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  1. When as sharp a fellow as you takes the wrong line of country, it's generally a woman is leading the way over the fences.

  2. She told me of the close companionship which once subsisted between you and her nephew, and gave me rolls of his letters to read wherein every line spoke of you.

  3. I 'll send you a line to say what success I have had with my friends.

  4. He saw the finish line but a few feet ahead.

  5. Dent, throwing the end of his line aboard, and Dent, forgetting his usual lazy habits, made a quick grab for the painter.

  6. Dent stood up in the stern of the drifting motorboat, and prepared to catch the line Tom was about to throw to him.

  7. Your gun would get you meat enough, Your line would catch your fish, But what a hunger you would have For some nice snappy dish.

  8. It's going to be a big game, I hear, and the fellow who makes good will be in line for the 'varsity next season.

  9. The car line is blocked, I guess, with all this snow.

  10. Illustration] This is a new line of stories for boys, by the author of the Boy Ranchers series.

  11. So near were they to the finish line now that the calls of the class cheerers came clearly through the cold, crisp air.

  12. He caught him in time to prevent a score being made, but the coach shook his head at the next line up.

  13. The line was a trifle broken now, as one or two forged ahead of the others, and among them was Tom.

  14. He particularly mentioned a bright red line or scratch on the right-hand side of his sister's face, which he had distinctly seen: ".

  15. I found nothing in the line of vision but a bare wall.

  16. I watched the long line of people go away into the far distance, but I felt no special interest in any of them, until I saw a middle-aged Friend, dressed as a gentleman farmer.

  17. I pointed at the curved line of yellow sands.

  18. A line of doors flew open and a lot of men stepped out headlong.

  19. Under the night the pools grew bigger with mysterious rapidity, while the great sea, yet far off, thundered in a regular rhythm along the indistinct line of the horizon.

  20. He always had a passion for firearms; so he stopped short and contemplated the row of weapons, perfect and severe, drawn up in a line behind the black-framed panes.

  21. Then from behind the black and wavy line of the forests a column of golden light shot up into the heavens and spread over the semicircle of the eastern horizon.

  22. Remtha is on the boundary line of the Haouran; which to the south-eastward runs by Om el Djemal and Szamma, two ruined towns.

  23. I believe this chain of mountains continues in a direct and uninterrupted line from the eastern shore of the Dead sea to the eastern shore of the Red sea, and from thence to Yemen.

  24. From the Mehatet el Hadj we followed the paved road which leads in a straight line towards Rabba, in a S.

  25. The plain terminates three or four miles to the east, in rocks which line the shore.

  26. Before sun-set I could distinguish a black line in the plain, where my sharp-sighted guides clearly saw the date-trees surrounding the castle, which bore N.

  27. It borders to the north on the chain of El Tyh, which stretches in a regular line eastwards, parallel with the Zebeir, beginning at Sarbout el Djeinel.

  28. The harbour of Tripoli is formed by a line of low rocks, stretching from the point of the Myna about two miles into the sea, towards the north; they are called by the natives Feitoun [Arabic].

  29. It lay in a straight line before us, and presented much of Alpine scenery.

  30. But Patty herself held her head high, and assumed the dignity of a whole line of duchesses as she stalked toward the counter.

  31. But he said he had had experience in that line last summer, and found that it was possible to get along with her.

  32. The Labesse line had been a long one, and apparently its ladies had never worn out or given away any of their robes.

  33. Before her nose could play off, Bill had the sea anchor overside and a moment later the heavy boat was tugging on the line to the collapsible canvas bucket that kept her head into the wind.

  34. From his place at the rear of the line Bill studied his fellow prisoners.

  35. For the better part of the next three hours, the long line of dugouts forged ahead through the heavy blanket of sea fog.

  36. Mr. Bolton immediately started to haul in the line and Bill opened his throttle.

  37. He removed two spark plugs, and disconnected the joints in the pipe line at both the fuel tank and carburetor.

  38. Take 'em out the back way and line 'em up in the road till I come.

  39. Upon his return with a brimming bucket, he found that Osceola had built a line of smudge-fires in a circle around the fire, and that once within the ring, there were no mosquitoes.

  40. Instead, when his part of the line moved up to where the head overseer was issuing directions, the man pointed to a stack of iron wheelbarrows.

  41. Moreover, the ground was within the direct line of vision of the sentries.

  42. The line halted opposite the dredges moored to the bank, and a certain number of the slave gang were ordered aboard.

  43. A few straggling wisps of mist played round the line of canoes and were gone.

  44. After taking an empty barrow apiece, the two friends trundled them in a long line of barrow men down a planked incline to the muck heap formed by the gold dredges.

  45. Dead aft and not a quarter of a mile away lay a long line of pounding breakers!

  46. The line of slaves swung round toward their prison house.

  47. That red line along the banks of the streams--exposed roots, of course.

  48. Three more canoes fell into line behind him, and the four left the main flotilla and headed off to the westward, keeping the cliffs and the pounding surf off their port quarter.

  49. Before the window, gazing blankly into the street, stood Robert Gloucester, every line of his body eloquent of fatigue and depression.

  50. Robert Gloucester turned and walked down the lane, following the line of pursuit.

  51. He's quite the most uncanny thing in that line that I've ever met.

  52. Jean walked to the farthest of the row of chairs, pushed it back out of the line of vision, and seated herself in silence.

  53. Passers-by cast curious glances at the still figure seated upon the pebbly beach above the fringed line of seaweed--her scarlet cloak gathered round her shoulders, her dark hair blown back from her face.

  54. If you can fly very high, and when you near the line just glide as quietly as possible, I think it can be managed without our being seen.

  55. Across the line the name absolutely identifies it, which is rather important.

  56. From the Mexican line to San Diego is not far--a matter of twenty miles or so.

  57. He would then be fairly safe in assuming that Johnny would never dare to cross the line with him under the eye of those who watched from the sky.

  58. Just north of that invisible line her pursuers held doggedly to the course.

  59. I know, but it's best to get out of here and over the line in the dark, I think.

  60. A white line was showing around his mouth--a line brought there by the feeling that his affairs had reached a crisis.

  61. Down and around and along another straight line next the sands, and up a steep grade whose windings slowed even this brute of a car to a saner pace.

  62. You can bust your spine in four different places and wreck your machine, and mebby get a four- or five-line notice down in a corner next the dentist ads.

  63. We could not walk up boldly and say, 'Listen, we want permission to fly across the line on business of our own.

  64. The clerk was positive, but since Mary V's voice was young and feminine, he permitted her to hold the line while he called the night clerk to the 'phone.

  65. I ain't fortune teller enough to give you any line on my future.

  66. Oh, before we go up, I ought to tell you that I'd like to go on over the line this morning if possible.

  67. The simplicity of the plan vanished with the sighting of those two scouting planes that persisted in paralleling his course and herding him away from the line he fain would cross.

  68. Until you fail to put me across the line safely, I suppose.

  69. Majestically the British fleet advanced, steaming in double columns, line ahead, with the "small fry" on either flank.

  70. The destroyers on the flank kept their searchlights trained outwards in a horizontal position well abeam, while those in the centre line used their searchlights for the purpose of locating any hostile aircraft.

  71. Throwing themselves on the ground the Sub and his companion crawled in a direction that was practically at right angles to the imaginary line between the two nearest sentries.

  72. Unlike the British dirigible, the craft was painted a dull grey on her under body and an olive green above the line of her greatest perimeter.

  73. In spite of his approximation to Euclid's definition of a line he was muscular and sinewy, and as hard as nails.

  74. By a pure fluke the Diomeda had entered the newly completed artificial harbour, and was anchored within fifty yards of the nearest of a triple line of grey torpedo-boat destroyers.

  75. For one thing, it never ran in a straight line for more than twenty yards at one time.

  76. They've got a line on board," he declared excitedly.

  77. Nor was it to be wondered at, since the enemy had to spread their fire over a five-mile line of warships, while the latter were able to concentrate their guns upon a comparatively limited and immovable target.

  78. We're right on the dividing line between the two sectors.

  79. Well done, Stirling; a straightforward piece of work, and every line full of life!

  80. The dividing line between the two parties or groups in the Convention had quickly manifested itself.

  81. It proved to be the same line that had divided the Congress of the Confederation, the cleavage between the large States and the small States.

  82. Item by item, line by line, the printed draft of the Constitution was considered.

  83. Yet Virginia and Maryland, in 1785, had come to a working agreement regarding the use of the Potomac River, which was the boundary line between them.

  84. Some eighty troops of the Pennsylvania line in camp at Lancaster marched to Philadelphia and drew up before the State House, where Congress was sitting.

  85. One could not place a line of insurance at three o'clock in the morning.

  86. The variable climate of a great house had made him too perfect an opportunist not to take the line of being in favor again.

  87. II They helped him on, and pointed out the dim line of telephone poles which marked a road a mile beyond.

  88. Round and round moved the weaving shifting forms, out of the dark and into the dark, a gray spectral line like a procession of ghosts, or some morris dance of the desert's sheeted dead.

  89. When it is written merely for the sake of getting in line with a popular trend, it is likely to be empty and blusterous.

  90. I'll want to get them on the line while this good weather lasts.

  91. With great danger to himself, he had followed a line of reasoning to its proximate end; the resulting discovery he would use to his individual advantage.

  92. In the morning he would take an early train to San Francisco and place the line without further ado.

  93. The idea of telephoning in a line of insurance and not inquiring the name of the person who took the message!

  94. It follows then, that Nature, always in action, marks out to man each point of the line he is bound to describe; establishes the route, by which he must travel.

  95. Man's life is a line that Nature commands him to describe upon the surface of the earth: without his ever being able to swerve from it even for an instant.

  96. Summer and winter he wore a black silk cloth about his neck, above which showed only a very narrow line of white.

  97. Philosophers and poets--he never read a line of their works, scarcely a name of theirs reaches his ear, and yet their finest thoughts are crystallized in his observations.

  98. Cousin Isidor is already past seventy, and the horizon of his wife does not extend beyond the line connecting her room and the synagogue.

  99. A narrow line of beard frames the face and rounds off under the strong chin, giving the countenance a clerical expression, reminding one more of a pastor than of a rabbi.

  100. As they gathered their soft dresses about their limbs and stooped to enter the door, the flexile line of waist and hip and thigh came out beautifully, modestly.

  101. When he strikes that line of soliloquy he's out of my control.

  102. Sometimes as he studied her she seemed a woman, especially as she looked away out of the window, and the profile line of her face could be seen.

  103. Do you realize that you are entering upon a problematical line of action--that you are inviting pain and sorrow and care, that you are leaving girlhood and leisure behind--that you are entering gates that never swing outward.

  104. Thatcher rose as if to go with her, but sat down again with a level line of resolution on his lips.

  105. She inherited the dimples and the smile from a long line of coquettes.

  106. He seemed to be going off upon some other line of thought, and Sanborn hauled him back by asking a pertinent question: "You mean to say both of these young ladies have that glamour?

  107. Rounding a long low line of bluffs they caught the flutter of flags in Tyre, and saw the valley spotted with other teams, crawling like beetles down the sandy river roads.

  108. As she talked he fixed great absent-minded eyes upon her, and absorbed every line of her face, every curve of her lips--every changing wave of color.

  109. The line of the lips, the half-averted chin, marked Mason's attitude to be one of disgust or weariness.

  110. Then came the huts and the copra shed, their last line of defense, leading to the beach and the sea.

  111. Drake glanced at the lagoon behind him and remembered that there was still one line of retreat open.

  112. The long American line had swung toward Baliuag in a semicircle, and now, when the insurgents tried to flee by way of the north, they found themselves confronted front and rear.

  113. Humph, they've pushed the firing line ahead further than I thought," remarked Luke, after half a mile had been covered.

  114. In the meantime, a skirmish line was stretched to the north of the cane-brake, that the insurgents might not regain any of the lost territory.

  115. The whole line was soon advancing, but Ben's company was in front, and kept there until within a hundred feet of where the four men had gone down.

  116. The rest of the battalion was now closing in, and soon another advance was made, until the first line of the American troops was less than a hundred and fifty yards away from the insurgents' outer intrenchments.

  117. The firing line of this wing had not yet united with the centre, consequently there was a gap of over a quarter of a mile in the front.

  118. The hospital corps was so busy that Gilbert could not be carried back of the firing line for some time.

  119. Yah, I vos doin' putty goot, und I peen out on der firin' line next veek maype.

  120. The line was a long one, with the Oregon and Minnesota soldiers forming the skirmishing end, and Scott's battery in a paddy-field on the extreme right.

  121. But the woods were thick, the ground new to the Americans, and in the gathering darkness it was several hours before the firing line was compact once more.

  122. A strange white line of light told him where the sword was, and crossing the room on tiptoe, he seized the knob, and drew it slowly out of the sheath.

  123. As he was passing the long line of stones, he saw Bernèz working with a chisel on the tallest of them all.

  124. The ships of the line steered a straight course to Asia, the frigates sailed to Africa, the brigs to America, and the schooners to Polynesia.

  125. In accordance with the same line of thought, imperfect states, although called perversions, are regarded by Aristotle as the result rather of misconception and ignorance than of perverse will.

  126. Not less arduous must have been the task of marking the proper line of partition between the authority of the general and that of the State governments.

  127. If a fellow's in love, he makes a bee-line for me, and tells me all about it.

  128. If he elected to hide his pain under a bright smile and a laugh like that of a hyena with a more than usually keen sense of humour, our line was obviously to follow his lead.

  129. She wasn't doing much in the worshipping line just at that moment.

  130. They had been almost alone on the floor, and he had begun moving his feet along dotted line A B with the smooth vim which had characterized the last few of his course of lessons.

  131. You cannot move the right foot along dotted line A B and bring the left foot round curve C D in a paying-cashier's cage in a bank, nor, if you are at all sensitive to public opinion, on the pavement going home.

  132. He might say, 'Well, now, I'll draw a line in this marrying business.

  133. Slowly at first, it grew before his fixed eyes, then quickly, so that at the last there was a complete picture where but an instant before had been but a meaningless mass of line and colour.

  134. Along the line of carriages were outriders, bearing proudly aloft banners upon which suitable devices were printed: "God bless Brigham Young!

  135. There they could look over line after line of hills, each a little dimmer as it lay farther into the blue through which they saw it, from the bold rim of the nearest shaggy-sided hill to the farthest feathery profile all but lost in the haze.

  136. As far down as the line could be seen, there were dusky figures darting in and out of the firelight.

  137. In such fashion marched the long, loosely extended line until the rear had gone some two hundred yards away from the circle of wagons.

  138. A glance at some of the verses she was from time to time constrained to learn will perhaps indicate the line of her transgressions, and yet avert a disclosure of details that were often tragic.

  139. After that, a man can afford something in the ornamental line now and then.

  140. They made but a thin line along the little street, and Follett saw at once that Prudence was not among them.

  141. The moon had gone, and over on his left a soft grayness began to show above the line of the hills.

  142. Far in front of them a long, low line of flame was crawling to the west, while above it lurid clouds of smoke rolled away from them.

  143. He, himself, had driven a six-mule team with one line over the Santa Fé trail, and might have to do it again.

  144. Down out of Pine Valley they went, and over more miles of gray alkali desert toward a line of hills low and black in the north.

  145. The wagons and carts creaked and strained and rattled under their swaying loads, and the line gradually defined itself along the road from the confused jumble at the camp.

  146. There is a double line of figures, the upper one being the more simple, as usual.

  147. In another specimen, which also has the design divided into four parts, the lower line of each part is made straight, by which means the space left in the bottom of the vessel is square instead of round, as in the other cases.

  148. I picked up a small specimen at Avoca, North Carolina, which has broken along the line of junction, giving the section illustrated in Fig.

  149. The conception of the intended design was well formed in the mind, and the decoration commenced with a thorough understanding of the requirements of the vessel under treatment and of the effect of each added line upon the complete result.

  150. The latter space is occupied by a very slender, meandered line in white, the interspaces being filled in with black.

  151. The principal feature consists of a single line of the fret-work developed in the white ground.

  152. Two masterly scrolls, formed each of a broad black line bordered by white lines, are thrown across opposite sides of the vase.

  153. I have specimens from a number of the Eastern and Southern States that fracture along the line of junction, showing clearly the width of the fillets and the manner of their attachment.

  154. The narrow belt next the lip contains a single line of bird-track figures.

  155. In one long line The army last appeared in bright array, With banners high displayed, filling the air With songs of victory.

  156. If that girl overstepped the line she would have to confess everything, or face the frightful danger of a bad confession, and that is a danger that few Catholic girls are prepared to face.

  157. And without more ado he pushed the wire to which the hook was fastened through the frog's fresh body, and dragging it through the mouth he passed the hooks through the hind legs and tied the line to the end of the wire.

  158. I thought once," said the priest, "that if the play were a great success a line of flat-bottomed steamers might be built.

  159. Margaret watched them; they flew in a line with an old castle; and they had not disappeared from view when Bryden came towards her, and he and she drove the cows home together that evening.

  160. This lake was famous for its pike, and the landlord allowed Bryden to fish there, and one evening when he was looking for a frog with which to bait his line he met Margaret Dirken driving home the cows for the milking.

  161. As he stood looking at the line of the hills the bar-room seemed by him.

  162. A line of pearl-coloured mountains showed above the low horizon, and he had walked eight miles before he saw a pine-wood.

  163. At any rate, it was too late for them to beat back from the line of breakers which gleamed white in the darkness.

  164. A double line of railway, the wagons being moved by hydraulic power, plied from hour to hour to and from the village thus buried in the subsoil of the county, and which bore the rather ambitious title of Coal Town.

  165. It followed very nearly the line traced by the course of the river Forth, fifteen hundred feet above.

  166. Harry got upon his shoulders, so that with his pick he could reach the line of the fissure.

  167. He much regretted that just a line more had not been added by Ford.

  168. Twenty minutes later they alighted on the platform where the branch line to New Aberfoyle joins the railway from Dumbarton to Stirling.

  169. While sounding it, and bending over the opening as my plumb-line went down, it seemed to me that the air within was agitated, as though beaten by huge wings.

  170. The white line of surf was broken for an instant; she heeled over on her side and lay among the rocks.

  171. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "line" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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