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  1. There the ladies of the house came in and made their bows, very amiable and smiling at our thanks for their hospitality.

  2. But it must be admitted that so far as amiable exterior and cheerfulness and courtesy is concerned, they have no bad examples set them.

  3. There was a quality in his voice, amiable but dominant, that cowed the others, who were all younger than he.

  4. We let quite a number of amiable persons pass before us in review, and I amused myself at the mention of each new name, by saying, 'He is too dull for Madame de Staƫl.

  5. The announcement of Mr. Spicer's advent produced an instant and awful effect on the feelings and countenance of his amiable consort.

  6. While Mr. Bradley, with his young and amiable friend, proceeded to discuss their supper, a couple of watchmen lifted the unfortunate quaker off the guard-bed.

  7. Feaks, things looked but quare the more we considered them; so we thought we would order a chaise, push on to Moate, and lave Sophy Callaghan to her own amiable family, as she was too valuable for us.

  8. Ye did in troth, Ulic--and ye made a grate hit of it, if ye'r amiable lady was only right upon the pins.

  9. The truth is, either I am blinded by the partiality of a parent, or he is a boy of very amiable character; and yet his conduct has given us unspeakable disquiet.

  10. I have much to say of this amiable kinswoman; but she has not been properly introduced to your acquaintance.

  11. Well, this amiable maiden has actually commenced a flirting correspondence with an Irish baronet of sixty-five.

  12. The countess rising from her scat threw her arms about the neck of the amiable Seraphina, and clasped her to her breast with great tenderness, while she herself was embraced by the weeping mother.

  13. I should be incapable of harbouring any such cruel design against an object so amiable and inoffensive; even if he had not the happiness to be your favourite.

  14. I was much pleased with the count de Melville, who is sensible, easy, and polite; and the countess is the most amiable woman I ever beheld.

  15. In fine, lieutenant Lismahago is a curiosity which I have not yet sufficiently perused; and therefore I shall be sorry when we lose his company, though, God knows, there is nothing very amiable in his manner or disposition.

  16. Footnote 45: This amiable and interesting creature died a few years ago.

  17. This is an amiable reception," exclaimed Hans, indignantly.

  18. I grant that she did not give you a very amiable reception yesterday, but that should not cause you to hesitate about entering upon the possession of a lovely wife and, with her, of a large fortune, which would make you the envy of thousands.

  19. He turned then to Frau von Nerac, to whom also he paid his respects courteously; but there must have been something in his manner offensive to the young widow, for her eyes flashed, although an amiable smile played about her lips.

  20. The ladies made him the most amiable advances, but he was a perfect icicle.

  21. And with the most amiable smile, as if the best understanding reigned between himself and his father, Hans withdrew.

  22. Then aloud, he continued, quietly: "You see, I have only known the amiable side of the Count.

  23. Lady Margaret, one of the most amiable Ladies at the Hague.

  24. But Mr. Law has left an amiable Daughter, who has had a fine Education, and married to Lord Wallingford, Son to the Earl of Banbury.

  25. Visconti is lately appointed Viceroy of Naples, and is to be relieved here by the Count Frederik de Harrach; who is not only a Person of a great Family, but has a very amiable Temper, and the Carriage of a Person of Quality.

  26. Mademoiselle du Maine is a very amiable Princess, whose Education has been fully answerable to her Birth, and who, by her Manners and Politeness, approves herself the worthy Daughter of her Mother.

  27. There are amiable and deserving Ladies here, particularly Madame de Speik, whose Husband is a Major-General.

  28. In this Vehicle, which otherwise was not a very pleasant one, I happen'd to meet with a Couple of Officers of my Acquaintance, very amiable Gentlemen.

  29. On the following morning the amiable Bertollon came again, and I thanked him with emotion.

  30. This amiable conqueror of hearts now employed all his art to overcome this hatred.

  31. Meeting, at last, with his beautiful wife, he determined to change his condition, and her naturally sensitive and nervous nature was delighted to call so amiable a gentleman her husband.

  32. I only stayed behind,' said the young officer, a good, amiable youth, whom I found alone.

  33. But presently he returned and seated himself on the table begging them for a song, which Liddy said Sally could give, and they laughed and talked for an hour and Sally found him "very clever, amiable and polite.

  34. He inquired warmly after Mrs. and Miss Bagot, and begged Little Billee would recall him to their amiable remembrance when he saw them again.

  35. They did not yield to this amiable weakness.

  36. In 1813 a dreadful accident had deprived her of her niece, Madame de Broc, one of the most amiable and interesting beings that ever adorned the earth.

  37. She confessed with such amiable candour her taste for good cheer and the comforts of life, that it would have been necessary to be as severe in principle as insensible to the excellent qualities of the Princess, to consider it a crime in her.

  38. I proposed to her Madame Vallayer Coster, a painter of the Academy, and an amiable and worthy artist, whom I had known from my infancy.

  39. Tesse was married to the amiable and highly gifted daughter of the Duc d'Ayen, afterwards Marechale de Noailles.

  40. The Abbe de Radonvilliers, his preceptor, one of the Forty of the French Academy, a learned and amiable man, had given him and Monsieur a taste for study.

  41. His amiable wife at length fell into a consumption, and died in his arms.

  42. Even the gentle and amiable Melancthon expressed himself in relation to this affair, in the following manner.

  43. When I know that I shall behold the amiable countenance of Christ my dear Saviour, the ugly face of death does not much trouble me.

  44. In vain did the women and children of the house intercede for his life, and praise his amiable and virtuous qualities.

  45. This was that amiable prince Don Carlos, son of Philip the Second, king of Spain, and grandson of the celebrated emperor Charles V.

  46. The next victim was the amiable lady Jane Gray, who, by her acceptance of the crown at the earnest solicitations of her friends, incurred the implacable resentment of the bloody Mary.

  47. Peter, a young man, amiable for the superior qualities of his body and mind, was beheaded for refusing to sacrifice to Venus.

  48. Don Carlos, possessed all the good qualities of his grandfather without any of the bad ones of his father; and was a prince of great vivacity, admirable learning, and the most amiable disposition.

  49. Antoninus Pius, one of the most amiable monarchs that ever reigned, and who stayed the persecution against the Christians.

  50. We are amiable too, For we follow our amiable Leader, like you; But when forced to say, "Bless you!

  51. At present the followers are obliged to be amiable because the Leader is amiable.

  52. What a world of homogeneous, good-looking, substantial, reposeful people with honest front and amiable meaning!

  53. The drinking led up to the fighting, and the fighting led up to the drinking; and this amiable co-operation might be prolonged at will.

  54. Sir Henry then returned to the Captain; who soon after took his final leave of the amiable Marchioness and the Governor.

  55. On the contrary, if your amiable mother bless me with her hand, it is my avowed, my earnest wish, that the estates appertaining to the Corbet family, should be resigned to you.

  56. The amiable Marchioness, pleased with my inquiries and remarks, pointed out and explained whatever she thought worthy my notice or regard.

  57. Attachments that begin in one form of selfishness generally end in another--even with people of the most amiable intentions.

  58. Napoleon could not be called an amiable child.

  59. This is an euphonious oriental title, suggestive of some amiable qualities which are eminently calculated to adorn and elevate human life.

  60. Yama replied, "O amiable Sabitri, while living, your excellent husband possessed many good qualities and was justly remarkable for his righteousness.

  61. If she possess unaffected modesty and a keen sense of honor and virtue, who is to recognise and appreciate those amiable qualities in a society which is preposterously estranged from all natural susceptibilities?

  62. The Ghatkee here plays the part of a panegyrist by admiring the amiable qualities of the girl, who, she adds, is the very type of Luckee (the goddess of prosperity.

  63. Is he beautiful, amiable and high-minded?

  64. So saying, he presented Mr. Thomas Clarke, who had the honour to salute the fair hand of the ever-amiable Aurelia.

  65. To whom shall that weaker, though more amiable part of the creation, fly for protection, if they are insulted and outraged by those whose more immediate duty it is to afford them security and defence from injury and violence?

  66. Greaves is not so strikingly amiable as Smollett's masterpiece only because it is not so striking in any of its excellences; their lines are always a little blurred.

  67. In this amiable quality, Christmas Evans was never wanting.

  68. All his features were expressive of intelligence and love; his whole bearing, dignified and majestic; and the blending of great and amiable qualities in his character commanded at once the reverence and the confidence of all who knew him.

  69. We cannot blame these parents for mourning the loss of a first born and very amiable daughter; but we trust that they now find support and comfort in that God on whose Almighty arm they have long trusted.

  70. They who are yet to pass through these deep waters, if they cannot now fully enter into our trials, may at least be expected to excuse this humble tribute to the dead, as an amiable weakness.

  71. The omnipotence of love over all obligations and all duties, is continually maintained; and the extravagance of sinful passion represented as the effect of amiable sensibility.

  72. If you were, you must become, if not worse, at least less amiable women.

  73. This is not in the least inconsistent with that softness and gentleness so amiable in your sex.

  74. In a word, it is the perfection of taste in life and manners;--every virtue and every excellency in their most graceful and amiable forms.

  75. This extract discovers Cowel's amiable character as an author.

  76. In this Chronicle of Literary Calamity no passage ought to be more memorable than the solemn confession of one of the most amiable of men and poets.

  77. A man from no amiable motive may perform a proper action: Ritson was useful after Warton; nor have we a right to ascribe it to any concealed motives, which, after all, may be doubtful.

  78. Hill, who was a very amiable man, was infinitely too susceptible of criticism; and Pope, who seems to have had a personal regard for him, injured those nice feelings as little as possible.

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