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Example sentences for "your mind"

  • Mortimer again turned to the informer, to whom he said: 'You have been troubled in your mind a long time, man?

  • Your mind, I feared, was too active last night.

  • And I'll stand by you whatever you make up your mind to do," said the brother, with rough but well-meaning affectionateness.

  • You have something in your mind, then--something definite?

  • You must make up your mind now to follow my lead.

  • Now tell me," he began, as soon as Jarvis had disappeared, "what is there at the back of your mind about my presence there at Market Burnham that night?

  • May I suppose that you have this distinction of the visible and intelligible fixed in your mind?

  • You, I replied, have in your mind a truly sublime conception of our knowledge of the things above.

  • I may look to her to remove any you may entertain from your mind on the subject.

  • On that field, my dear, you must make up your mind to be beaten by 'friend Horace'.

  • You have a younger woman in your mind; I am an old one: I have no ambition and no warmth.

  • There's something on your mind--I know there is, Damon.

  • What could have been in your mind to lead you to speak like that?

  • You are--worried--ill in your mind, and otherwise perfectly sound.

  • For four days you have kept me out of your mind in order to worship her.

  • Don't I know by this time how you look and how you speak when Mrs. Van Brandt is in your mind.

  • Before I get to the last number, make up your mind to do what I tell you, or submit to the disgrace of being taken away by force.

  • Have the goodness to put French out of your mind so long as I converse with you--keep to English.

  • Make up your mind to be surprised--I say no more.

  • Her brother sat by the couch, thinking "Shall I tell you what is in your mind?

  • Mrs. Ellmother will tell me if your mind is more at ease; Mrs. Ellmother will tell me if there is any new trial of your fortitude.

  • You don't know how soon you may begin wandering in your mind again.

  • Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

  • Emprinteth well this lesson in your mind.

  • Suffer not any beloved study to prejudice your mind so far as to despise all other learning.

  • A sudden couplet rushes on your mind.

  • Come, now, make a clean breast of it--you know you were out of your mind, were you not?

  • I am even of opinion that, after careful consideration, you will make up your mind to make atonement.

  • Excitement of such a kind will drive you out of your mind, be assured.

  • Your mind, O all-wisest, is only comparable to the peacock's tail in its spreading brilliance!

  • Youll have to make up your mind to see a good deal of Sir George Crofts, as he's a friend of mine.

  • I know what young girls are; and I know youll think better of it when you've turned it over in your mind.

  • You've made up your mind to marry this man, honey?

  • And you are doing this mighty work solely by your mind.

  • YOUR mind will be the ever-brooding, enfolding spirit forming and fashioning character.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "your mind" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

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