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Example sentences for "curious custom"

  • At West Wickham, in Kent, a curious custom used to prevail in Rogation week.

  • In Germany, there exists a curious custom of demanding presents from women on Good Friday, at the same time striking them with a branch of Rosemary or Fir.

  • At Brighton, there exists a curious custom of bowling or throwing Oranges along the high-road on Boxing-day.

  • Lieutenant Simpson mentions a curious custom observed by them, just previous to going into action.

  • A curious custom prevails, which is, however, by no means peculiar to California.

  • Feasting is the favorite way of entertaining friends, so long as food is plentiful; and by a curious custom, of the portion allotted them, guests must carry away what they cannot eat.

  • In some parts of Devonshire a curious custom in connection with the Yule log is still kept up, that of burning the Ashton or ashen faggot.

  • There is a curious custom at Downside College, near Bath.

  • They had a curious custom of taking an oath in token of sincerity of purpose, when they swore by "the tears of their mothers.

  • Both men and women had the curious custom of chipping off the middle tooth of the lower jaw in token that they had outgrown childhood and had reached manhood and womanhood.

  • A few of the ladies adopt a curious custom of attaching the hair to a hoop which encircles the head, giving it somewhat the appearance of the glory round the head of the Virgin.

  • A curious custom, not unlike that which existed in the Middle Ages between the warrior knights and the religious orders, prevails; for the nobles leave the duty of praying to the tribes that form the middle classes.

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