded with projecting knobs; the inner courtyard is coarsely carved with lions and scrolls, capriciously extravagant and yet within bounds enough to be effective.

  30. In the altered attitudes of the attentive figures the woman could read that the accuser was no longer talking to a hostile audience, but to one capriciously grown receptive, and educated to the deceits of the accused.

  31. There were still moments when his strength seemed to ebb capriciously and leave him giddy.

  32. The old man did not choose to leave the charming creature, to whom he clung capriciously with the silent and apparently causeless obstinacy to which very old persons are subject, and which makes them resemble children.

  33. This ice-opening was instructive practically, because it taught those of us who did not understand it before how capriciously insecure was our position.

  34. But God capriciously decided he had other plans for her--insomuch as decreeing she was not to be let go then.

  35. I'd have decided--not capriciously like God but determinedly like myself--to have died by my own hand one night.

  36. This Butte is capriciously decorated with sweet brilliant metallic orgies of color at any time, all times, as if by whims of pagan gods lightly drunk and lightly mad.

  37. We trail after us from our whole past some sense of the continuous energy and movement both of our passionate fancies and of the phantasmagoria capriciously at work beyond.

  38. While objects and events were capriciously moralised, the mind's own plasticity has been developed by its great exercise in self-projection.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "capriciously" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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