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Example sentences for "carelessly"

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carefulness; careles; carelesly; careless; carelesse; carelessness; carena; carere; cares; caress
  1. He stood erect, his hands carelessly clasped behind him, and seemed to await further questioning.

  2. At the remark about Avice she had looked carelessly in another direction.

  3. The poem reads like a pure fantasy, hurriedly and carelessly written by an inexperienced hand.

  4. People who carelessly think of Mark Twain as a kind of literary swashbuckler can disabuse themselves by an attentive reading of any few pages.

  5. Selma steals lazily round the corner to see if she can catch a bird, but finds it quite too hot for the exertion; and Rollo raises himself now and then carelessly to snap at a fly.

  6. I went through the door, beyond the awning, just when the footman was stalking haughtily and carelessly among the link-boys and saying disdainfully, "Just give old Davy another call.

  7. Heaped up carelessly in the corner was a mass of so many and such queerly assorted articles that it is no wonder the boy and girl were puzzled.

  8. She returned in less than a minute, a hat perched carelessly on her head and a shawl around her shoulders.

  9. When I recovered consciousness, and saw him attending on me, much worse and more carelessly dressed than he is to-day.

  10. On the morrow of the Feast of the Assumption, Solomon was sitting, as his habit was, on a stone bench in front of his house, his legs crossed and his arms carelessly stretched out.

  11. The next day the young Queen of Naples, lovelier, more smiling than ever, sitting carelessly in a graceful attitude beside a window which looked out on the magnificent view of the bay, was busy weaving a cord of silk and gold.

  12. The water that put out her lamp would as carelessly put out the flame of her life--in a little moment--without pain.

  13. He was carelessly strolling over to the enemy's camp, carelessly walking into his Uncle's tent to ask if he is well, in spite of many wounds.

  14. A man of money drowns his wasp in the jar with his spoon, and carelessly calls for another pot to be opened.

  15. He looks up for a moment at my face, and then carelessly at my wonderful new world.

  16. The face of a girl who is passing westward, a student girl, rather carelessly dressed, her books in a carrying-strap, comes across my field of vision.

  17. He bent carelessly over the parchment, and then sprang back with face as pale and eyes as wild and lips as trembling as if on the pitiful piece of sheepskin he had seen some terror as dread as the face of Medusa.

  18. Well, going into the drug store I carelessly left the package of money lying on the seat of my carriage, and when I came out again it was gone.

  19. Popopo after this found much enjoyment in visiting every millinery shop he could find and giving new life to the stuffed birds which were carelessly tossed aside as useless.

  20. As he took these down, he carelessly observed, "I have delivered but seven copies of the instructions to-day as yet.

  21. The studied disorder of objects thrown carelessly on the table was the result of long thought.

  22. The young man carelessly turned the leaves of an album; his conduct during the evening had strictly conformed to the rules of politeness.

  23. The main point in the cultivation is to obtain large clean roots, for carelessly grown samples will be small, forked, and fibrous.

  24. If carelessly grown, they become forked and fibrous, and are much wasted in the cooking, besides being of inferior flavour.

  25. The gathering of the crop is often so carelessly performed that the supply is suddenly arrested.

  26. Many things will require watering now, but water must not be carelessly given, because damp is hurtful during frosty weather.

  27. If the soot is put on carelessly it will do more harm than good; a very fine dusting will suffice to render the plant distasteful to the fly.

  28. Do not carelessly misuse for when: "I had scarcely strapped on my skates when (not till) Henry fell through an air hole.

  29. That, which, and who are often used carelessly to form a chain of subordinate clauses.

  30. Do not carelessly omit a relative clause after those.

  31. Do not carelessly compare a thing with a part or quality of another thing.

  32. She takes off her hat and flings it carelessly on a chair.

  33. He is carelessly dressed and sleepy-looking as if just out of bed, wears a muffler and glasses, and appears to be some fifty years of age.

  34. She was on the verge of a novel and important experience; but, of this unborn fact her longing for better companionship alone gave monition, and addressed her by the imaginative stimulus which we sometimes carelessly term presentiment.

  35. The only other occupant of the room was a small, rather insignificant looking old gentleman, who was carelessly glancing over some papers at a table near them.

  36. The gentleman thanked him politely, took the paper, glanced carelessly through it, and returned it without comment.

  37. He was about to throw it carelessly aside, and to proceed on his search, when he happened to turn it over.

  38. The Creole extended the purse carelessly to the apothecary.

  39. Three or four persons lingered carelessly near by with ears wide open.

  40. Father, it is the vein which they have already opened, and the bandage, no doubt, was carelessly put on.

  41. She was very quiet, and she was naturally so dark that, in the shadow of the fan she held carelessly against the light, he could not see how pale she turned.

  42. I think," said Claudius, "that proverbs are only fallacious when they are carelessly applied.

  43. Then they drew together, consulting in whispers, then Miss Challis came with a stethoscope and listened to his pneumatic machinery, while Miss Vining carelessly pinched his biceps and tried his reflexes.

  44. Mauleverer carelessly approached, and threw himself into an opposite chair.

  45. I looked carelessly around for some wealthier convenience than the paternal board; I found it in a Lord Mauleverer.

  46. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "carelessly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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