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pasin; pasis; pasos; pasquinade; pasquinades; passa; passable; passably; passage; passages
  1. He seems to think there is no doubt that Congress will pass the treaty, for he goes on to recommend that Home Rule shall be given to Hawaiians as soon as the islands shall belong to the United States.

  2. It is said, however, that there is a chance of an understanding on the language question, but it is thought that it will be impossible to pass the Austro-Hungarian Compromise Bill in the Reichsrath.

  3. It or one of its fellows made me pass such moments of agony as I shall never forget.

  4. Life is not all play, my lad, so think that one of these days you will be going up for your examination to pass for lieutenant.

  5. No easy task, for the towing-path was one continuous climb, and the men had to pass the line on from one party to the other.

  6. The vessel may not be coming here, and if they see no one will pass on.

  7. There could be no doubt about it; the man-of-war was on a peaceable mission, as far as the rock was concerned, and would pass on.

  8. But when your suns in oceans of their glory Shut up their day-bright shine, I die for thought; So pass my joys as doth a new-played story, And one poor sigh breathes all delight to naught.

  9. The question that more definitely presses on us now is one of transition--By what steps shall we, or can we pass to that land of freedom?

  10. Three years later--to pass rapidly on--anarchists were sentenced for revolutionary speeches at Laon.

  11. They may secure subscribers for us if each of us pass one or two about in his own circle.

  12. While taking cold bites during the hour of respite which the avaricious administration accords us, we pass our chiefs in review, and compare their profits with our own.

  13. When the redoubtable question of labour and of misere is the order of the day, it is anguish with silence which reigns in the street where pass the soldiers under arms.

  14. Then its poplars and limes are the same crisp, inviting green as the salads that pass in the hand-barrows.

  15. Who would live such a life when he can pass it in the fields with such a companion as my Alice?

  16. Perhaps, however, this tyranny may pass over.

  17. Yet to men in old age, before they pass away to the rest provided by the Lord, there cometh sometimes a vision by which they are enabled to see clearly when younger men are still groping their way in a kind of twilight.

  18. Why, man, all bad times pass if only one hath patience.

  19. Revolutions overthrow kings, and send great heads to the block; but the village heedeth not unless civil war pass that way.

  20. All these things prophesied by Amos had come to pass in this country of Great Britain; so that there was, and had now been for twenty-five years, a grievous famine and a sore thirst for the words of the Lord.

  21. Many other things she said, being a good and virtuous woman, but I pass them over.

  22. Other things he told us, which I pass over because they were but repetitions of this assurance.

  23. Some parts of it for very pity I must pass over.

  24. It came to pass that he rode through a vast forest, and through the forest he rode on and on till he lost the road.

  25. When this practice had gone on for ten years, one day the badger said to the priest, "Through your reverence's kindness for all these years, I have been able to pass the winter nights in comfort.

  26. The king was much grieved, and caused a proclamation to be made that whoever should bring it to pass that she should speak again, should be her husband.

  27. Lion asked if he had seen Ananzi pass that way, but the old man said, "No, that fellow Ananzi is always meddling with some one; what mischief has he been up to now?

  28. Once upon a time we were going through a forest and were obliged to pass the night in it.

  29. They held to it in their minds that Napoleon commanded the genii, and could pass hither and thither in the twinkling of an eye, like a bird.

  30. He also had to promise that he would build a bridge over the sound, so that people could pass over it at all times of the year, and it should be ready when the ice was gone.

  31. In the city itself grow up thousands of boys and girls who pass through the schools and into business and home life in their native environment, and who constitute the solid stratum of urban society.

  32. Custom decrees that he must dress appropriately for the street, that he must pass to the right when he meets another person, and that he must raise his hat to an acquaintance of the opposite sex.

  33. We do it to pass the time and the glass, young sir.

  34. Later, and more leisurely, the magnates would pass by.

  35. It grew almost impossible for Edwin to pass the time.

  36. It seemed to him a poignant shame that time and sorrow and misfortune could not pass over a young girl's face and leave no mark.

  37. And thus it came to pass that the little bruised flowers of the slums lived not in vain.

  38. Needle's eye as I pass by, Awaiting to go through; Many a lass I have let pass, And now I have caught you.

  39. Two streams, the Angreb on the east side and the Gaha or Kaha on the west, flow from the ridge, and meeting below the town, pass onwards to the lake.

  40. He was destined to pass the rest of his life in exile, separated from his wife and children, dying, it is supposed, about 1679.

  41. To these princes were given sovereign rights in their dominions, which were declared indivisible and were to pass according to the rule of primogeniture.

  42. The Gomal pass is the most important pass on the Indian frontier between the Khyber and the Bolan.

  43. Then it was Mr. John Morgan suddenly recollected that he could not pass his old friend Short--who was Short?

  44. The Ballad-Singer has lost his occupation; yet should he not pass away unthanked, unrecompensed.

  45. In the end it was decided to open the gates of the temple, to solemnly place the holy image between the idols, to set up proclamations on both sides of the gates, place guardians and pass the night in religious prayers.

  46. It came to pass just so, for on that day a poor, poor monk arrived and settled on the mountain.

  47. Once upon a time, on the eve of the Most Holy Baptism of the Lord, intending to pass the whole night in devotion and prayer, Mourvanoss ordered his servant to bring him some butter for the little lamp.

  48. The 2d corps did not pass the reviewing stand until afternoon and as we swung into Pennsylvania avenue a most grand and inspiring sight met our eyes.

  49. No boy in blue was ever allowed to pass through the city without being well fed and comfortably cared for, if he remained there over night.

  50. Probably if it had been a year later and the boy had had to pass a regular examination and muster he would have been sent home.

  51. Oh, that I could see them pass in review as I did many a time in those stirring days.

  52. All visitors to Arlington via the Georgetown bridge pass by it.

  53. It took nearly all day for the Army of the Potomac to pass the reviewing stand which was filled with many of the prominent people of the country.

  54. Hence it came to pass that, through a perfectly natural process, the Association for the purpose of reprinting the works of certain old divines was to be ushered into the world by the style and title of the JOLLY CLUB.

  55. He made her pass for his wife, because, as he said, he meant to marry her eventually.

  56. You must feel," I replied, "that if I complied with your request the adventure would become public to the damage of my honour and your business, and your niece would not be able to pass for a devotee any longer.

  57. The good wine of La Mancha kept us at table till a late hour, and the time seemed to pass very quickly.

  58. All the joinings must be luted with the Philosophical Luting, and as the spirit comes, so regulate your furnace, but do not let it pass the third degree of heat.

  59. I called at his house, and a man I met told me to stay in the ante-chamber, as the prince would pass through to go to dinner.

  60. It must be your task to give her the dreadful news of the pass to which I have come.

  61. Then the fashion passed away; for no one cared to pass for the public executioner.

  62. List, old friend, while I tell thee that to pass another such evening I would break my pipe into a hundred pieces and never draw a whiff of 'bacca between my teeth," said Hal.

  63. Jake was entreating him to pass the night at his house, only a mile up the valley.

  64. It was an awful thing that had come to pass before their eyes, and while their brains were reeling beneath its contemplation there rang out that voice of warning.

  65. Hal, man, pass the jug to your neighbour.

  66. Pass on your way and allow us to proceed on ours.

  67. It seemed to him that he was standing in front of a wall, trying to make his words pass through it.

  68. There's few left of the cloth and none of the laity can pass parson when he gets warmed to it.

  69. And my heart positively missed a beat when the crushing thought struck me: Must I now lose these young creatures and pass again into the emptiness of life?

  70. But I am only "Uncle Ranny" to her--and I felt a shudder pass down my spine.

  71. A minute or so after I leave you, you take your hat and coat and pass through the room where I'm talking to him.

  72. We can pass 'em right out to fellows like Visconti, who come straight across, and so go on with the game.

  73. To pass to a detailed description, the nave is divided into eight bays, of which the two nearest the lantern are narrower than the rest, no doubt with the purpose of giving increased support to the tower.

  74. Under any circumstances the nave must be somewhat cold and ineffective; it would be far less so if the eye could pass with scarcely a break into the sumptuous choir.

  75. To pass to a more detailed description: the original stalls were irretrievably ruined by the fire of 1829.

  76. The French court, however, under pretence of the danger to be apprehended from the Huguenots, had refused to allow the Spanish army to pass through France.

  77. And tell them, too, that it is my firm resolve to bury myself under the ruins of this bridge or by means of it to pass into your town.

  78. It is a fact only too well-established that the rebels have secured foreign succors, which stand ready at their command on the first signal; will it then be time to think of preparing for war when the enemy pass the frontiers?

  79. Egmont, will be the bridge by which the Spaniards will pass into our country to destroy it.

  80. On the possession of these two forts the success of the siege seemed wholly to depend, since all the vessels sailing from Zealand to Antwerp must pass under their guns.

  81. But the critical moment when this detestable remedy might have been applied was allowed to pass by; the nation had become too strong and vigorous for such rough treatment.

  82. The latter was as follows: "Sire,--This morning I have heard the sentence which your majesty has been pleased to pass upon me.

  83. From these a heavy fire was opened on every vessel that attempted to pass through this narrow channel.

  84. More than one hundred and twenty-five students are arranged in classes, most of whom are standing in their places ready to pass to recitation rooms.

  85. Now he strikes the bell and the pupils in long file pass out, marching with their heads up.

  86. Captain Pearson, perceiving his advantage in speed and power of shot, attempted again and again to pass the bow of the Richard and rake her.

  87. In London, an enterprising citizen could pass freely from one occupation to another.

  88. Dissenting academies were established for those who did not pass the religious tests of the grammar schools.

  89. How I fear it will pass and I shall awaken in my old misery!

  90. And even if some things in his writings may seem narrow or antiquated to our vision, we may readily pass them over to arrive at matters eternally true, exalted, sublime.

  91. His custom is to seek The convent walls, so he will pass this way.

  92. His doubts will pass away, nor will he wish You to become a Jew.

  93. It is nothing but a slight dizziness, which will pass over.

  94. His conduct enchants me, and, above everything, his resolution to pass his days in his native valleys.

  95. One half mile further on we crossed the Sweet Water, and in the afternoon went by what is called The Devil's Gate, a narrow channel of the stream, through a pass of the Rattlesnake Mountains.

  96. A few pass us every day, but as we are passing others, it is difficult to tell how many really keep in advance of us.

  97. The country over which we are passing is becoming very rocky and broken, and I am surprised that we can pass over it with so little difficulty.

  98. This class is bound for California and pass the dimes freely.

  99. The contents of the cells near the outside of succulent fruits are thickened by exhalation, and a process of endosmose goes on, by which the thinner contents of the inner cells pass outward, and thus cause swelling of the fruit.

  100. Bugs have four wings; they do not pass through the usual metamorphoses of insect life; but are born with legs and feeding apparatus like the perfect insects, except that some have no wings.

  101. In some soils the roller, made short enough to pass between the rows, is highly esteemed, and is considered a most valuable implement in the nursery.

  102. Another plan for root pruning is, to use a very sharp spade, which is set down and pressed deeply into the ground, a few inches from the tree, so as to cut all roots that pass that limit.

  103. But, as centuries pass on, this stimulus is taken away; the language by this time has become manageable for its various purposes, and is ready at command.

  104. We attain to heaven by using this world well, though it is to pass away; we perfect our nature, not by undoing it, but by adding to it what is more than nature, and directing it towards aims higher than its own.

  105. When we pass from Greece to Rome, we are met with the common remark, that Rome produced little that was original, but borrowed from Greece.

  106. So pass away the ancient Voices of religion and learning; but they are silenced only to revive more gloriously and perfectly elsewhere.

  107. Thus sorrow, sickness, and care are providential antagonists to our inward disorders; they come upon us as years pass on, and generally produce their natural effects on us, in proportion as we are subjected to their influence.

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