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Example sentences for "hirsute"

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  1. Leaves hirsute or hispid on the mid-veins beneath --27.

  2. And if these nude and hairy "little people" were not of the same race as the hirsute brownies of Scotland, they were remarkably like them in several striking characteristics.

  3. A look of heavenly delight dawned over the hirsute and dirt-besmeared countenance, which drooped into tenderness as he drew the bow across the instrument, and wiled from her a thin wail as of sorrow at their long separation.

  4. He was a very hirsute man, with whiskers all over him, and at first sight he seemed to bear a very striking resemblance to his arboreal ancestors of the largest and most terrifying species.

  5. Alexander Thompson was the name given in the indictment; besides, the Sailor would have known anywhere that shaggy and hirsute man who had cast such a shadow across his youth.

  6. Never have I felt such muscles, such tendons, as those beneath the hirsute skin!

  7. The entire plant is quite fibrous and has a hirsute surface.

  8. The stem is in most cases curved, attenuated toward the cap, smooth, hollow, rather firm, quite hirsute or strigose at the base.

  9. The stem is short, thin, slightly bulbous at the base, hirsute or squamulose, pale, central.

  10. Some throw out branches, crooked, shaggy branches, with hirsute oval leaves.

  11. Perchance it encounters the dark hirsute forms of the buffalo, or traces the tiny outlines of the antelope.

  12. Having replaced the hirsute ornament, he continued: "And thy father is as hot for thy marriage with that yokel.

  13. It is ornamented with revolving inconspicuous ribs or striae, alternately larger, and has a somewhat hirsute epidermis.

  14. The distinguishing features of this crab are its large and hairy antennae, the hirsute margins of its abdomen and walking-feet, and the numerous hairs on the under side of its body.

  15. There were a good many English officers aboard with the regulation hirsute adornment of the upper lip.

  16. A dramatic and tender meeting between father and child was played in a tense key, only slightly marred by the frequent loss of Father Manet's hirsute appendage.

  17. Under close scrutiny the falsity of his hirsute adornment was easily detected, of course.

  18. The leader of the fierce-looking band was a man with long, waving mustachios, a regular piratical-looking hirsute adornment.

  19. The clean shaven face of the manufacturer near Dunstable was now ornamented by carefully trimmed hirsute appendages.

  20. I critically scanned the hirsute visage of the rider.

  21. All the slopes of Nipple Top are hirsute and jagged to the last degree.

  22. The hirsute and grisly sound of Orson expresses only his entire affinity with the untamed and the natural, an uncouth but gentle passion for the freedom and wildness of the forest.

  23. Out of this hirsute environment looked the small gray eyes, set near together; eyes keen to observe, and quick to express change of thought; eyes that made you believe instinct can grow into philosophic judgment.

  24. To sail thus amid rocky islets, hirsute with firs, promised to be an unfailing pleasure.

  25. Flowers: staminate in hirsute aments; calyx glabrous, laciniately cut into ovate acute slightly ciliate or linear-lanceolate much elongated segments; pistillate sessile and coated with pale tomentum.

  26. His upper lip was covered by a mustache, and the hirsute growth elsewhere was similarly precocious.

  27. A curious custom of Mohammedan ladies after marriage is to rid themselves of the hirsute appendages of the pubes.

  28. A prolonged clitoris, prolapsed ovaries, grossness of figure, and hirsute appearance have been accountable for many supposed instances of hermaphrodites.

  29. When we told X of our conspiracy to relieve him of his poetic hirsute appendage, he evinced the greatest astonishment.

  30. He vowed never under any circumstances to shave or cut this hirsute appendage.

  31. The digger, who, in spite of his return to the regions of civilisation, retained his wildly hirsute appearance, slowly counted the notes.

  32. Hirsute eccentricities have also disappeared; the beard is rarely seen, and the moustache is not considered a necessary ornament.

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