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Example sentences for "begin"

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begged; begger; beggerly; beggers; begging; begining; beginne; beginned; beginner; beginners
  1. Christmas Day, and she wanted me there for a lion, she said, though what on earth a great roaring lion had to do at a dinner-table I couldn't begin to think.

  2. Do you begin to feel the glorious flood of liberty which it lets in upon the female women of this country?

  3. Sisters, that is the way to learn things--begin at the beginning, and get a firm, steady seat before you attempt to cut a dash.

  4. After all, I begin to think that "ignorance is bliss.

  5. But then I had a real good time, though the cider did begin to get into my head towards night.

  6. We will begin at the other end, and in that way cut your work down to nothing.

  7. Before they could begin again I bowed my head with a lofty and dignified air, and walked away; which, I take it, was something of a rebuke to people whose religious zeal runs ahead of their good breeding.

  8. There must have been a good many notices and publishments to give out; more than I ever heard of in our meeting-house, for ever so many papers were sent up to the pulpit, where another minister sat now ready to begin his sermon.

  9. His original purpose was to begin with the accession of Galba and continue in chronological order.

  10. Yet the new religion continued to gain in the number and influence of its converts, and in the second century Christian writings begin to appear in Latin.

  11. I live entirely in my music, and no sooner is one thing finished than I begin another--indeed, I now sometimes write three or four things at the same time.

  12. As I shall immediately begin the two Symphonies, if my proposals be accepted, the Society to send me at once a cheque of one hundred and fifty guineas, that I may provide a carriage and other necessaries for my journey without delay.

  13. I could not help observing that he was much affected, and, after I had read it, I laid it down without speaking, in the hope that he would first begin the conversation.

  14. Will Mr. Stelling make me begin with it, do you think?

  15. He stared at Maggie, and she felt very lonely, and was quite sure she should begin to cry before long.

  16. Oh, I begin at 'Appellativa arborum,' because I say all over again what I've been learning this week.

  17. The Working Men of England at length begin to see That their parsnips for to butter now the Parties all agree.

  18. Private view of some lovely frescoes to begin with.

  19. Nowadays young ladies begin making-up rather earlier, but, if Punch is to be believed, we can draw consolation from the fact that they are little worse in this respect than their modish mothers or grandmothers.

  20. Over there is the long mirror which will presently begin to stir and reflect the birth-pangs of light.

  21. The very papists themselves begin now to abhor your blood-thirstiness, and speak shame of your tyranny.

  22. To-night," he thought, "I really begin to live.

  23. He held hold of the rein for a minute until he saw the mare begin to crop the roadside grass quietly enough, when he released her.

  24. If so, he should begin at once to keep a register of meteors.

  25. I begin to suspect you are ashamed to show your faces in this remote region.

  26. To begin dot guess-work business when you are talking to the law already, it is dangerous," stated Berg in an explanatory tone.

  27. But they are perhaps the very end of the story; and it is best never to begin at the end.

  28. Is there any way by which you can begin at what you think is the beginning?

  29. To all appearances he was asleep; but Pendleton knew that he was merely turning over some plan of action that would, in a little time, begin to reveal itself.

  30. He pondered awhile, apparently much moved by this painful possibility; then he added: "I may as well have a cereal to begin with, I suppose.

  31. I say she shall: and first begin with her.

  32. Come on, I say; and first begin with her.

  33. I am agreed; and would I had given him the best horse in Padua to begin his wooing, that would thoroughly woo her, wed her, and bed her, and rid the house of her.

  34. Father, I have never yet whipped my people, but I intend to begin now.

  35. Snow—Begin with the sign of rain, then the sign of air or cold, and conclude with the sign of white.

  36. Girl—Begin with the above sign, and make the sign of woman; and then raise the hand to the height of the girl.

  37. The return of a party through fear—Begin with the preceding motion; then draw the tips of the fingers and thumb together, and retreat the hand to the body.

  38. Eight or ten miles west of St. Louis, forests of oak and hickory begin to occur, and become more frequent towards Chesterfield and Bon Homme.

  39. Cloud—Begin with the sign of water; then raise the two hands as high as the forehead, and placing them with an inclination of 15°, let them gently cross one another.

  40. The Sand Hills begin at about the hundredth meridian, which crosses the Platte in western Dawson County.

  41. Striding from stone to stone he told himself, that ere he could begin a new life, he must do penance--some heavy penance; but what was it to be?

  42. All art is dream, and what the day is done with is dreaming ripe, and what art has moulded religion accepts, and in the end all is in the wine cup, all is in the drunken phantasy, and the grapes begin to stammer.

  43. If there are such things as decaying art and decaying institutions, their decay must begin when the element they receive into their care from the life of every man in the world, begins to rot.

  44. If we will but tell these stories to our children the Land will begin again to be a Holy Land, as it was before men gave their hearts to Greece and Rome and Judea.

  45. Then came a rumor that the Home Guards had refused to obey the orders of General Harney, and were about to begin the destruction of the city and the murder of its inhabitants.

  46. Anxiously did he wait for the signal to begin the attack.

  47. He arrived before daylight in the position assigned to him and had his guns in position and his troops drawn up ready to begin the attack as soon as he heard the sound of Lyon's guns.

  48. Let them start immediately, so that they 'll be well out of the way before we begin our advance.

  49. I thought they would begin at daylight, and so did everybody else; or at any rate, everybody was ready on our side for the opening of the battle.

  50. After that I'd begin thinkin' of what I could do to get away from Drew.

  51. Six in all, he set them in a row along the bed and without delay threw out two to begin with.

  52. And you'd begin to see that in spite of the way you do your hair you can't spoil its colour nor its texture.

  53. But their stronger foes must win the day, And the knights begin to fail; For the sword hath swept their best array, And superior powers prevail.

  54. When you will to believe these statements, you must also begin to act upon them.

  55. You are never to eat until you have an earned hunger, and you are to stop eating the instant you BEGIN to feel that your hunger is abating.

  56. He must learn that genuine hunger is never present after natural sleep, and that the demand for an early morning meal is purely a matter of habit and appetite; and he must not begin his day by eating in violation of natural law.

  57. Let your watchword be perseverance; whenever you fall into the old way of hasty eating, or of wrong thought and speech, bring yourself up short and begin again.

  58. Our ancestors have, for many generations, held imperfect ideas concerning human form and functioning; and we begin life with racial sub-conscious impressions of imperfection and disease.

  59. When those around you begin to talk of sickness and death, close your ears and mentally assert something like the following:-- There is One Substance, and I am that Substance.

  60. When you find that your mind is wandering, call a halt; think for a moment of the food, and of how good it tastes; of the perfect digestion and assimilation that are going to follow the meal, and begin again.

  61. Go without eating until the plainest food tastes good to you; and then begin your meal with what you like best.

  62. If you want pie, cake, pastry or puddings, it is better to begin your meal with them, finishing with the plainer and less tasty foods.

  63. If you eat as directed in the last chapter, it is probable that you will begin to feel satisfied before you have taken half your usual amount; but stop there, all the same.

  64. Action and reaction are equal, and when you desire to live more, if you are in mental harmony with the Supreme, the forces which make for life begin to concentrate about you and upon you.

  65. Begin again and again, though you must do so twenty times in the course of a single meal; and again and again, though you must do so every meal for weeks and months.

  66. His only remedy is to begin to go right; and this he can surely do.

  67. The first step toward acting externally like a well person is to begin to act internally like a well person.

  68. Their souls, if they have any to begin with, perish out of them, before their sluggish, swinish existence is half done.

  69. Only begin to read it, and you will find it interpreting itself without the aid of words.

  70. Posson Jone', you must not begin to cry some more.

  71. At twenty-two one must begin to be something.

  72. They arrive early in the spring, just when the crocus and the snow-drop begin to peep forth.

  73. Our sports begin with the beginning year; In calms, to pull the leaping fish to land, In roughs, to sing and dance along the yellow sand.

  74. I have heard 'em say, sir, they read hard Hebrew books backwards; maybe you begin to read at the wrong end.

  75. Madam, you need not be very much afraid, for I fancy I begin to come to myself.

  76. They begin and they end in sheer literary virtuosity.

  77. It would be pure loss of time, for example, to begin a study of the work of Mr Henry James by asserting that Mr Henry James was a man of letters.

  78. Here the people live who begin the revolutions.

  79. A hundred feet front and a hundred high is about the style, and you go up three flights of stairs before you begin to come upon signs of occupancy.

  80. How could he break loose with Patriotism and begin aiming at something else?

  81. We must begin with how much you have, before we can settle how much you can give Charles.

  82. Now that we have to leave Wickham Place, I begin to think it's that.

  83. Unreality and mystery begin as soon as one touches the body.

  84. Forster Chapter 1 One may as well begin with Helen's letters to her sister.

  85. But how on earth--" "Don't begin how on earthing.

  86. One death may explain itself, but it throws no light upon another: the groping inquiry must begin anew.

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