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Example sentences for "dash"

Lexicographically close words:
darum; darwan; darwaza; darweesh; das; dashboard; dashed; dasher; dashes; dasheth
  1. Dash the nose from Phidias's marble Jove, and what a sorry remainder!

  2. The fact was, a large gray gull, mistaking him for a corpse, had made a dash at him, and its loud discordant scream in a moment brought a countless number of these formidable birds together, all prepared to contest for a share of the spoil.

  3. Soon I saw a small band of mounted men dash straight to Suomar's dwelling.

  4. I have often seen them dash forward in all the pride of strength, and soon sink feebly back again.

  5. Acting on this advice, the Boers started in the required direction, and were ready to dash upon their foes as soon as the first streaks of daylight illumined the land.

  6. As soon as this slaughter was complete, Dingaan ordered ten thousand men to dash into the Natal territory, and destroy the white men there located.

  7. On all sides of Paris speedy aëroplanes and daring aviators hold themselves ready to dash upon any enemy who may approach by way of the air and, if necessary, fall with him to mutual destruction.

  8. While I was at work, the other members of the party wandered about the town and talked with the inhabitants, whose village had been occupied by the Germans for several days during their dash toward Paris.

  9. A temptation naturally assails men of their breed to make a dash for it.

  10. The night we were going to make the final dash in the Dardanelles, up in the Narrows, we went, no lights up, everything covered in.

  11. Now he could only think of escape; and as the crowd bulged and burst once more over the course he made a dash for the other side.

  12. He held a pencil in his hand, as if he were itching to dash off another prescription, and an open drawer in the desk at his right hand was full of small silver.

  13. In the broken fringe of cliff over the river-way a leopard made a dash at a troop of sleeping baboons which, having heard the alarm-call of the sentinel, darted away and escaped with hoarse roarings.

  14. He had a dash of Malay blood in his veins--his great-grandfather having married the daughter of one of the Singapore rajahs in the last century.

  15. The battle lost and won, both chiefs made a dash for Paris and the king.

  16. He even made a dash on Harfleur (now, 1415, in the hands of the English) which might have been successful but for the cowardice of some of his followers.

  17. To give as much variety as possible to the sport, the gladiators were divided into different classes, and, with an excess of ferocity almost incredible, measures were adopted to give a dash of mirth to the frightful encounters.

  18. On seeing his comrade's fate, the other knight urged his horse through the crowd of assailants and made a dash for the open field, where Raymond awaited the chance to join his friends.

  19. There was a loud discordant shout, the trampling of hundreds of feet, and through the now rapidly clearing smoke Raymond saw the Welsh and Irish levies dash out upon the demoralised foe.

  20. Such a dash they kept up," said Hatch, warming with her subject.

  21. I was greatly occupied that day, but the missing will lay upon me as a nightmare, and I forced time for a dash up to Sir Edmund Clavering's hotel in the afternoon, bribing the cabman to double speed.

  22. But behind them lay the deep river Maule, and San Martin made a dash to reach it first.

  23. Barreiro, seeing himself cut off from his base, made a desperate dash for the capital, but Bolivar knew the enemy's route and took up a position directly across his path on the right bank of the small river Boyaca.

  24. Salaverry, a chief only thirty years old and remarkable for his dash and energy, succeeded in establishing himself pretty firmly at Lima, while Gamarra held Cuzco.

  25. Pasto remained faithfully loyalist--a Vendee into which many republican armies were destined to dash in vain.

  26. Still, I must say I'm glad you didn't dash the kerosene lamp in Mr. Sanderson's face!

  27. The doctor came forward with a silver cup of delicious lemonade (he had levied on his pannier for lime-juice and powdered sugar) dexterously rendered soulful by a dash of Vini Gallici.

  28. Don't dash my expectations in that way, Vinton.

  29. Why did I leave it hanging on my wall----" With a dash he was in the hall.

  30. As I looked, the younger made a dash and ran by the first lady.

  31. The road was unfenced, and had several awkward bends, where an unskilled motorist, losing control, might dash over the edge, and down into the woods.

  32. Merle, who liked to dash away and get a general impression of a composition, oblivious of a few wrong notes, chafed terribly under this severe regime.

  33. The boy was a keen naturalist, and was always watching the birds, poking about for nests, picking up snail shells, or making a dash after some insect specimen that he wanted.

  34. To Mercy's inner ear came the sound of words she had heard at church: "He shall give his angels charge over thee, and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.

  35. It is not the hysterical alone for whom the great dash of cold water is good.

  36. Fix the boat up--mend that valve spring and have her ready for a dash some time late to-night or early to-morrow morning!

  37. Andy Rush, realizing that it was probably as much his fault as anyone’s that the fish had gotten out of the net, also made a dash forward.

  38. No, really, dash it, my dear girl," Lonsdale expostulated.

  39. Dash it, I love you madly, you know that.

  40. His first service was on the "June Bug Line," a line of brief existence, but full of dash and spirit.

  41. This line had nothing of the whirl and dash of the older lines of coaches.

  42. It is the sincere belief of all old pike boys that the stage lines of the National Road were never equalled in spirit and dash on any road, in any age or country.

  43. His school was antiquated years ago; there was a dash of the French courtier through the Irishmen of his day.

  44. Ay, and Maurice himself had a great dash of old Irish superstition in him, for a clever, sensible fellow as he was.

  45. When Sir Lamorak saw the blood dash upon him all hot, the which he loved passing well, wit you well he was sore abashed and dismayed of that dolorous knight.

  46. And then Sir Ector came again, and gave Sir Palamides such a dash with a sword that he stooped down upon his saddle-bow.

  47. By then was Sir Palamides horsed, and with great ire he justed upon Sir Tristram with his spear as it was in the rest, and gave him a great dash with his spear.

  48. Why don't you unbottle your thunderbolts and dash us to pieces?

  49. And the Yankees dash up every now and then, and fire a volley into your rear.

  50. The Federals would dash their cavalry in amongst us, and even their cannon joined in the charge.

  51. While resting on this hillside, I saw a courier dash up to our commanding general, B.

  52. And the parson being excellent material for scandal, Mother Rumor is sure to have a dash at him.

  53. In New York-I dash out there, you know-my house is a perfect palace.

  54. A dash or two of cold water, and the application of a little hartshorn, and that sympathy so necessary to the fainting of distinguished people-proves all-efficient.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dash" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    dash away; dashed forward