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Example sentences for "bristling"

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briskness; bristle; bristled; bristlelike; bristles; bristly; britches; brite; brith; brither
  1. All the windows were bristling with muskets, and a storm of bullets began to fall on the yard.

  2. A forest of lances was bristling above the mass of heads, helmets, and hats; and in the midst of that forest flowed on toward the frontier of Poland the great blue banners with white crosses in the centre.

  3. Those cone-shaped masses presented a front of horses, and their broader sides were filled and bristling with lances.

  4. Next they perceived all around them an infinite number of beasts, lean, panting, with bristling claws, and mingled together one above another in a mysterious and terrifying confusion.

  5. They suddenly entered upon belts of sand bristling with thorny thickets.

  6. At last they distinguished several transverse bars bristling with level points.

  7. Beyond that, in mid-river, the Ile Maligne reared its wicked head, scarred, bristling with skeletons of dead trees.

  8. She was a Labrador Husky, dirty yellowish gray, with bristling neck, sharp fangs, and green eyes, like a wolf.

  9. Like all reformers, I found the world too stiff and rigid for my purposes, and only harmed myself with kicking against the bristling pricks.

  10. Below the slope fearful cries were heard, while above nothing but bristling bayonets and men on horseback were to be seen.

  11. These troops were bristling with bayonets, and advancing at the charge toward the breastworks.

  12. Between these were narrow valleys, bristling with trees, the last clumps of which rose to the top of the lowest cone.

  13. The rocks among which the cascade flowed were bristling with icicles.

  14. Glades, bristling with stumps worn away by time, were covered with dry wood, which formed an inexhaustible store of fuel.

  15. Herbert had none, Neb but little, but their companions were bristling in a way which justified the making of the said scissors.

  16. On the left, the country appeared to be one vast extent of sandy downs, bristling with thistles.

  17. The jaguar advanced and gazed around him with blazing eyes, his hair bristling as if this was not the first time he had scented men.

  18. The thorax is sometimes bristling with hairy tufts.

  19. Reaumur one day saw one part of the cocoon bristling with hairs.

  20. However that may be, its beak is curved, and about the tenth of an inch long, the surface bristling with hairs.

  21. And in an open glade, in an angle formed by two bushes of bristling thorns, stood the boar, the dogs springing and snapping around him, but none of them quite liking to tackle him.

  22. A deep-toned murmur, sounding like a muffled roar, goes forth from the throats of two hundred dark warriors, and the ghostly light glints on a forest of bristling assegais.

  23. The animals were standing quietly about the large enclosure seventy yards in diameter, with its solid, bristling thorn-fence eight or nine feet high and its massive five-barred gate.

  24. From the brow of the cliff rises a rugged steep, thickly grown with dark prickly aloes, whose bristling shapes, surmounted by bunches of red blossom, sprout upwards from the dry, stony soil.

  25. Add to this a long quill generally held across the mouth, and looking at a distance like a cat's bristling whiskers, and you have a portrait of a man, than whom I have never seen anyone more resembling a carnivorous animal.

  26. Old Caleb Wiley spat through his bristling beard, and his voice was a quavering rumble.

  27. Against all aggressors, with every feather bristling and angry eyes, she warns them, protects them, and defends them.

  28. The beak is terminated by a horny point bristling with small hooks.

  29. If two males meet on the calyx of a flower, bristling with anger, and uttering their cry, they rush on one another.

  30. On this ill-omened vehicle there stood three persons, the prisoner, and two of the armed wardens of the Bastile, the former ironed very heavily, and the latter bristling with offensive weapons.

  31. We went on again, seeing a perspective of canals and bridges crossing and recrossing each other, until we came to a great square, sparkling with lights, and bristling with masts of ships, and finally we reached our inn in an adjacent street.

  32. A tongue of land, sharply pointed and bristling with bushes, projected into the uniting streams.

  33. The banker pursed his lips and the bristling mustache assumed its most aggressive angle.

  34. Above these worm-eaten beams, the earth formed protuberances bristling with pointed rocks.

  35. Here are rank, massive beds of swamp-cabbage, and lofty cat-tails by the thousand among the bristling bogs of tussock-sedge and bulrush.

  36. Now we enter the old swamp lot, thick-set with bristling bulrushes and bare and spindling brooms of iron-weed.

  37. The breastworks were higher than was customary, the earth being thrown up from the front, leaving a ditch, just outside of which was planted a bristling abatis.

  38. We were about a quarter of a mile from the Court-House, around which stood the enemy's earthworks, bristling with cannon, and surrounded by a formidable abatis and slashing of timber.

  39. By way of waterproofs they wore nothing less than mats of straw, with all the ends of the straws turned outward, bristling like porcupines; they seemed clothed in a thatched roof.

  40. Yet still the infantry made a brave stand, keeping Pizarro's horse at bay with their bristling array of pikes.

  41. The officer in command seized the opportunity, and a volley was fired by the rescue company, the men cheering as they dashed on with bristling bayonets.

  42. He obeyed, but only by prodigious effort, his neck bristling and his lips writhing clear of his teeth as he passed the mate.

  43. Jerry barked intimidatingly at those that came closest, bristling his neck and making a ferocious simulation of an efficient protector of the white god who stood beside him.

  44. There was no showing of teeth, no bristling of neck hair.

  45. At first, Jerry looked about for his enemy, growling and bristling his neck hair.

  46. Villa was only half hearing, for she had Jerry in her arms and was calling him "Blessed Dog," the while she stilled his snarling and soothed down the last bristling hair.

  47. He stalked stiff-legged, with a snarl writhen on his lips, and with recurrent waves of hair-bristling along his back and up his shoulders and neck.

  48. The column continued its tortuous track, winding through deep denies, and over hot white hills, like a bristling snake.

  49. It wound along the hill like a bristling snake, and, heading towards El Telegrafo, disappeared for a moment behind the ridge.

  50. The dark locks around his head seemed to stir like the bristling mane of a lion: "Woman, you do not know me!

  51. Imagine that Ammergau Christus with close-cropped hair and a bristling red beard!

  52. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bristling" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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