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Example sentences for "anyone"

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anybody; anye; anyfink; anyhow; anymore; anyplace; anypody; anyrate; anythin; anything
  1. I live alone, see scarcely anyone besides those belonging to the house where I lodge.

  2. I asked him how about a stone weighing half a pound, and he said it would fall half a mile in twelve and a half seconds, and if it hit anyone on the head that person would be as dead as if he had got a bullet through him.

  3. Did anyone ever topple over at the critical moment?

  4. I do want to come; it won't do anyone any harm, will it?

  5. The trouble was that most likely they would think she was inventing it, "and anyone can invent any old thing.

  6. If you think anyone is going to pay a guinea a drop for scent called Wet Tin you are a goose.

  7. I don't suppose that anyone could say exactly how many, and in any case when we speak of Time we mean Time on our own earth; what an astronomer would say I don't know.

  8. There was no sign of Grizzel, nor of anyone else; the house was silent and empty but for the sizzling and smoking of the boiled-over jam.

  9. It was indeed a charming frock, and so modern that Mollie thought she might have worn it at home without anyone being surprised at anything except her unusual smartness.

  10. In fact, he hardly spoke to anyone but the bartender and Marcus.

  11. He believed that it would be a long time before anyone came into that room again.

  12. Lord, suppose anyone should have come on her while we've been away.

  13. We'll drop HIM all right, if there's anyone fooling round there; I'll tell you those right now.

  14. Anyone doubting the logic of this, the court said, “should also doubt whether his own house might not be taken and used as a postoffice without his consent and without any compensation.

  15. Extreme cases require extreme remedies,” said the Patriot, and the Charleston Mercury went so far as to predict that anyone violating the South Carolina law against circulation “would assuredly expiate his offence on the gallows.

  16. I don't care what anyone thinks; my conscience is clear.

  17. Anyone's eyes would have had sorrow in them--anyone who was seeing Teddy nearly every day and filling him up with fortitude.

  18. Is there anyone in New York who reglazes these English chintzes?

  19. They don't want to leave anyone they love to endure the sufferings this world inflicts.

  20. She would surprise her mother by lighting the gas range and making the coffee before anyone came down.

  21. You don't tell things like that--not to anyone outside your family.

  22. Something like twelve millions, wasn't it, and could anyone ever reckon up the number of aching hearts it's left alive?

  23. He hated to think that all he had witnessed was futility and waste, and yet no explanation that anyone gave him made it seem otherwise.

  24. She didn't suppose she would ever see such kind eyes in anyone else.

  25. From anyone else this would have alarmed her.

  26. If there was anyone noticeably different, it was Junia.

  27. During the early part of that first evening at Sugar Maple Point he couldn't get anyone alone.

  28. If anyone showed nervousness it was the foreman of the jury, a good-natured fish dealer, with a drooping reddish mustache, who had never expected to be in this situation.

  29. Yes; recognition, too--as soon as we've anyone to recognize.

  30. It was not an ideal way of living, or a way that shielded anyone from comment; but it was a way.

  31. I'm not supposed to admit to anyone that I know anything of the whereabouts of Holati Tate or Professor Mantelish.

  32. Rarely have I seen anyone rip into total therapy with the verve displayed by the Ermetyne.

  33. Anyone looking at you gets his vision distorted a little without realizing it.

  34. If anyone wants me in the next three or four hours, I'll be either down in the main library or out at the lake.

  35. You've been scanned about as thoroughly as anyone ever gets to be outside of a total therapy.

  36. Though I might have, if anyone had asked me.

  37. I can't see anyone making me wild for the things, whatever they tried!

  38. Well, everything came out very satisfactorily--much more so than anyone could have dared hope at one time.

  39. None of them was friendly; two were oversized, and the undersized one had a fairly bloodchilling record for anyone on the wrong side of law and order.

  40. Very high locked fence around it to keep little girls and anyone else from getting too close to his useful monster.

  41. And that would give somebody two rather extensive areas to look for her, if and when they started to look--along with the fact that, for all anyone knew, she might be anywhere between those two points.

  42. She was always an individualist and ready to fight for her own rights and anyone else's.

  43. So hours might pass without anyone even suspecting you were gone.

  44. It is a good system to order a fine to be levied by the secretary upon anyone who exceeds a certain limit of grace from the hour fixed for practice.

  45. Anyone may steer; the best waterman, if not too short-sighted, should do so, but stroke should not take the task if anyone else is at all fit for it.

  46. Let anyone construct two models of racing boat hulls; probably he will not succeed in making two of equal speed, but such as they are he can handicap the speedier in his experiment.

  47. The changes effected in 1861 in abolishing Check nights and Oppidan dinner were ordered and carried out by him without the least idea that anyone might have objected.

  48. Hearing that an eight was to go out on a certain day, he threatened to expel anyone who should take part in the expedition, and then went for a walk along the towpath to waylay them.

  49. And yet he will do well not to run to the opposite extreme, nor to decline to listen to anyone who ventures to offer him a suggestion.

  50. From the time when the watermen used to coach and row, no regular coaching had been done by anyone but the captains.

  51. If anyone will watch the bank as a racing eight passes, noting the level of the water at a rathole, he will see the level of the stream first rise as the boat comes nearly abreast of his point of observation.

  52. Anyone would have called her comely, and there were, indeed, no women in Stukely's barn to compare with her in that respect, a fact that she recognized.

  53. This in her case was more than anyone could do, and as she stood listening a tear splashed upon her closed hands.

  54. Oh, do you imagine that an offer of the kind you have made me, made as you have made it, would lead anyone to love you?

  55. Meanwhile Tom had already arranged the baggage in a semicircle about the bridge head, hidden by a jutting rock from anyone who might be at the summit of the bluff.

  56. He crept over the bank, waited an instant, and then ran noiselessly across to the palisade, where a few bushes would afford him some cover if anyone happened to look over.

  57. You have a valid reason--the strongest motive anyone could have.

  58. Don't want to adopt anyone yet, and can't afford a tiger.

  59. Did anyone else follow the example of the surgeon of the 39th?

  60. When anyone in the village or farm fell ill, it was Florence who was looked for to cheer and comfort.

  61. Not so," replied the latter; "we will leave it open: by this means we shall both see and hear anyone who may come near us.

  62. At the same moment, the vaquero bounded into the jacal, knife in hand, and, before anyone could arrest him, plunged it up to the hilt in his throat.

  63. Have you forgotten that your chief has forbidden anyone to enter it and annoy me?

  64. Not for worlds would anyone of them express a desire to be taken out of the game.

  65. Asa liked to see anyone squirm, and often did and said things just for that privilege.

  66. In case anyone tried to cast any doubts upon his story, it might be well to have evidence that he had visited Stagers that night.

  67. Here's Buster, he knows the dog better than anyone else," said Jack Eastwick, pushing the fat boy forward.

  68. From that time on she resolutely set her eyes toward anyone on the field, so long as it was not Frank.

  69. Here the trees grew close to the thoroughfare, and this fact made it a splendid hiding place for anyone so inclined.

  70. I could not talk with anyone except the officer of the guard, and I was not allowed to write.

  71. They had orders to fire on anyone who tried to make signs from the beach.

  72. The "Emperor" wins his place by doing the best work and standing the highest of anyone in his group.

  73. He never really cared for anyone but her.

  74. Then I am plain: I shall never attract anyone by my personal appearance, nor will a man ever be led to do foolish things for my sake.

  75. But though I was weak, and yielded, anyone would have done the same.

  76. Anyone but you, I'm sure, would find more to object to in the way young Guest behaves than Dove.

  77. But Louise had no attention for anyone but her husband.

  78. Had anyone suggested to Frau Furst that her daughter should be a clerk, even a teacher, she would have flung up hands of horror; but music!

  79. Anyone would think you were going to play yourself.

  80. It was Schilsky she was oftenest to be met with; he was her companion at the most unexpected hours; and, with reluctance, Maurice had to admit to himself that she had apparently no thought to spare for anyone else.

  81. He needed her, as he had never felt the need of anyone before; his nature clamoured for her, imperiously, as it clamoured for light and air.

  82. I shall never know what it is to be happy myself, or to make anyone else happy--never!

  83. Oh, I never thought it would be possible to hate anyone as I hate you--you mean-souled, despicable dummy of a man!

  84. Why haven't I as good a right as anyone else?

  85. So just please to consider yourselves my property; and if anyone should try to appropriate you, please to say, 'Hands off; too late for the market.

  86. I suppose the virtue of doing this is that you are unlikely to find anyone in real life with that surname, so confusion with actual people is avoided.

  87. Do you not know it angers the fair--I mean the good folk,--that anyone should wear green on the hill but themselves?

  88. He never did anyone any harm, but he sat and warmed himself at the kitchen fire.

  89. They rode far and rode fast, and at every cottage and every tower they asked "had anyone seen a boy in green?

  90. As to me, I do not know how anyone can suffer so much and live.

  91. Burton, who had long known that the tale was in circulation but had never before heard anyone relate it as fact, here interrupted with, "Excuse me, but what was the name of that traveller?

  92. I don't want," said Burton, "to be mistaken for anyone else.

  93. They were quite sufficient for each other, and the idea of anyone trying to come between them seemed ludicrous.

  94. Indeed, I never knew anyone who more enjoyed my stories.

  95. If anyone treads on my toes or sticks a pin into me, it doesn't matter, for I cant feel it.

  96. Then a head showed itself over the rock and the same voice said, "This hill belongs to us, and we don't allow anyone to cross it.

  97. It has been many years since anyone asked me to see Oz," he said, shaking his head in perplexity.

  98. He says so himself," answered the Scarecrow, "and he would never hurt anyone who is our friend.

  99. All her magic was used to help the people, and she was never known to hurt anyone who was good.

  100. It was God's way of showing His power and his favour, and it was something that could neither be imitated nor produced by anyone else besides Jehovah.

  101. If it is anyone rather than Jehovah, beware!

  102. Anyone could light the fire with them now, he needed them not.

  103. This is not true of thy word, or of anyone else's, but "the word of the Lord abideth for ever!

  104. David would not have allowed anyone to bring that subject home to him without resenting it.

  105. Of Him it is more true than of anyone else, "The path of THE JUST shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

  106. He can bring His people out without anyone knowing, till they tell the tale themselves.

  107. If anyone but the kind-hearted lady who became his second mother had seen him, the story of his life might have been very short.

  108. What would anyone have done, thus treated at start as evil doer, as intruder?

  109. Anyone against whom there is the slightest suspicion, even if he or she be abroad late at night, is to be brought to the jail.

  110. After the suicide of your Colonel did you mention the supposed robbery of the diamond to anyone else?

  111. He was at first a little startled, for it was most unusual to meet anyone in this place, above all at such an hour: it was after midnight.

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