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Example sentences for "dot"

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dossier; dossiers; dost; dosta; doste; dotage; dotal; dotard; dotards; dote
  1. The dot was presently swallowed and gone.

  2. I saw a dot which I could imagine was a shape with discs along its edge, moving with high velocity.

  3. Then I saw it, a mere moving dot of black; but suddenly it clarified.

  4. She showed now as a tiny dark dot over the Sun's giant, blazing surface.

  5. If Lawford married Dot Johnson it would be almost as bad as his being mixed up with that picture actress.

  6. Further, why should I marry Dot Johnson against my will, whether I can get Louise Grayling or not?

  7. If his father was really determined that Lawford should marry Dot Johnson, and her parents were willing, the young man had an almost uncanny feeling that the candy manufacturer's purpose would be accomplished.

  8. And when Dot Johnson comes I'm not going to treat her nice at all.

  9. He remembered now that he and Dot Johnson had been pretty good "pals" before he had gone to college, and while Dot was still in middy blouse and wore her hair in plaits.

  10. Noddings dot I expected you to do vas undone.

  11. So, dot iss settled, Mister Leedle," he said abruptly and met the ladies with a vast and paternal smile.

  12. I haf better ships as the old Barang, Captain, unt in my launch alongside I haf some pags ouf goldt dust dot iss to be a wedding present for a leedle lady I know ouf py der name ouf Natalie.

  13. Captain Barry, when dot launch I had comes back from dot gunboat, we schall sail.

  14. Me, I t'ink dot schmell was joongle, by Gott!

  15. Mister Leedle has agreed to go back to the station unt take charge until Mister Gordon returns, unt he takes dot launch unt some navy mans to stay mit him in case dose leedle brown mans ouf Leyden's make more bodder.

  16. Veil, maybe dey vos not quite full, but dere is a ham in der bantry dot vould pe bretty good mit der stomach.

  17. By Chiminy, dot vas a narrow squeak," he exclaimed, as I released my grasp upon him and hurled the door back into its place.

  18. Veil, dot may be, too," he insisted stoutly.

  19. I guess my father will be proud to see my name in a magazine," boasted Dot Starr.

  20. Everyone agreed that the more the better, and then Dot remembered that Mrs. Catlin had not seen the office and machinery.

  21. And Dot said to the visitor: "Don't think that we like to be fussed over just because we are working!

  22. He went over to my house to see Mete," replied Dot Starr.

  23. Aunt Selina felt like rebuking Dot, but the children smiled sympathetically and knew Dot was sincere in her desire to help the old lady, so the invalid replied instead, "Dot, that is just the trouble!

  24. Don, who had been greatly offended to think that his twin sister Dot would leave him for the Blue Birds.

  25. Ruth accompanied her friends to the steps and as they stood vainly wishing there were several extra hours to add to an afternoon, Dot saw Don jump out of the wide-open door of the Publishing House and laugh derisively at someone inside.

  26. About these centres of their doom the speck-like figures of the cattle dot the surrounding pastures, grazing in fortunate ignorance of their end.

  27. It has frequently been my lot to pass over from Argentina to Uruguay, arriving at one of the minor ports that dot the middle reaches of the great river.

  28. Just above Fray Bentos the islands dot the river more plentifully than in almost any other part of the great stream.

  29. Yes," answered Dot seriously, "only first it must be scrubbed.

  30. When the candle was lit the first thing Dot saw was the little brown mouse scudding across the table.

  31. Never had none of these things," said Dot positively.

  32. It was then that little Dot came forward and took the shawled bundle in her own baby arms, and commenced to feed it from the milk-can.

  33. I will sell feather brushes for you," said Dot with enthusiasm.

  34. When Tom and Dot reached the mill it was quite dark, and Dot had to stand still in the doorway while the miller lit his candle.

  35. Mebbe you understood dot shust as pad as I did.

  36. I sed ub nighds dryin' to haf dot vigger me out vot id vos, but now I don'd knew so much apoud id as you did pefore.

  37. When asked why he stood staring at the pigs so much, he answered: "I peen tried to vigger oudt how much bork und peans dose bigs vould made uf dey peen gooked dot vay.

  38. Ven I vos caughd py a voolishness like dot again, I hope I vill gick someboty.

  39. I peen goin' to done dot britty queek, you pets my poots!

  40. Let dot ghost come, und I vill gif him der greadest path vot I efer got.

  41. I ain'd seen nottings like dot for so long dot you don'd rememper id.

  42. I don'd toldt you dere peen a ghost dot house in?

  43. You pets my poots, dot voult pe a bicnic!

  44. Hans, mockingly; "how you don'd like dot ghost pusiness, hey?

  45. But dot yarn---" "The road agents may hear it.

  46. Shiminey Christmas, vos yer tink I vould listen ter some more ohf dem lies mitoud dot I trownd it oud alretty?

  47. But vy didn' you say you vas married from de sta't, an' dot you vant money to send for dem?

  48. Dot's all right; but foist min' dot you don' go back on me!

  49. O'ly a strange goil a feller might bluff dot he ain' married, and skin her out of tventy-five dollars.

  50. They are as follows: The drooping wistaria dot (SUI TO TEN) (Plate XXXII a) for spring effects.

  51. This dot or stroke is successfully employed in reproducing the foliage of the willow tree in spring.

  52. The Japanese artist is taught that even to the placing of a dot in the eyeball of a tiger he must first feel the savage, cruel, feline character of the beast, and only under such influence should he apply the brush.

  53. This dot is worked between rows of point de Bruxelles, 3 twisted stitches being worked into the loop left by the twisted thread; this forms a picot resembling satin stitch in appearance.

  54. Upon this ground-work tight point de Bruxelles stitches are made, and the dot worked upon these in one of the following ways: [Illustration: No.

  55. If you have ever noticed the type on a printed page, you must have seen that the little ā€œiā€ has always a dot over it, and it is that dot that elevates it above the other letters in the line.

  56. Anyvay, I'm glad dot everyt'ing come oudt like vat it dit.

  57. Aber I vish dot you vould go ofer py der alley und lisden pehindt der house.

  58. He iss der greadest feller dot efer vas, aber der pest oof dem vill make a misblay vonce und oggasionally.

  59. He has peen gone a goot vile now, und he may be in drouble alretty for all dot ve know.

  60. I ditn't pelieve dot he ought to haf svallowed all dot talk Prady gif him.

  61. We are now in the midst of-- =The Livingston Country=, whose names and memories dot the landscape and adorn the history of the Hudson Valley.

  62. The waters are of remarkable transparency; romantic islands dot its surface, and elegant villas line its shores.

  63. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dot" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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