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Example sentences for "circumvent"

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circumstantiality; circumstantially; circumstantials; circumstaunce; circumvallation; circumvented; circumventing; circus; circuses; cire
  1. Well, all that I can say is that if I can circumvent that horrid sly creature in favour of poor dear true-hearted Robina, I shall do so.

  2. She said as much, and if we don't manage to circumvent her between now and Tuesday, all will be up.

  3. After a time we determined to try and circumvent them, and pursued our way along the stony slope of the mountain, low down.

  4. I dismounted, and with Subhan sought to circumvent him; but he had put many a hundred yards between us.

  5. So there I lay, debating what to do-- What measures might most usefully be taken To circumvent the subterranean crew Of anthropophagi and save my bacon.

  6. And if anyone shall attempt to circumvent this trial by witchcraft or dealing with herbs, may it be prevented by thy power.

  7. We shall also know how to circumvent the scandalous heretic with all his adherents and followers.

  8. They had done their best to circumvent Orange, in all ways and at all times.

  9. They are gamekeepers, and devote their lives to circumvent and strive in mortal strife with poachers; or they are poachers, and spend their days and nights in plotting against and harassing and threatening the gamekeepers.

  10. Look at Mildmay; a year or two younger, 'tis true, but still a lieutenant, and thought fit for nothing better than to chase luggers and circumvent the trade.

  11. But verily, friend, with Peter's help, we will circumvent them all.

  12. She is beginning to hate the child who always rivals her; but certainly she can circumvent the little thing when she has all her time to herself and can use her eyes for her own advantage.

  13. A perfect stranger, with no hatred in his soul, only set upon by fate to play strange havoc with another's plans, to circumvent without even knowing what he did.

  14. Hogan, for his own reasons, had meanwhile reached an independent conclusion as to how he could circumvent Delany's contemplated treachery.

  15. It was impossible for Leith's party to be very far ahead, and as we watched the ginger clump we wondered how we could circumvent the sharpshooter.

  16. We could not think of a good plan to circumvent the brute.

  17. She had detected it, and had followed at once to circumvent him.

  18. Have the infidels fixed on a method to circumvent our apostle?

  19. Verily we will fix on a method to circumvent them.

  20. What will these people do, how will they circumvent this awkwardness?

  21. I have heard it said, more than once, that the man who can circumvent a Yankee can circumvent the Father of Mischief himself.

  22. She, consequently, finding that he was unmanageable, did all in her power to embarrass him in his plans, and to thwart and circumvent him.

  23. I'll have to bensal the natural man back intil you, and so circumvent the deevil' Jerry got such a warming that it kept the frost out for many a day.

  24. From the beginning they had been doomed to circumvent one another.

  25. Thus do the spies work within our camp, taking to the enemy news of everything which happened, and thus does the Colonel circumvent them.

  26. Sometimes we miss an individual piece, judging from its absence that it has been sent north to reinforce the Dutch who are endeavouring to circumvent the movements of Colonel Plumer's column.

  27. All the men expressed their readiness to go with Mr. Thompson and the others to circumvent the savages on their raid.

  28. Although he had been deprived of his mother so early, yet he learned by experience and instinct, those best of teachers, how to overcome or circumvent the wiliest of the wood creatures for his own ends.

  29. The desire to circumvent the Collared Buck became an obsession with Grimalkin.

  30. Redpad had met Ravager once before that winter, and had been obliged to resort to every trick he knew in order to circumvent that sagacious leader of the pack.

  31. Ransom's state of mind in regard to the affair at the Music Hall was simply this--that he was determined to circumvent it if he could.

  32. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "circumvent" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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