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Example sentences for "briskest"

Lexicographically close words:
bris; brise; brisk; brisked; brisker; brisket; briskly; briskness; bristle; bristled
  1. The first mile of the journey, however, found us in the briskest clebate on Hawke and his doings.

  2. An air of the briskest activity pervaded its streets and sidewalks.

  3. Harran touched the bays with the whip, urging them to their briskest pace.

  4. Their son was Ari, who sailed for Shetland, and took him a wife there; from him is come Einar the Shetlander, one of the briskest and boldest of men.

  5. They have slain two of our briskest men," said the earl, "and for that they shall be slain.

  6. Dalmatics of plush make breeches for him who has none; linen stoles will clip into shirts for the Defenders of the Country: old-clothesmen, Jew or Heathen, drive the briskest trade.

  7. They have slain two of our briskest men," said the Earl, "and for that they shall be slain.

  8. Tode had been in his new sphere for more than three weeks, and already began to pride himself on being the briskest "fellow in the lot.

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