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Example sentences for "kindly"

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kindlier; kindliest; kindliness; kindling; kindlings; kindnes; kindness; kindnesse; kindnesses; kindred
  1. Not one kindly sentiment, not one generous expression, is to be found within it.

  2. After that he rode slowly, with his son and a gallant company, throughout the camps, talking kindly and familiarly with high and low alike, and bidding all to trust God and be sure of victory.

  3. Like a true gentleman, the brave youth spoke kindly to them all, and their hurts were cared for.

  4. Their faces were not evil, and their talk was that of kindly men fond of adventure and of sport, but caring little whose deer they were taking.

  5. Great was the joy of Richard, and earnest were his thanks to the kindly earl; but he had now to hear from his commander.

  6. He could experience the most kindly of emotions and most generous of impulses, which he put into practice.

  7. The President was kindly and courteous, but the portrait was a failure.

  8. But look at his portrait at the beginning of this chapter, and you will see a witty and kindly old gentleman, as well as an irascible one.

  9. The book revealed a genuine master of kindly satire, and established its author's reputation beyond possibility of question.

  10. Under the kindly care of the village parson John Jacob grew in mind and body--his estate was to come later.

  11. It was argued that it was all a sort of beneficent police protection, devised by kindly persons who loved their enemies, and did good to those who despitefully used them.

  12. Yet he thought kindly of Mary and excused her conduct by recording, "I think ye ladye was not in ye moode.

  13. Thy greeting smile was pledge and prelude Of generous deeds and kindly words: In thy large heart were fair guest-chambers, Open to sunrise and the birds!

  14. MY DEAR LORD, I thank you with all my heart for the gift of your book,[41] and yet more for the kindly inscription, which affected me much.

  15. From this princess, I learned the first news of Magdalena, who was kindly treated by the young king, in his palace, for Juan's sake.

  16. She examined all their countenances, and soon fixed upon several in which she thought she could trace kindly feelings and simplicity of character.

  17. With a few of more gentle and kindly natures, it was a nobler and more benignant passion.

  18. That is pleasant news for us," he returned in kindly tones.

  19. And that, I presume, is about the way with these younger folk," remarked the captain, glancing around in a kindly way upon them.

  20. With Lucilla by his side, the captain went here and there, satisfying himself that everything was in perfect order, exchanging kindly greetings with the sailors, and bestowing words of praise upon their care of the vessel.

  21. I will tell you sometime; perhaps while we are going up the river to-day," she answered in kindly tones.

  22. From this unrestrained transport of grief she was at length aroused by the pressure of a hand, gently and kindly laid upon her shoulder.

  23. He has spoken of him," replied the young man; "often, and kindly too.

  24. Though he was assuredly in no condition to listen to reason, Beulah was reasoning with him, kindly and philosophically, paying earnest attention to the style and structure of her remarks as she did so.

  25. You don't mean to tell me that the good, kindly people of Cape Cod would have stood by and let a little girl like you support a family alone and unaided.

  26. The peace of the gardens and the kindly lights in the windows poured a tender influence into his restless heart.

  27. But no vision of trim front gardens or of kindly lights in the windows poured a tender influence upon him now.

  28. Egholm was so kindly and easy to get on with all that spring that his wife was quite uneasy about him at times.

  29. Queen Isabella, after the manner of queens, took a kindly feminine interest in these heathen, and in their brethren across the sea.

  30. Guacanagari, in his kindly indulgence and generosity, had allowed them to take three native wives apiece, although he himself and his people were content with one.

  31. The captain has a daughter, Grace, and a kindly wife.

  32. He seemed to bear no ill-will against Tarbox or any of the other men, while he appeared to have positively a kindly feeling towards Potto Jumbo, and to be especially patronising to Macco.

  33. The good Frau has tended me so kindly and carefully, that I am sure I shall soon get better.

  34. He kindly offered me some slices of the shark; but I laughingly declined the gift, saying that we were going on shore, where we might find plenty of beef and mutton.

  35. Jerusalem, the Golden, and Lead, Kindly Light, are examples of sacred songs.

  36. Silas was kindly received by the men in the tavern; and when they had listened to his story and his answers to their questions had been noted, they began to think of catching the thief.

  37. Addison was sincere and kindly in his attitude toward men, and Pope was hypocritical and spiteful.

  38. A hundred times I have heard my mother say, 'We can have no peace of mind if we do not feel kindly towards our fellow-men.

  39. Lenz cast down his eyes, accepting the doctor's lesson, so kindly and courteously given.

  40. The glass of beer he had drunk abroad she relished again at home; the kindly greetings he had received awoke fresh gratitude in her loving heart.

  41. It was no matter if the bells did nearly drown the words; she had had the satisfaction of sending a kindly farewell to those she might never see again.

  42. She knew he did not like her, and therefore, without giving him a chance to speak, at once began thanking him for his kindly interest.

  43. The minister talked with her kindly and seriously, urging her to be resigned to what had happened, whether merited or unmerited, and not to let distress and anger tempt her to shut herself from the world.

  44. It was a still, soft afternoon of late autumn, when the sun's beams still fell kindly on the earth, especially on the Morgenhalde, and spread lovingly over the fallen trees they had so long nourished.

  45. You have done something now," said the stout doctor, as he laid his hand kindly on the young man's shoulder.

  46. In the long, tenebrous quietude of the Turl they lingered, where, across the empurpled dusk of the narrow street, the lighted windows of rival colleges blinked lazy, kindly eyes at each other.

  47. He threw the fare to the jarvey, and crossed the threshold of his historic college, nodding kindly to the bewhiskered porter’s obsequious welcome.

  48. He waited until all the divergent clocks of Oxford had heralded the full three-quarters before he crossed towards the kindly red glow of the curtained embrasure behind which the recognized Mongoons were already gathered.

  49. He had a way with him, the battered women-folk used to say as he passed them with a kindly wave of his hand.

  50. Close by stood the venerable Bishop of Barset, his shrewd kindly eyes blinking benignly at all around.

  51. Might he not be too utterly original, too bizarre, thus wandering down paths of uncharted beauty until perhaps he find himself bemused and bemazed, lost to the kindly familiar realms of real life?

  52. Turning, Gaveston smiled and waved a kindly gesture of gratitude to his admirers, and calmly stirred his coffee.

  53. There was nothing very attractive about John Watson, unless it was his kindly blue eye and the humorous twist of his mouth, but in Pearl's heart there was a fierce tenderness for her father, a protective love which glorified him in her eyes.

  54. It was from the trustees, asking Mrs. Gray if she would kindly keep her son James at home, for his ungovernable temper made it unsafe for other children to play with him.

  55. He was sure he could make this genial, courteous, kindly old gentleman see certain questions from a new view-point.

  56. So much for the chivalry of the world and the kindly protection it extends to women.

  57. Jim had told me a lot about his father, a domineering but kindly old fellow, the local member of Parliament in a little Eastern town--a man who had had his own way all his life.

  58. He was just as kindly to the poor fellow as if he had succeeded.

  59. He thought of the hymn which gives thanks to God, "Who kindly lengthens out our days," and the thought of it was mingled with something like scorn.

  60. When I went to see her, she cried with joy to see a human being of kindly intention in her house.

  61. I feel sure no invalid could receive more skillful and kindly attention anywhere in the world.

  62. No invalid need fear to place himself under the skillful treatment and kindly care to be received there, for I am confident that all the benefit known to medical science, can be obtained at the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute.

  63. The comfort that was given by the kindly attention of your nurses is one of the very agreeable memories of your home-like and pleasant Institution.

  64. Thanking you for the advice which you so kindly gave me while taking your medicine, I am, Most gratefully.

  65. Gentlemen--It is with pleasure that I write to let you know the great benefit I have received from your medicines and self-treatment at home, which you kindly sent me, advising me to take your Dr.

  66. I suffered much from "falling of the womb," and headache, and pains in my back, and I thank you kindly for the good your medicines done me.

  67. In a foot note he says, "according to an analysis kindly furnished me by Dr.

  68. I think it was just the medicine she needed, and am more than thankful to you for the kindly interest you have taken, and hope that others will find the same benefit from your valuable books and medicines, that my sister has.

  69. I come before the public to advise anyone in need of treatment to give you the first chance, and he will find relief for I believe that nowhere can one obtain more skillful care or more kindly attention.

  70. I now thank you most kindly for the happy relief and cure which myself and daughters received from taking your "Favorite Prescription.

  71. I was there one month and I never was cared for or treated more kindly by any one.

  72. What such a case needs I have found in your kindly encouragement, and your "Golden Medical Discovery.

  73. Gentlemen, I wish again to thank you most kindly for your good treatment and thoughtful attention.

  74. In performing this labor he has been greatly assisted by contributions and valuable aid kindly supplied by his staff of associate specialists in medicine and surgery who constitute the Faculty of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute.

  75. Her almost passionate gratitude had little to do with this measure of him; any kindly man might have done what he had done.

  76. He could think of her now apart from her condition and think more kindly of her, for the strange fact remains that the very weakness and forlornness that had wakened his boundless compassion had antagonized him.

  77. The blue eyes surveyed Mr. Polly with kindly curiosity from under a broad, finely modelled brow, much as an exceptionally intelligent cat might survey a new sort of dog.

  78. Sterne he read with a wavering appreciation and some perplexity, but except for the Pickwick Papers, for some reason that I do not understand he never took at all kindly to Dickens.

  79. The insurance money he was to receive made everything humane and kindly and practicable.

  80. But we ought to be pleased with it, nevertheless, for we have been in no country yet where we have been so kindly received, and where we felt that to be Americans was a sufficient visa for our passports.

  81. Any man could see that there was an intention here to show that Russia's friendship for America was so genuine as to render even her private citizens objects worthy of kindly attentions.

  82. Wilkins's, where I never was before, and very kindly received and met with Dr.

  83. The Council being up, out comes the King, and I kissed his hand, and he grasped me very kindly by the hand.

  84. Called up about five in the morning, and my Lord up, and took leave, a little after six, very kindly of me and the whole company.

  85. He told me that he knew nobody so fit as I for it, and next, he was very glad to find that to give me for my encouragement, speaking very kindly of me.

  86. He seemed to have a sort of fond affection for his victims, and always spoke of them in kindly and affectionate terms.

  87. But it 's my belief, Tristan but pretends to mistake, that he may snap up the kindly Scots that come over to see their kinsfolks.

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    Other words:
    accommodating; affable; affectionate; agreeable; amiable; amicable; beneficent; benevolent; benign; brotherly; charitable; cheerfully; compassionate; complaisant; compliant; considerate; cooperative; cordial; decent; fair; fatherly; favorable; favorably; fervently; fervidly; fraternal; friendly; generous; generously; genial; gentle; good; gracious; graciously; heartily; human; humane; indulgent; intensely; keenly; kind; kindhearted; kindly; lenient; loving; maternal; merciful; mild; neighborly; neighbourly; nice; nicely; obliging; passionately; paternal; permissive; pleasantly; propitious; providential; sympathetic; tender; tenderhearted; thoughtful; warm; warmhearted; warmly; well

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    kindly smile; kindly tone