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chagrined; chagrins; chah; chai; chaidh; chaine; chained; chaines; chaining; chainless
  1. That small Chain whereat hung the lesser George transmitted to Emanuel of Savoy, Ann.

  2. Queen Elizabeth her self buckled the Garter about the Leg of John Casimier, Count Palatine of the Rhine, and hung about his Neck a Gold Chain with the George at it.

  3. The Ensign is a plain Cross Gules, and worn by the Knights at a Chain of Gold about their Neck.

  4. His wolfship, sure enough, had been caught by one of his hind legs, and was found to be furiously gnawing at the trap and the chain which held him.

  5. Its banks were muffled in a feather boa of trees, bedizened by a chain of many lights; the lights of a real bridge made a diadem in the distance; and between these sped the lamps of invisible vehicles, like fretful fireflies.

  6. Pocket was left in such a state that he would not have backed himself to hit the door from the stairs; and he put the chain on it, thinking to interview the doctor over that, in the manner of old Miss Harbottle.

  7. She opened it on the chain as he had left it.

  8. All had a chain of small bells round their necks, most of them were adorned with red and blue ribands, and some had large red tassels hanging at their chests, which almost touched the ground and swung about at every step.

  9. But between us and the Governor's residence rose a ridge which is a link in the chain of Lunpo-gangri.

  10. From its height we again saw the great chain of Sur-la, and to the south the Trans-Himalaya with sixty-three snowy peaks, regular as the teeth of a saw.

  11. The chain is bluish black below the snowy points; at its foot lies a lake unknown to us, the Shuru-tso.

  12. From our Shamsang the Pundit crossed the Marium-la, and said in his report that the sources of the river were certainly in the huge chain seen in the south, and were fed by its glaciers.

  13. On the piers between which chain bridges are stretched over the Tsangpo or other rivers, heaps of stones are piled up, and on all these innumerable votive cairns lie yak skulls and crania of wild sheep and antelopes.

  14. To the west rises a chain of mighty snowy peaks.

  15. To the right is the water-parting chain of the Himalayas which we had seen from Tradum.

  16. To the west the most northerly chain of the Himalayas made a magnificent display, and to the north-west lay the broad open valley of the Brahmaputra, the river winding along the middle like a blue riband.

  17. That afternoon three cheerful-looking Italians strolled about Black Hawk, looking at everything, and with them was a dark, stout woman who wore a long gold watch-chain about her neck and carried a black lace parasol.

  18. Mrs. Vanni received them at the entrance, always dressed in lavender with a great deal of black lace, her important watch-chain lying on her bosom.

  19. The smith laid hold of this chain with his pincers, and so kept the padlock against the post, where a few swinging blows from the foreman shattered it, like an egg-shell.

  20. Something with a spiteful tang to it was rankling in her mind, as I perceived; but having no right to ask, I just lifted my hat and gazed at her gold chain and broach.

  21. At any rate he allowed himself to be secured by a chain and a fold-pitcher, and even licked my hand instead of snarling and showing his teeth.

  22. Some one within seemed inclined to help them, for they heard a heavy bolt shot back; but the door was fastened on the outside also with a heavy chain and padlock.

  23. The jewelry worn should be bracelets, cuff-buttons, plain gold ear-rings, a watch chain and brooch.

  24. He was a tall, athletic young man, dressed in festal robes with a heavy gold chain about his neck, and I wondered vaguely what such a person should be doing here in this time of national commotion.

  25. At the mouth of the pass we found Joshua himself waiting for us, clad in all his finery and chain armour, and looking more like a porpoise on horseback than he had ever done.

  26. Only, taking from his neck a gold chain which he wore, he proffered it to Quick, who, as he said, had induced the prince Joshua to show his horsemanship if not his courage.

  27. There were the generals and captains with Prince Joshua at the head of them in their Norman-like chain armour.

  28. I wish you could have seen him lying in perverse dignity in the arm-chair, with the sofa attached to the end of his chain like a locket!

  29. I shall know by the gleam and glitter Of the golden chain you wear, By your heart's calm strength in loving, Of the fire they have had to bear.

  30. It appeared to him that the chain of authority which united him to his men had been broken.

  31. And the chain of agents, from the lowest to the highest, were lost in mysterious heights that made Freya turn pale, imposing on her eyes and voice an expression of superstitious respect.

  32. I remembered the time when the dog slipped his chain and came and saved me; I thought God sent him; and God could in some way cure me now.

  33. I hope it will be "independence day" to you; that you will each prove yourselves free from every chain which Satan can think of to try to throw around you on that day.

  34. A chain of pearls was arranged above the curls of her dark and glossy hair, crossing at the back of her head, and meeting in front, where it terminated in a splendid amethyst aigrette.

  35. The well that had supplied the family with cold water for drinking, had lost its cover--the sweep had fallen down, and the bucket and chain were gone.

  36. And there at the end of the chain is this female harpy, Edith Jones, otherwise d'Aubigne, alias the Tiger, gnawing at my vitals and holding my fortunes in her hand.

  37. For as has been said elsewhere the old Squire would undoubtedly have looked better in a chain shirt and bearing a battle axe than ever he did in a frock coat, especially with his retainer George armed to the teeth behind him.

  38. Permit me, dear Count, to offer you a trifling souvenir," said the lord of the castle, drawing a heavy gold chain from a casket.

  39. Oh, strange chain of sacrifice, That binds an innocent life, and from its blood And sorrow works out joy!

  40. Not the chain of love Bound them, but such calm kinship as is bred Of long and difficult pilgrimages borne Through common perils by two souls which share A common weary exile.

  41. And the other: "Nay, Nor me, O father; but I bless the chain Which binds our souls in union.

  42. I think that that was the chain of events, Mr. Windibank!

  43. The bride gave me a sovereign, and I mean to wear it on my watch chain in memory of the occasion.

  44. Thus Mrs. Beekman forged the second link in the chain leading to the André capture.

  45. Eivé had turned to leave the room; but before she had reached the threshold Eveena had sprung up, placed her foot upon the spring that closed the door, and snatching the test-stone from my watch chain dipped it into the cup.

  46. A little chain hung down from each wrist, and to these was suspended a tray, upon which were arranged a variety of fruits and what seemed to be small loaves of various materials.

  47. A chain formed by interlaced golden circles was upheld by four great emerald wings.

  48. Penny groped for the knob and instead, her hand encountered a chain and padlock.

  49. The rattle of the chain had disturbed a hound penned inside the shed.

  50. The chain on the door was securely fastened, otherwise Garrison would have pushed his way inside without further ado.

  51. The chain fell away, and Dorothy ran forward, with a sob upon her lips.

  52. White with fear, her eyes ablaze with indignation at the Robinsons, her beauty heightened by the look of intensity in her eyes, she stood by the door, her ankles bound together by a chain which was secured to the heavy brass bed.

  53. The chain into which it introduces each particular phenomenon as a new link is indefinitely lengthened by scientific progress, in time and space, but without the power to hang on anywhere.

  54. Remounting thus the living chain of Christian experiences, I reach a first experience, a creative and inaugural experience, which has made possible and engendered all the rest.

  55. There is never a complete break in the chain of history.

  56. It can only seek to complete, or rather to lengthen, the chain of phenomena.

  57. But he said: The chain of their existence cannot yet be broken, for they have not yet earned emancipation by penance and austerities.

  58. What an incalculable saving of labor and time, this endless chain affair with its continually moving boxes, over the old manner of hoisting painfully, in few-pound lots, by hand!

  59. As the chain lifted, the ladle tipped, and poured the ten thousand pounds with a hiss.

  60. With the chain released, the bucket righted itself with a shuddering clank, and swayed in the air scattering bits of slag and burnt fire clay.

  61. The second-helper grabbed the big hook which came down slowly on a chain from the crane, and stuck it into the bottom of the ladle.

  62. Pieces weigh twenty, forty, one hundred pounds; anything over, you hook up with a chain and let the overhead crane move it.

  63. Ah, the chain can not fret when it hangs so lightly!

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