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Example sentences for "that ever"

  • The rarest fun and rarest fare, That ever fell to mortal share, Ha Ha Ha Ha TIM.

  • Ha Ha Ha Ha The rarest fun and rarest fare, That ever fell to mortal share.

  • Ha Ha Ha Ha The rest fun and rarest fare That ever fell to mortal share Ha Ha Ha Ha DAPH.

  • The rarest fun and rarest fare That ever fell to mortal share Ha ha etc.

  • The son of one of the Embassadors was in the richest suit for pearl and tissue, that ever I did see, or shall, I believe.

  • And in the Privy-garden saw the finest smocks and linnen petticoats of my Lady Castlemaine's, laced with rich lace at the bottom, that ever I saw; and did me good to look upon them.

  • Sir Launcelot, "that ever a knight should die weaponless!

  • With that he beheld the lady, and he thought she was the fairest creature that ever he saw.

  • And thou wert the meekest man, and the gentlest, that ever ate in hall among ladies.

  • Sat all the morning, where among other things I did the first unkind [thing] that ever I did design to Sir W.

  • Among other things, Harris sung his Irish song--the strangest in itself, and the prettiest sung by him, that ever I heard.

  • I naturally abhorred dirt and rags; I had been bred up tight and cleanly, and could be no other, whatever condition I was in; so that this was the most uneasy disguise to me that ever I put on.

  • However, those consultations entertained us near a month, during which I enjoyed his company, which indeed was the most entertaining that ever I met in my life before.

  • The catchers of the whale she caught; swift Ariel overhauled; And made Hatteras know the hardest blow that ever a tar appalled.

  • I went to work now to learn the shape of the river; and of all the eluding and ungraspable objects that ever I tried to get mind or hands on, that was the chief.

  • It would have been the biggest thing that ever came to Virginia if it had come off.

  • Hammond Trumbull, who prepared the variegated, marvelous cryptographic chapter headings: Trumbull was the most learned man that ever lived in Hartford.

  • Great deeds were done, and the fame of none amongst them is greater than that of the gallant Widdrington; "For Witherington my heart is woe, That ever he slaine sholde be!

  • He is dressed in long robes of gray which, methinks, are of poor seeming; but the horse he rideth upon hath the richest coursing that ever I saw.

  • I tell thee, coz, that thou art the strongest man that ever I laid mine eyes upon.

  • Sulpicius Galba is owned by all to have been the richest private person that ever came to the imperial seat.

  • Then entering the temple of Jupiter Feretrius, he dedicated his gift; the third, and to our memory the last, that ever did so.

  • Alas,' said the king, 'that ever I should see this doleful day, for now is my end come.

  • Heaven forbid,' said Sir Gawaine, 'that ever I should see either of these things.

  • Sir Gawaine, and wept, 'that ever I should live to see this woful day.

  • XXXIX Ah dearest Lord (quoth she) how might that bee, And he the stoughtest knight, that ever wonne?

  • For at the slightest betrayal of life, he knew, still another volley would come from that ever-menacing steamer's deck.

  • At any other time he would have thrown open the flood-gates of that ever-inundating anger of his and swept away all such obliquities.

  • But he was still within the area of that ever-betraying searchlight.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "that ever" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

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