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Example sentences for "crowding"

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crowbar; crowbars; crowberry; crowd; crowded; crowds; crowed; crowes; crowing; crown
  1. By crowding out to the wall we managed to squeeze past the mass of people who were writhing on the floor, and practically blocking the entrance so far as the people still in the gallery were concerned.

  2. The law forbade the crowding of aisles; they were filled from end to end, until almost every inch of standing room was taken up.

  3. Up in the balcony I could see people crowding forward in order to obtain a better view.

  4. A walk round the ship reveals men lying in all sorts of impossible postures, too done up to bother about eating; others are crowding round the canteen, or getting any food that they can on the mess deck.

  5. She don't have to dig for them even; they come crowding out of her.

  6. And, if so, is there not danger that the closing of our homes may lead to the crowding up of the world with too much higher things?

  7. The bridge was a rough wooden structure half a mile below the town; quite out of danger of crowding the houses of the citizens or doing much injury to the custom of the ferry.

  8. Then the wounded man was supported into the house, men and boys, and even women and girls crowding in after, till in a moment the room was full.

  9. Shall see from far the glorious sight; And nations, crowding to be born, Baptize their spirits in its light.

  10. The sober people of the world are with him, "A swarm of fools Crowding together to be counted wise.

  11. This whole business is like crowding a hot potato down a man's throat, and then asking him to sing 'Old Hundred.

  12. The Carbineers especially kept crowding round the old gun like children in their excitement.

  13. Thoughts of the sad consequences for others as well as himself were crowding on his mind.

  14. Then, with slow steps, they moved along the upward sloping way, crowding the moments with loving words.

  15. With such questions crowding upon him, Hartley Emerson went down stairs.

  16. Even women, both of high and low degree, spent much of their time at bargains, crowding and jostling each other in vast marts of trade, for their attire was complicated, and demanded most of their time.

  17. Pride was her shield, and crowding back all other emotions she kept herself unnaturally calm behind it till she was alone.

  18. Our fate will not be so long delayed because we are now crowding into a decade the events that once evolved slowly through a century.

  19. Ferragut, always running, remained behind the negro sharpshooters, the stevedores, the harbor guard, the seamen that were hastening from all sides crowding in the alleyways between the boxes and bundles.

  20. He was seeing the defenseless and peaceable throng crowding to the boats that were capsizing; the women throwing themselves into the sea with children in their arms; all the deadly confusion of a catastrophe.

  21. Another officer explained rapidly to the people crowding close, the importance of the discovery.

  22. Still higher, their roofs melting into the dusky blue vault, rose the great office-buildings, crowding close as if ready to pounce upon the small space protected only by the sacred ashes of the dead.

  23. He caught again the light in Masie's eyes as she followed his lead in the dance and the mob of happy faces crowding to her side, and then with a shudder he confronted the gaunt sorrow that had hourly dogged his steps.

  24. By this time the old man had got into his chair and Harry stood in the doorway, for there really was not room for more than one in the house at the same time, to say nothing of inconveniencing and crowding the merry company of ghosts.

  25. You will lecture like Hypatia; you will have the undergraduates leaving the men and crowding to your theatre.

  26. Seeing them lugged out of the house was another moment when it seemed to her that she must faint of the crowding around her heart.

  27. She sat fully dressed, in her chair beside the window, the black irises almost crowding out the gray in her eyes, her hands tightening and tightening against that removal of collar.

  28. She rose as if to throw off the crowding stress of the moment.

  29. For answer a sharp explosion rang suddenly into the narrow hallway, banging and reverberating against the walls, crowding faces out behind an immediate purplish smoke.

  30. She was crowding away from his nearness against one of the storm doors which folded back against the entrance, sooty light filtering over them through a frosted door panel.

  31. A foot was pushed immediately in, crowding her back against the wall.

  32. Louis Marsac returned, presently, and offered his help in any matter, crowding some money into the poor, widowed hand.

  33. The business jostling and the soldiers gave her a slight sense of fear and the crowding was not to her taste.

  34. They were to a man crowding to the door, and not one took any note of my entrance, so great was their confusion.

  35. Thousands of soldiers with glittering bayonets lined the streets, together with hundreds of sailors armed with cutlasses and rifles, and many thousands of crowding and cheering citizens.

  36. She saw only a wide and gloomy vista of tangled crime and offense, stretching back into the past, as the tumbled and huddled waves of a sea run out to its crowding skyline.

  37. He was still crowding and elbowing her back, as though mere retreat meant more assured safety.

  38. See, they're crowding out to get a glimpse of her!

  39. By and by it passed out of sight, behind the rising ground on which the village huddled, with its crowding brown house-walls that narrowed towards the roofs.

  40. As memories came crowding back, the woman buried her face in the pillow, striving with all her might to shut them out.

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