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  1. Mr. Katzenstein settled deeper in his chair; his head, bald on top and with a fringe of bristles over the ears, was hunched down between his shoulders.

  2. In the variety figured, the long bristles are replaced by a spine; and this is not uncommon.

  3. The surface of the cup of this Fungus is granular and covered with bristles (figs.

  4. In some of the species there are stout bristles or setæ, by which they are enabled to crawl upon water-plants.

  5. The bristles often give the patches of the moss a hoary appearance on wall-tops.

  6. My falt'ring tongue and shiv'ring limbs declare My horror, and in bristles rose my hair.

  7. His bristles are up; they are not yet fallen, but the good talk may smooth them down.

  8. At first the animal's bristles came up, and he prepared to spring, but murmuring to him, she held out her hand, and presently laid it on his huge head.

  9. The hotel-keeper approached, but the bristles of the hound stood up, he prepared to attack, and the landlord drew back in haste.

  10. Many worms have sense-hairs or bristles of the use of which we are ignorant.

  11. In the adult lower jaw are neither incisors nor canines, while the upper bristles with two enormous tusks, which are directed downwards, and are sometimes two feet long.

  12. Bristles with a vast appearance of interest.

  13. Canova was by no means equal to Stickleback," said Mr Bristles magisterially.

  14. The rest of the party soon retired; and Bristles and Stickleback began their confidential conclave.

  15. Bristles is the author, and I gave him six dozen of sherry.

  16. Bristles in great agitation, "this is against all rule.

  17. Bristles in intense agitation, "you have surely forgotten our agreement--Snooksby!

  18. But he knew that Bristles was a judge, and took it at once for granted.

  19. Mr Bristles recurred to his thoughts--"and has such a fund of eloquence.

  20. In fact, I suppose my passion for it was never real, and I only fancied I was enchanted with it from hearing papa and Mr Bristles perpetually raving about strength and genius.

  21. But take the creature and wash it in the nearest rock pool, and it will be recognised as a broad segmental worm, thickly covered with fine hairs above, and its sides adorned by bristles that display a most beautiful iridescence.

  22. They are provided with bristles and other appendages by means of which they can travel freely over the surfaces of solid objects, and are able to swim well either by undulations of the body, or by fringed appendages, or both.

  23. The jointed abdomen has also a tuft of bristles at its extremity.

  24. Further, in the bugs, the labium is long and tubular, while the mandibles and maxillae are often modified into sharp, stiff bristles that work within the tube, the whole thus forming a combined piercing and sucking arrangement.

  25. That's right," said the man, rubbing the bristles of his chin with a meditative thumb.

  26. But worst of all, the city is pockmarked with public-houses, and bristles with high round chimneys.

  27. Why, he even watched the countenance, and smoothed the rising bristles of those he wished to please, or did not wish to displease.

  28. Thus in Cicindela, the last joint but one is usually planted with long snow-white bristles in a double series, while the rest of the joints have none; and in Copris Latr.

  29. In a specimen I opened of this insect the bristles converged so as to form a kind of tail to the egg.

  30. A wheel without teeth, used to turn a similar one by the friction of bristles or something brushlike or soft attached to the circumference.

  31. The same treatment may be given to brushes, but if they are left soaking too long in the solution, the bristles will be eaten off.

  32. For varnish and shellac, the best are those with the bristles set in hard rubber.

  33. Then stand it away, bristles up, handle down, for two or three hours and the brush will have returned to its normal condition.

  34. Hardened brushes may often be softened into workable condition again by soaking the bristles in hot linseed oil.

  35. Animal fat circulates in the capillary tubes of all bristles and hair, and if water is soaked into these arteries, the spring and elasticity of the brush is not only destroyed, but it speedily becomes a very much water-logged tool.

  36. To swell up a brush which for some cause has become dried out and shrunken, part the bristles so that the end of the handle is exposed, and pour in a small quantity of water, say three or four teaspoonfuls.

  37. The bristles are evenly distributed throughout the brush, and are not compressed into a solid ring or ferrule, around a so-called reservoir for varnish or paint, in the centre of the brush.

  38. To test the bristles in a brush, remove some of them and submit them to a smart flame.

  39. The bristles are of the best quality, possessing all the desired elasticity, and appear to be more firmly held in place than is the case with many oval brushes we have used.

  40. With his bristles up, rage and terror in every quivering muscle, he was slowly, very slowly, backing toward us.

  41. Eftsoones he gan advance his haughtie crest, As chauffed Bore his bristles doth upreare, And shoke his scales to battell ready drest; That made the Redcrosse knight nigh quake for feare, As bidding bold defiance to his foeman neare.

  42. There are normally three rows of bristles on a flea’s head which divide the head into four sections.

  43. The two claws on the end of each ultimate foot segment are freely moveable and are in fact highly modified bristles or setæ.

  44. The abdominal stigmata appear to be larger in a dog-flea than in a cat-flea, and there are differences in the bristles which seem to be constant.

  45. The flea is admirably protected by its semi-transparent surroundings, and the most minute details of structure, the arrangement of bristles on the body, and the number of segments to the labial palpi can be discerned.

  46. The bristles are not always the same in size and arrangement in the two sexes of the same species of flea.

  47. If a large series of mounted specimens are examined with the microscope, it will be noticed that the bristles or spines on the legs are sometimes more or less numerous.

  48. The other line of development is best seen in a genus of fleas from South America (Malacopsylla), where the piercing organs are short and weak, whilst the claws and bristles of the legs are very strongly developed.

  49. The other consists merely of a number of highly chitinised bristles arranged in a row.

  50. The small bristles at the extreme tip of the rostrum seem to be sensory organs.

  51. When a hungry flea is put on one’s arm, it appears to test the skin with these bristles before it ventures to make a puncture.

  52. Then, before the bristles had folded down on their backs, they rose up again, and the hair of their heads became rigid as quills.

  53. Tooth Brushes are so constructed that the bristles get right into the smallest crevices of the teeth.

  54. Moreover the bristles positively won't come out.

  55. On this new mesothorax the characteristic arrangement of the bristles is shown.

  56. Diagram illustrating the results of selection for extra bristles in D.

  57. The wings often remain unexpanded and two bristles present in wild fly (b) are absent on side of thorax (c).

  58. It is characterized by the absence of two of the bristles on the thorax.

  59. It is smaller than the normal mesothorax and its wings are imperfectly developed, but the bristles on the upper surface may have the typical arrangement of the normal mesothorax.

  60. There is a definite number of larger hairs called bristles or chaetae which have a characteristic position and are used for diagnostic purposes in classifying the species.

  61. Later it was found that this stock lacked two bristles on the sides of the thorax.

  62. The two bristles on the sides of the thorax are constantly absent in this race.

  63. Other bristles may also be absent, but not so constantly as the two just mentioned.

  64. My stiffen'd hair stands upright on my head, As do the bristles of a porcupine.

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