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Example sentences for "briskness"

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brisked; brisker; briskest; brisket; briskly; bristle; bristled; bristlelike; bristles; bristling
  1. She held out her small plump hand with frank briskness to her husband, he clasped it cheerily and said: "I think I can carry the project for the road through the Senate.

  2. With some additional briskness of gait, Kurtz drew the solid oak door between himself and the Chancellor.

  3. Thus Sidonia became associated in Steven's mind with the pungent scents of all mountain herbs, the briskness of all mountain breezes.

  4. The prince walked in quickly and jauntily as was his wont, as if intentionally contrasting the briskness of his manners with the strict formality of his house.

  5. Rostopchin, getting up with characteristic briskness and holding out his hand to the prince.

  6. It was quite extraordinary to see how the game, which had hitherto decidedly languished and hung fire, now quickened into briskness and became positively spirited.

  7. To see dogs on the chase of foxes, and other large game, denotes an unusual briskness in all affairs.

  8. To see a crowd in the street, indicates unusual briskness in trade and a general air of prosperity will surround you.

  9. It will further have the good effect of recovering the beer or ale, thus filtered, from the flatness that will necessarily be induced by that operation, giving the liquor all the briskness and activity that can be wished for.

  10. Shelton listened to the kindly briskness with which she dwelt upon the under-gardener.

  11. Rumours of war added to the briskness of a London turbulent at the close of the summer holidays.

  12. The least briskness of movement would send them into the depths out of sight.

  13. The briskness of manner, quick apprehension, and directness of answer showed a well-trained mind.

  14. It was as if the inspiriting hour, that changed the face of land and sea, made itself felt also in the little brown huts under the trees, stirring up the folk into briskness and activity.

  15. Then he illustrated, in briskness and correct position, just how we should do it.

  16. Then at about the fifth dash, which the others took with some briskness but which I had to finish at a slow jog, I began to get pumped.

  17. He looked at her with that odd little air of birdlike briskness that she had noticed in the street; and it pleasantly affected her even in the midst of the uneasiness that now surged upon her again tenfold more than before.

  18. Cathcart had said all kinds of things when once he was started--all with that air of businesslike briskness that was so characteristic of him and so disconcerting in such a connection.

  19. The hard briskness of the phonograph contented them; their store of jazz records made them feel wealthy and cultured; and all they knew of creating music was the nice adjustment of a bamboo needle.

  20. With the briskness of one whose feelings have been hurt.

  21. Weight here ceases to be of great importance compared with briskness and liveliness of movement.

  22. Again, if the body moves well, and with a vigorous briskness through the stroke, it may be found that the swirl of the blade through the water does not show properly, because the blade is put in too deep.

  23. He was all briskness as he served her bacon and eggs, took a plate of them to Mr. Boltwood in the Gomez, gouged into his own.

  24. The groom, who advanced with some degree of briskness from the stable-yard, became more languid in his movements when he perceived that only a lady was descending from the chaise.

  25. He knew that briskness on the part of a groom never caused a coin to spring from the purse of a lady.

  26. He listened with bulging eyes and sagging jaw to her accounts of the latest murders and obeyed her slightest command with a briskness that would have amazed the old Colonel.

  27. A new sprightliness was observable in his gait, a briskness in his speech, which Aunt Caroline did not hesitate to characterize as "taking on airs.

  28. The wind had quite gone down, and though the evening was not warm, the sharpness of the morning had given place to a more gentle briskness that was in place among the sands.

  29. But it chanced that the wind was fair, and blew with an unusual briskness from the north.

  30. He struck viciously at Harlan, ducking to and fro with the briskness of the trained boxer.

  31. He was full of the briskness of the dawn in spite of his short rations of sleep.

  32. Champagne sparkles in all the plays of the Restoration, and seems the fitting inspiration of their matchless briskness of dialogue.

  33. Then he went off down King Street, with an exterior of gay briskness and dignified joy in the fine May morning.

  34. Then with equal briskness she would arise and force herself to labour.

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