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  1. Now, on the spot where the funeral pile had been made, the altar was erected, and crowds of men clamored round it, worshipping.

  2. All the days of this winter have gone by darkly and heavily like a funeral train.

  3. Burnet, Vicar of Bradford, read the funeral service, and led the way into the church, and the following clergymen were the bearers of the coffin: The Rev.

  4. Mr. Bronte preached the funeral sermon, {287} stating by way of introduction that for the twenty years and more that he had been in Haworth he had never before read his sermon.

  5. We sailed from Antwerp on Sunday; we travelled day and night and got home on Tuesday morning--and of course the funeral and all was over.

  6. Keeper was a solemn mourner at Emily's funeral and never recovered his cheerfulness.

  7. The anguish of seeing her suffer is over; the spectacle of the pains of death is gone by; the funeral day is past.

  8. She understood that it was for Coonrod's sake that his father wished the funeral to be there; and she confided to Mrs. March that she believed Coonrod would have been pleased.

  9. It was in a manner grotesque, but to March it was all the more natural for that reason, that Dryfoos should have Lindau's funeral from his house.

  10. Bossuet, for example, having, in his funeral oration over the great Conde, to treat of his civil wars, says that there is a penitence as glorious as innocence itself.

  11. We do not say of the sublime Bossuet, he was an able maker of funeral orations.

  12. It was not customary to dance the Greek brawl while interring or carrying to the funeral pile a son or a daughter; this was a public ceremony, but certainly not a feast.

  13. So, in our days, more than one prelate has been reproached with having set monks to compose his sermons and funeral orations.

  14. The illustrious Bossuet relates, in his funeral oration over the Princess Palatine, two visions which acted powerfully on that princess, and determined the whole conduct of her latter years.

  15. Through his exertions, the arrangements for the funeral were rapidly completed; and I followed to the grave the body of my unfortunate father, who had died, so said the doctor, of a stroke of apoplexy.

  16. The funeral procession was a very noisy company; lamentations were heard through its whole length, but the burden of the hymns was always, “To the West.

  17. The first contains chapters of the funeral ritual in the hieroglyphic writing; the second, of which a translation here follows, consists of five pages of a fine hieratic writing of the lower epoch (probably about the time of the Ptolemies).

  18. Thou hearkenest unto the acclamations of those that are in the funeral chest,(15) thou doest away with their helplessness and drivest away the evils which are about them.

  19. The divine ministers who are in Re-stau shall receive [me] when Osiris is led into the twofold funeral region of Osiris; oh, let me be a divine being whom they shall lead into the twofold funeral region of Osiris.

  20. Compare the oldest forms of the 17th chapter of the funeral Ritual in Lepsius’s “Aelteste Texte.

  21. Thy two sisters are near to thee, protecting thy funeral bed; calling thee in weeping, thou who art prostrate on thy funeral bed.

  22. Happy, yea happy is he that looked upon the funeral couch which hath come to its place of rest, upon the happy day of the god whose heart resteth, who maketh his place of alighting [thereon].

  23. Happy, yea happy, is the funeral couch of the Still-heart; he maketh himself to alight upon the pool(?

  24. I am he who maketh the waters to come into being, and who setteth his throne [thereon], and who maketh his path through the funeral valley and through the Great Lake.

  25. We know all about the domestic animals, the funeral customs, the trades, the gods, the agriculture of the Nile valley thirty centuries ago.

  26. Thy two sisters are near to thee, offering libations to thy person; thy son Horus accomplisheth for thee the funeral offering: of bread, of beverages, of oxen and of geese.

  27. The high-priest presiding over funeral ceremonies and rituals.

  28. He interested himself in the doings of all, whether slaves or nobles, and followed the funeral of the most humble Believer.

  29. And Crabb Lane, in a fit of repentance as sudden as the Squire's, took the cost of the funeral off the parish (giving some abuse in exchange) and went in a body to the grave.

  30. So, as soon as David's funeral was over, and while his wife was still with Miss Timmens, Hill began to move back his goods in a sort of humble silence.

  31. Legaspi paid him the usual funeral honours in Zebu, and punished those who were found to be concerned in this mutiny.

  32. Mr. Woods read the funeral service, summoning all his spiritual powers to sustain him, as he discharged this solemn office of the church.

  33. I wish I had the trench full of yer savages, and a gineral funeral we'd make of the vagabonds!

  34. The funeral ceremonies are attended to by the priests, as the rites of love are performed by the attendant Cavaliers: ceremonial and custom supply the place of regret and enthusiasm.

  35. It is said that the form of the pyramid is in imitation of the flame which ascends from a funeral pyre.

  36. Yes,' says Cornelia, 'no stain has sullied my life from the nuptial bed to the funeral pyre; I have lived pure between the two torches.

  37. What he was doing indeed, was as indecent as if he were driving from the funeral of his wife to the boudoir of another woman.

  38. He spoke with affection of Mrs. Maitland, but so far as his going to Mercer went, her funeral was entirely incidental.

  39. The day after the funeral he went to Mrs. Maitland's lawyers with a request to see the will.

  40. As a proper preliminary towards the arrangement of your funeral honors, we readily admit of your new rank of knighthood.

  41. America is anxious to bestow her funeral favors upon you, and wishes to do it in a manner that shall distinguish you from all the deceased heroes of the last war.

  42. He also climbed to the height of his glory on his funeral pile.

  43. Mourning dresses, solemn faces, funeral addresses, the grave,—all have had an unnatural depth of awe added to the natural sense of bereavement.

  44. A Funeral Panegyric pronounced at his death, now before me in the original pamphlet of the time,[159] testifies to more than family or office.

  45. That there saloon closes in Medicine Dog until arter the funeral of the finest and whitest-hearted gentleman and the best shot that ever lived in this camp," said Big Sam, turning mournfully away.

  46. Barry had cunningly planned it so that the ship, after it had buried him, should be his funeral pyre.

  47. I took the books home, and the evening of the day of the funeral I sat down to read them.

  48. His corpse was wrapped in his military cloak, and was interred by the officers of his staff on the ramparts of Corunna--an event which is commemorated in the beautiful verses of Wolfe, the guns of the enemy paying him funeral honors.

  49. Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note, As his corpse to the ramparts we hurried, Not a soldier discharged his farewell shot O'er the grave where our hero was buried.

  50. The negroes not only preach at the burial, but appoint a time several months ahead, giving it great publicity, when So and So's funeral will be preached with great eclat.

  51. There was a large funeral procession, both white and black attending almost en masse.

  52. Aunt Dinah had one of the longest funeral processions ever witnessed in that country.

  53. W'y they ain't no sadder thing Than to think of my first womern And her funeral last spring Was a year ago-- AS WE READ BURNS Who is speaking?

  54. Then there was, and still exists, the "Gates Ajar" funeral piece.

  55. Up to 1856 (he wrote an autobiography in that year) he had baptized twelve thousand persons and preached five hundred funeral sermons.

  56. Some of his grandchildren were brought to the funeral and we remonstrated with them, but did not take much by doing so.

  57. Ernest came back to town the day after his mother's death, and returned to the funeral accompanied by myself.

  58. He wanted me to see his father in order to prevent any possible misapprehension about Miss Pontifex's intentions, and I was such an old friend of the family that my presence at Christina's funeral would surprise no one.

  59. The funeral itself might have sufficed to collect them with few exceptions; but now there was a more eager influence still, working upon the gossippy moods of the population.

  60. A village funeral is necessarily an event of some importance.

  61. The head was buried with due honours, the Manipuri chiefs drawing up their men and saluting as the funeral procession passed.

  62. Her mother had sold her to pay her father's funeral expenses.

  63. Everywhere on the banks of the rivers, and streams, people might be seen performing the funeral obsequies of relations and lamenting the dead.

  64. I was unable to lay any question before the Durbar, as half the officials were performing the funeral ceremonies of relations.

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