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Example sentences for "amiably"

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  1. He was talking just as amiably and frankly as before, and this time he had for audience a dapper man with a thin face that might have been old or young, and which I disliked at sight.

  2. Of course I came upon our friend the brunette almost at once, and greeted her so amiably that she joined my promenade without hesitation.

  3. Finally, the procession of human beings and vehicles moved, munitioned, provisioned, like a caravan setting forth into the desert, the parlourmaid amiably waving adieux.

  4. The parlourmaid (a delightful creature who was, unfortunately, soon to make an excellent match above her station) amiably helped the nursemaid to get the perambulator down the steps.

  5. He had explained to her why he was late, and she had smiled, amiably but enigmatically.

  6. But Hector, wagging and slavering amiably about in the narrow confines of the little stand to which they climbed, snapped the Cap'n's leash of self-control ere five minutes passed.

  7. Mr. Lorraine had duly and dutifully informed his family of his marriage; and they, as amiably and affectionately, had never answered his letters, which he never expected they would.

  8. He nodded amiably but coldly at the long line of Mike's patrons and strolled past them into the rear room of the café.

  9. He paused and looked understandingly at the Turk, who nodded amiably as one whose comprehension met him more than half way.

  10. With his mouth still curling amiably around his words, Andrews repeated the phrase.

  11. The chair on which you will sit, the roof above you, all the comfortable surroundings to which you have so amiably alluded, are the direct result of falsifying a trust account.

  12. He was amiably helpless and appeared to be deeply aware of it.

  13. Chesney was no longer in the amiably apathetic mood that had followed the first days of his recovery from his last attack.

  14. It was the voice of an amiably inclined Pasha, congratulating himself on his taste in favourites.

  15. Mrs. Carter picked the boy up and inverted him, talking amiably all the time.

  16. I'm not trying to make you responsible," I protested as amiably as I could, "and I believe the clothes the thief left are as good as my own.

  17. Mrs. Server explained with a charming smile at Long, who, still looking pleasantly competent and not too fatuous, amiably returned it.

  18. How many panes will you reward me for amiably sitting up with you by smashing?

  19. Coupeau, without as yet coming to wrangling, swore to the latter that his sister adored her, and requested that she would behave more amiably to her.

  20. The two men were chatting amiably together.

  21. And he would go up himself for the ten francs so boldly and yet so amiably that the chainmaker never dared refuse them.

  22. Mr. Wopsle died amiably at Camberwell, and exceedingly game on Bosworth Field, and in the greatest agonies at Glastonbury.

  23. Camilla, amiably repressing a sob, while a hitch came into her upper lip, and her tears overflowed.

  24. The men of his set, being for the most part amiably stupid, resented his cleverness.

  25. There was no sign of hurry or anxiety about their preparations; they seemed to be conversing amiably of other things.

  26. On the border of the herd they edged in as if by accident upon a fat steer and walked him amiably forth into the open.

  27. Jo laughed, and Meg sharply ordered her not to talk, then amiably promised to make her hair curl, and fell asleep to dream of living in her castle in the air.

  28. Bud drove the team, Gramps sat on the bobsled seat beside him and Shep tagged amiably behind.

  29. It rose, wagged its tail amiably and touched Bud's hand with a moist muzzle.

  30. Portuguese toads may be more distinguished for size, but are not half so amiably speckled as those we have the happiness to harbour in England.

  31. But let us leave them to loiter thus amiably in their Elysian groves, and arrive at Utrecht; which, as nothing very remarkable claimed my attention, I hastily quitted to visit a Moravian establishment at Ziest, in its neighbourhood.

  32. She agreed amiably that Billy would be a great beauty, a heart-breaker, that "the little monkey had all the other women crazy with jealousy now, by Jove!

  33. Isabelle, duly arriving, probably played with Charlotte much more amiably than a brother would have done, and Mrs. Haviland blandly accepted her existence, but in her heart she was far from feeling satisfied.

  34. But noting the glitter in Wade's eyes, Mr. Britt chuckled amiably and took himself off down the car to talk business with a man.

  35. He tipped back his head to beam amiably on his partner.

  36. Mr. Fenellan was reading his friend's character by the light of his remarks and in opposition to them, after the critical fashion of intimates who know as well as hear: but it was amiably and trippingly, on the dance of the wine in his veins.

  37. They were beef and pudding on legs; in some quarters, beer amiably manifest, owing to the flourishes of a military band.

  38. A coal fire glowed amiably in the grate, adding a deeper color to six blooming faces, and flashing on the bright needles that were so industriously plied.

  39. Frederickstown received him amiably into its midst.

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