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crowbars; crowberry; crowd; crowded; crowding; crowed; crowes; crowing; crown; crownd
  1. Philippe sang to attract the crowds and soon people began to stop and to laugh at Trompke.

  2. I will have the crowds here in a short time.

  3. On Sundays or at week ends special excursions are numerous, when great crowds avail themselves of the opportunity of visiting the seashore.

  4. North Beach to the south of Willapa Bay attracts as well crowds from Portland and other Oregon cities.

  5. As I passed a temple that evening, I saw crowds of people, and noticed some Shinto or Buddhist priests doing a religious dance.

  6. On the eighth of April is celebrated the religious festival known as the Baptism of Buddha, when crowds assemble at all the temples, and pour amacha, or sweet tea, over the statue of Buddha.

  7. This display is witnessed by crowds of people, who throng the Shijo Road, in Kyoto, where it occurs.

  8. Only the more prosperous can afford to see the geishas dance, but crowds flock to see them on the screen.

  9. As we approached the resting-place of Nogi and his wife, we saw crowds of people standing near, for although months had passed since their dramatic death, the Japanese were still visiting their graves in great numbers.

  10. It was surrounded by countless barges upon which were swarming crowds of Japanese--men, women and children.

  11. A young writer is afraid to be simple; he has no faith in beauty unadorned, hence he crowds his sentences with superlatives.

  12. Crowds gathered about the newspaper bulletins, recalling the feverish scenes that occurred when the President's life was thought to be hanging by a thread.

  13. Neither Protopopoff nor the most radical members of the Duma doubted that the soldiers would obey the orders of their officers, and shoot down the crowds on the streets.

  14. Another strange feature of the day's events was the appearance of Grand Duke Cyril on the balcony of his own house, uttering a revolutionary speech to the crowds on the pavement below.

  15. Outside in the streets surged crowds of fur-capped people as far as the eye could reach, waving red banners and revolutionary emblems.

  16. Where the police opened fire the more resolute elements of the crowds rushed in to attack them and killed them.

  17. The crowds of people flowing through the narrow streets annoy me so that every stranger I meet seems to me an enemy.

  18. Crowds of people, natives and strangers, gathered together literally from the ends of the earth, were rushing to the railway-station to see the arrival of the Emperor.

  19. Wagner, who followed immediately in his wake, was greeted by the crowds with as much enthusiasm as the Emperor.

  20. I made a little song to-day, It sang beside me all the way Until I reached the lower town, Where crowds went surging up and down.

  21. So here he sits through the nights and the days, And the sun goes up and down the sky; But he often looks with a wistful gaze At the crowds that always pass him by.

  22. The fresher knowledge conveyed by a new, and it may be much inferior book, crowds out of circulation those which have gone before.

  23. Crowds of old men, women, and children of all ages were crowded together with their belongings.

  24. Crowds of sea-gulls cawed and wheeled round, seemingly hung suspended in the air by an invisible wire.

  25. Not a sign of Germans, but crowds of civilians.

  26. So I left by the midday boat-train; the usual crowds were there to see their friends off.

  27. On every side I sensed hostility; the sight of crowds filled me with a growing sort of terror.

  28. No visiting crowds of curiosity-seekers ashore were frenziedly waving us good-bye.

  29. There were on the boat no curiosity-seekers; no crowds stifled me nor did applause thunder in my ears.

  30. Up the Sacred Street they passed, running when they could, ploughing through the crowds when the crowd was too thick.

  31. From house-door to house-door the streets were packed with crowds eager to see her pass and loud to acclaim her.

  32. With torch-bearing crowds the streets of Aricia were jammed.

  33. Run they did, the crowds making way at Barbo's loud adjurations.

  34. Great crowds thronged the streets, and the barbarian with his white face and his black beard and his queer clothes attracted unusual attention.

  35. On the day they left the place, Kai Boksu's preaching had drawn such crowds that the authorities of the city became afraid of him.

  36. It had long been a great grief to the missionary that, while the men would come in crowds to his meetings, the poor women had to be left at home.

  37. Then he turned and walked back through the muttering crowds straight to the inn he had left.

  38. But the older missionaries knew that they were merely acting as Chinese crowds always do.

  39. The ex-cook of Oxford College had preached so faithfully that many were already converted to Christianity, many more knew a good deal of the gospel, and crowds were ready to throw away their idols.

  40. Crowds stood on the deck to get a last glimpse of home and loved ones, and to wave to friends as long as they could be distinguished.

  41. Crowds of Christians, fain to keep him, followed him down to the shore, and many kindly but reluctant hands shoved the little boat out into the surf.

  42. It was filled with noisy crowds of men who acted as if they were on the verge of a terrible fight.

  43. There were crowds to greet him in the streets, and a big crowd at the railway station.

  44. Where were the marching crowds that were singing "The Marseillaise"?

  45. The crowds always took fire from a spark.

  46. They were the most sentimental, the most enthusiastic, the most appreciative crowds I had ever seen.

  47. The pit crowds were not icebergs; they had not the immobility of mountains.

  48. When the crowds are cheering their loudest, I am asking myself how soon they will hang my carcass on the outer walls.

  49. As he pushed his way nervously through the crowds toward the Exit Strip, Walter Towne turned the dismal prospect over and over in his mind.

  50. From the first day, Towne and Hendricks and all the others had been picketing the plant, until angry crowds of workers had driven them off with shotguns.

  51. Every subscriber to this small amount thereby became a member of the Association, and crowds eagerly joined it, on these terms, from all parts of Ireland.

  52. From what we have seen to be the nature of the crowd-mind, it is to be expected that in a democracy in which crowds play an important part the condition described by de Tocqueville will generally prevail.

  53. And this trait is common to revolutionary crowds in all historical periods.

  54. But even these directly homicidal crowds invariably represent themselves as motivated by moral idealism and righteous indignation.

  55. There is, moreover, little promise of greater freedom in the various revolutionary crowds who to-day want freedom only to add to the number of crowds which pester us.

  56. We have been discussing crowds in which hostility is present in the form of overt destructive and homicidal acts or other unmistakable expressions of hatred.

  57. People in crowds are not thinking together; they are not thinking at all, save as a paranoiac thinks.

  58. Such a free spirit needs no crowds to keep up his faith, and he is truly social, for he approaches his social relationships with intelligent discrimination and judgments of worth which are his own.

  59. In this discussion of the government of crowds I have ignored consideration of the mechanisms of political and social organizations which usually characterize the treatment of this subject.

  60. Sometimes, as, for instance, the crowds in Berlin when Germany precipitated the World War, a long period of deliberate cultivation of such crowd-ideas as happen to be advantageous to the state precedes.

  61. What was it that brought about such a condition that crowds the stores, that overflows the mails, and loads the express with packages of every description?

  62. He explained to me the ringing of the bells and the meaning of the holiday crowds moving in the streets.

  63. Every night, outside the palace gate, crowds waited patiently for hours, their faces, white in the darkness, turned towards the wing of the palace where the Queen lay dying.

  64. From the high cliffs of the shore, and especially from the great promontory of Flamborough Head, the scene was witnessed by crowds of the islanders.

  65. Not till this moment did Paul hear the cries of his men, warning him that the inhabitants were not only actually astir, but crowds were on their way to the pier.

  66. More often however these crowds may be found to hang most beautifully to a natural axis and to comply with all the principles of pictorial structure.

  67. Enormous crowds assembled to see the seven bishops embark, the shore was covered with crowds of prostrate spectators, who asked their benediction, as did also the very soldiers sent to arrest them.

  68. There are men willing to bring the Bread of Life to the hungering crowds for a mere pittance, prompted, not by any worldly motive, but by the Spirit of God.

  69. Another dissenting minister, who continues to draw great crowds in London, is Dr.

  70. With us there is no such difficulty, crowds gather wherever we are able to send ministers.

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