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Example sentences for "anyhow"

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  1. If a fellow dropped out of his machine when he was even fifty feet high, he'd be apt to break his neck, or anyhow a leg, if he struck on the land; but in the water he might have a show.

  2. Anyhow they seem to be laughing, and looking over this way, Frank," Andy remarked.

  3. Anyhow Hals would not be caught napping by an intrusive Spaniard!

  4. Anyhow nine long years steal quietly along, and all the signed and dated work he did was just nine portraits and not one of them of marked excellence.

  5. Anyhow the population, in the summer of 1919, were living on much more amicable terms with one another than for many years.

  6. Anyhow the Yugoslavs were in no carping spirit; about 5000 of them assembled to greet the Italian destroyer; they were, in fact, more numerous than the Italians.

  7. A few minutes later, when he was himself torpedoed, the Italians did not see him; anyhow they made for the shore.

  8. That was the kind of calm, impartial personage to have as Governor of the distracted Free State, where in one point anyhow most of the population think the same, and that is that their union with Italy would be an absolute disaster.

  9. His party had, in years gone by, been small enough in the Landtag; but the fact that his followers then numbered only two is anyhow of no importance, as his very real power was derived from the peasants, who were largely voteless.

  10. That officer who spoke to the Germans declared that one must not abandon hopes of victory, and that anyhow the War would soon be over.

  11. But Tsaribrod, which is dominated by the heights of Dragoman, is anyhow a place of minor importance.

  12. One must anyhow congratulate them in not being taken to Sardinia, as were the vast majority.

  13. But anyhow you ought to know that I mean up to poor Worship Overshute's.

  14. Shields's movement was partly based on a misapprehension, for the Mexicans could retreat from Churubusco via Mexicaltzingo; but anyhow it was wise to aid the frontal attack on the bridge by applying pressure on the flank.

  15. He smiled faintly at that and added, "Anyhow she said she'd be along in a minute or two.

  16. She couldn't keep him anyhow she supposed.

  17. But I'll call anyhow before I go to Ravina this afternoon.

  18. Something always happened anyhow to make a mess of it.

  19. I could cook anyhow and I suppose I could be taught to milk a cow and run a Ford.

  20. Anyhow no white, man would be beast enough to say such a thing.

  21. Anyhow his wife carries the position better than he does," Hilda put in.

  22. Anyhow there was a shake and a roar and a general stramash, and I found myself miles away underground and wedged in as tight as tight.

  23. And anyhow I'm not going to, so that settles it!

  24. Anyhow I mean to go and lead a rough life somewhere, to keep myself from brooding over it.

  25. Anyhow we will wait until the doctor comes and hear what he says.

  26. There is no great hurry, for he cannot come home anyhow till the war is finished, and it may last for months yet.

  27. I dare say that's it," the major agreed; "anyhow I think we have got hold of a good recruit this time.

  28. Anyhow it was, good of you to ask Miss Martha to let Nan spend the day with us.

  29. Anyhow you are a dear, and it must be because I am Irish that I am always in the wrong.

  30. Anyhow I had a glorious time, and got back to camp about dark, enjoying triumphant exhilaration soon followed by dull weariness.

  31. Anyhow not a leaf or petal seems misplaced.

  32. But anyhow God has set a mark upon me which wouldn't look well in a love-making scene.

  33. In short, if it is anyhow possible they must marry now.

  34. You'll anyhow have the same chance as the rest of us," said Sam.

  35. Anyhow it's a little Indian girl, and she's bigger than Russ.

  36. Anyhow I had some other business in New York, so while I was attending to that, and coming on here to get you folks, I thought I'd see the engineers.

  37. Anyhow it's hard to guess the answer, so I'll think up one that's easier.

  38. Before the would-be motorman left the civil service room, the chances are he would be a raving lunatic Anyhow I wouldn't like to ride on his car.

  39. Anyhow I got a little fun out of the business.

  40. Whatever it costs, it is anyhow a clear gain that it is incurred on the score of piety, seeing that we succour the poorest by such entertainments (refrigerio.

  41. Then long I stood and mutely gazed, By reminiscent splendors dazed, And I had bought it right away, Had I the wherewithal to pay.

  42. Anyhow he frightened Cap'n Jack and his gang, for they cried out to their leader to leave Eli and the madman, because they were afraid.

  43. Anyhow I determined to follow the directions given.

  44. Anyhow a good shot is out of the question.

  45. They might perhaps fall in love with him and become slavish to her after the way of their kind, and anyhow they would be provided for, but there were plenty of others of a harder texture whose tests would be more difficult to satisfy.

  46. She knew anyhow that it wasn't so simple and crude as that.

  47. Anyhow she could at least mend his socks as well as possible, so that the threads would not chafe him.

  48. I had thought anyhow of giving up research," he repeated.

  49. I don't think there is much danger of that, anyhow at present.

  50. Anyhow I've a notion for doing Bunny a good turn.

  51. Anyhow these presumptuous and contemptible Yankees were to be cut up, and the booty would include a caravan worth a million.

  52. The Mexicans asserted that the schooner was carrying contraband of war; but if so, the Mexican officer did not know this when he opened fire, and anyhow no penalty except the confiscation of the cargo could rightfully have been exacted.

  53. No doubt some risk was involved, but it was really the nation as a whole that paid the penalties; and anyhow one could be bold for a day far more easily than be courageous, patient, studious, honest and loyal for a lifetime.

  54. Anyhow it would have been more useful with the main army.

  55. But anyhow there need be no obstacle in that quarter.

  56. I suppose I've got as much pluck as most people; anyhow I'm not quite a coward.

  57. Anyhow he had seen War, and, so far, Macteith had not.

  58. Anyhow he’d had a very good morning and felt sure his “good old German God” must be feeling quite pleased about it.

  59. Anyhow I haven't a uniform, and a soldier can't go to war without a uniform or a sword or a gun.

  60. But anyhow we can ride along and maybe well see 'em.

  61. But anyhow you've got to have a saddle to ride a horse, lessen you're a Indian and I'm not.

  62. Anyhow I guess they're not thirsty, or they'd try to find water just as the cowboys said they would," added Teddy.

  63. Anyhow they don't have cake in the army--lessen they capture it from the enemy.

  64. Anyhow we'll have to turn the Redmen back to their reservation where they belong if we get any of them.

  65. Anyhow Teddy talked very loud, and when Janet heard him say he was not afraid she felt better.

  66. Anyhow you don't need a string for an arrow.

  67. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "anyhow" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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