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Example sentences for "have heard"

  • The Prince answered at once, 'I have heard so much of your beauty and kindness, that I would very much like to enter your service.

  • People would like to have heard it again, but the Emperor thought that the living Nightingale should sing now--but where was she?

  • The Prince replied, 'I have heard so much of the beauty and kindness of the Dragon's Mother, and would like to enter her service.

  • I have heard of the Prince," replied Mr. Rolles; "and General Vandeleur I have even met in society.

  • Gentlemen, I have heard my uncle say, that Tom Smart said the widow's lamentations when she heard the disclosure would have pierced a heart of stone.

  • The stranger shook the extended hand, and then continued-- 'We have heard of your fame, sir.

  • It is often said - I have heard it with these ears - that drunkenness "may lead to vice.

  • The interjection, "I have heard a sonnet begin so to one's mistress" (Act iii.

  • We have heard a Yorkshire yeoman sing a version, which commenced with this line:- ' It was at the time of a high holiday.

  • I have heard of thee time after time, But being in the glory of my prime, I did not think you would have called so soon.

  • About a century ago, as I have heard say, This fair it was kept by one Daniel Day, A hearty good fellow as ever could be, His coffin was made of a limb of the tree.

  • This is a countryman's whistling song, and the only one of the kind which we remember to have heard.

  • But the priest went on: "Son, I shall tell thee that such tales I have heard, but from whose mouth forsooth?

  • I have heard tell of thee: thou art abiding the turn of the days up at the castle yonder, as others have done before thee.

  • May the saints keep her from all harm; for meek and holy indeed she is, as oft we have heard it.

  • Said Ralph: "I have heard of late that it leadeth presently to Hampton under the Scaur, where dwelleth a people of goodwill.

  • The best of women (I have heard my grandmother say) are hypocrites.

  • But there was no such swell in Calcutta as Waterloo Sedley, I have heard say, and he had the handsomest turn-out, gave the best bachelor dinners, and had the finest plate in the whole place.

  • He has some money from his mother, I have heard enough to purchase his majority--or he must sell out and go and dig in Canada, or rough it in a cottage in the country.

  • I have heard something of this, sir, from my friend George," Dobbin said, anxious to come to his point.

  • I have heard of your gratitude before," he replied drily, "and I think this can scarce be the matter you called me from my wine to listen to.

  • I did but repeat the common talk of the country, which I have heard everywhere, and from men of all opinions as I came along.

  • There's few people that has had more experience than Alan Breck: and I can never call to mind to have heard tell of a lassie like this one of yours.

  • I must thank you, Jasper, for the pleasure with which I have heard you to-day.

  • I have heard, on the contrary, that many an old warrior actually finds that music agreeable.

  • But we have heard of them from trustworthy people.

  • I thank you for these choice verses; which I have heard formerly, but had quite forgot, till they were recovered by your happy memory.

  • War Eagle laughed and said: "Our people do not know why, but we believe he was made that way at the beginning, although I have heard men of other tribes say that the Bear lost his tail while fishing.

  • I have heard an old story, too, that is said to have been generally believed by the Blackfeet, in which a monster bull-elk that lives in Gunsight Pass lords it over the winds.

  • I have heard a legend wherein OLD-man, in the beginning, killed an animal for the people to eat, and then instructed them to use the ribs of the dead brute to make knives and arrow-points.

  • And if any one has read Zola's description of the workman's marriage-party visiting the Louvre, they would do well to have heard Bazin by way of antidote.

  • And if it be true, as I have heard it said, that drums are covered with asses' skin, what a picturesque irony is there in that!

  • I have heard a woman in quite a better position at home, with a good bit of money in hand, refer to her own child with a horrid whine as 'a poor man's child.

  • For though I have heard a considerable variety of sermons, I never yet heard one that was so expressive as a cathedral.

  • I have heard no sound at all, and could almost believe that I had been the victim of some hallucination suggested, perhaps, by Armitage's conversation.

  • No, no, I have heard of his miserly ways.

  • It was only last night that I returned to England, and during all this time I have heard nothing of the sensation which my supposed death had caused, nor of the accusation that Mr. Arthur Morton had been concerned in it.

  • I have heard some on ’em say, indeed, that they don’t know how!

  • I was just telling your mamma that I have heard it said, that—’ ‘What?

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    about what; alcoholic solution; being formed; but nothing; cannot doubt; clear fire; destroy life; done nothing; empirical laws; great intelligence; have been; have done; have found; have given; have heard; have made; have taken; high walls; made mustard; many witnesses; moist atmosphere; more just; old woman; perfect peace; two more; vocational training