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  1. That means a couple of centuries of pain, however.

  2. The fact that Thorpe advocated something that could not conceivably become a reality short of two centuries made no impression on the world and his family.

  3. They had been driven out of the country centuries before and their titles and estates conferred on indigent Spanish and Austrian adventurers.

  4. They had been anxious for three centuries to throw off the yoke of Austria.

  5. America which for centuries had oppressed their forefathers had finally through the arbitrament of war, freed them.

  6. If, as archaeologists say, a certain Ericthonius of Athens[7] invented some fifteen centuries B.

  7. This evidence fortified by the income-tax returns, forbids the notion that during the last two centuries population in England has outstripped the means of its support.

  8. In other words if the usual grain test be applied, money had fallen during three and a half centuries to nearly one-sixth of its original value.

  9. Good citizenship was the ideal ever present to the late Master of Balliol in his dealings with his pupils, just as it had been present centuries earlier to Socrates in his discourses to Plato, or in his conversations with Alcibiades.

  10. During the three and a half centuries since the voyages of Columbus and of Cabot opened the New World to the Old, two thousand millions sterling had been added to the gold and silver of our planet.

  11. Those just being emancipated from the illiteracy or semi-barbarism which have been the traditions of centuries have not yet overcome the agitating strangeness of their new and improved condition.

  12. The British Empire of the Victorian age is five times as large as was the Empire of Darius five centuries before the Christian Era began.

  13. Yet the beads, she noticed, were still perfect as when strung by slim brown fingers centuries before.

  14. She let him lead her back along the broad boardwalk toward the hotel until they stood within the shadow of the huge boulder which for centuries has marked the outer boundary of the Bay of Moons.

  15. Silently he parted the tangle of manzanita that for centuries had veiled the secrets of the princess, and stood aside for her to enter.

  16. Miss Hastings Brings It to an End Centuries passed, and again, with the same sweet suddenness as in the days gone by, spring came to Catalina.

  17. Sir Francis Starts It It began to happen a long time ago, centuries ago, when, in a fragrant rush of rain, spring came one day to Punagwandah, fairest of the Channel Islands.

  18. The supreme interest of the Rock is in the record of centuries that is graven on its rugged front.

  19. It struck Pere Labat two centuries ago, and time and their supposed sufferings as slaves have made no difference.

  20. It has been for centuries a special object of care on the part of the French Government.

  21. Goethe could say of Luther that he had thrown back for centuries the spiritual cultivation of mankind, by calling the passions of the multitude to judge of matters which should have been left to the thinkers.

  22. In the boat I did not escape; the water smelt horribly as it was stirred by the oars, charged as it was with three centuries of pollution, and the phosphorescent light shone with a sickly, sulphur-like brilliance.

  23. The Olympian gods survived for seven centuries after Aristophanes with the help of allegory and 'economy.

  24. But Zoroastrianism was never more eagerly studied than in the first centuries of the Christian era, though without anything of the disinterested and almost scientific curiosity of the earlier times.

  25. That the whole scheme stopped here centuries ago, and laid down to rest until the Day of Judgment.

  26. Of course, it is true that any institution which has lasted through many centuries is likely to be of use again, though we may always have just reached the point at which it begins to be an incubus.

  27. For two centuries after Juvenal there are no names but those of Q.

  28. In the 17th and 18th centuries the town was famous for its ale.

  29. Greek colonies in Italy (especially Cumae and Naples), in whose language the same limitation (although with an accent whose actual character was probably more largely musical) had been established some centuries sooner.

  30. During the 15th and 16th centuries the citadel of Lecco was an object of endless contention.

  31. The Stoics were one of the four sects of philosophy recognized and conspicuous at Athens during the three centuries preceding the Christian era and during the century or more following.

  32. During the centuries immediately succeeding Boethius, nothing of Aristotle except the Categories and the treatise De Interpretatione was known, and these in a Latin translation.

  33. Modern logicians join the Categories side by side with the five Predicables, which are explained in the Eisagoge of Porphyry, more than five centuries after Aristotle's death.

  34. The soul of the Russian princess, Nadina Lubimoff, centuries ago had dwelt in the body of Mary Stuart.

  35. For the first time in history, a democracy has intervened in the fate of a world through the centuries subjected to the rule of kings.

  36. Three-fourths of the earth were covered with water, and for centuries and centuries humanity took no interest in investigating the mysterious hidden life of the ocean depths.

  37. Within a few centuries revolutions and wars will perhaps bring this skull to the surface.

  38. I am only a woman now; I am an old woman, centuries old, as old as sorrow itself.

  39. Lavish display, which in other centuries had been within reach of only the very few families, was now possible for every one.

  40. She had their lives written, churches dedicated to them; and corresponded with the high dignitaries of Rome to push many a dead man, who had waited centuries in vain for the hour when he should become a Saint.

  41. The motto which had figured for centuries on the Castro shield was an accurate summary of the man's character: "To-morrow more revolutionary than to-day.

  42. You are younger, but you can count your life in centuries too.

  43. It seemed rather as though they had lain for centuries in scorn and oblivion.

  44. To be honoured yourself is far more to the point than having centuries full of honoured ancestors.

  45. By means of a perverted Christianity, and the possession of the ruby collar which for centuries has been the Kaffir fetish, he organizes the natives of Southern Africa into a great army.

  46. Yet in all the centuries during which they had been robbed and despoiled for the pleasure of man, they had learnt no prudence or caution.

  47. It seemed like it, though Hugh could not bear to think that it was so; and yet for thousands of centuries the same thing had been going on all over the world, and no one seemed an inch nearer to the mystery of it all.

  48. The difficulty is that we can't reach that point all at once--why, it has taken you thirty or forty centuries to reach it!

  49. Unlike Nannstein's theory of gravitics, which had led directly to hyperdrive, ultraspace theory held no clues to its practical applications; it would be several centuries before those were worked out.

  50. They might accept it, conditioned by centuries of trust in Rangers, but that wouldn't end the war in itself.

  51. The words of Ruth came after all these centuries quite fresh from the soft Egyptian lips.

  52. The subsequent centuries show continuous decline, and in whatever branch we compare the work, we see that each dynasty was poorer than that which preceded it.

  53. There are, besides the more ancient cities and monuments, a number of Coptic towns, monasteries and churches in almost every part of Egypt, dating from the early centuries of Christianity.

  54. Besides the extortions to which this practice gave occasion the country suffered greatly in these centuries from famine and pestilence.

  55. At Esna the great temple was rebuilt and inscribed during a couple of centuries from Titus to Decius.

  56. Nefertari were worshipped as patron gods of the necropolis many centuries after their death.

  57. A palace for the caliph and a mosque for the army were immediately constructed, the latter still famous as al-Azhar, and for many centuries the centre of Moslem learning.

  58. Heracleopolis seems henceforth for several centuries to have been capital of Middle Egypt, which was considered as a more or less distinct province.

  59. Two centuries of unchallenged Christianity had broken almost completely the traditions of paganism, even if the Moslems had been willing to consider them, either in their fanciful accounts of the origins of cities, &c.

  60. Until just yesterday the Man on Horseback had been for centuries the symbol of power and pride.

  61. Is it not outrageous that common sense should receive such a smack after so many centuries of science, that Rome should claim the right of triumphing in this insolent fashion, on our loftiest height in the full sunlight?

  62. How impudent it is, what a buffet for the cause of reason after so many centuries of science, labour, and battle!

  63. People always forget that before Catholicism grew up and reigned in the sunlight, it spent four centuries in germinating and sprouting from the soil.

  64. The huge, massive prison with its great bare walls on which a moonray fell, looked like some pile of cold stones, dead for centuries past.

  65. He says that the pronunciation commandèment was already going out of use two centuries and a half ago.

  66. Yet behind these unchanging institutions, a pressure has been for centuries becoming concentrated, which, now that it has begun to act, is threatening to overthrow them all.

  67. In fact, the island seemed to owe its existence to some frightful eruption of by-gone days; but for a couple of centuries there had been no fresh outbreak.

  68. Lipari, a neighboring volcano, was formerly more active than Stromboli, though for centuries past it has been in a state of complete quiescence.

  69. We see the wine shops with empty jars, counters stained with liquor, stone mills where the wheat was ground, and the very ovens in which bread was baked more than eighteen centuries ago.

  70. We see them to-day in the attitude and with the expression of agony and horror with which death met them more than eighteen centuries ago.

  71. It is a noteworthy fact that since the formation of Monte Nuovo there has been no volcanic disturbance in any part of the Neapolitan district except in Vesuvius, which for five centuries previous had remained largely at rest.

  72. It became active again in 1862, after two centuries of repose, and caused great loss of life and property.

  73. The eruptions of this mountain have been numerous, records of them extending back to several centuries before the Christian era, while unrecorded ones doubtless took place much further back.

  74. It greeted Nick Dormer and Gabriel Nash with a kindness the long centuries had done nothing to dim.

  75. It was the image at least of a great wreck, of the indestructible vessel of a faith, washed up there by a storm centuries before.

  76. For more than two-and-a-half centuries state lotteries were popular in this country.

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