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  1. There was a bracket above it where he could place a candle, by the light of which he would be able to learn his rep.

  2. The first Bracket includes the period when Inoculation for Small Pox was in most general use.

  3. The second Bracket the period of Vaccination.

  4. On the east wall of the south aisle there is a bracket with a grotesque head, which was probably intended to support a figure.

  5. On a bracket on the wall is a splendid piece of sculpture, representing Mary Magdalene supporting the dead Christ.

  6. Entering by the first of these openings in the screen, the visitor will not fail to notice a suspicious-looking little iron bracket with ring attached, high above his head.

  7. There are signs of a large bracket having existed on the north side of the altar; and the base-mould of a small column, which possibly supported its front edge, may be seen on a block of stone rising above the pavement.

  8. Close to the Seabroke Chapel, on one of the piers supporting the tower, is a bracket with traces of very beautiful blue colour.

  9. On the south side of the choir the bracket tomb or monument, so called from the effigy being placed on a corbel or projecting bracket, should be noted.

  10. Here an oil lamp fixed into a wall by an iron bracket threw a dim circle of light, beyond which the shadows appeared almost impenetrable.

  11. The whole room was only dimly lighted by one thick wax candle which burned in a tall sconce that stood on a bracket in an angle of the room, and threw a fitful light on the grave faces of the men sitting around the table.

  12. There was a dim light and a foul smell in the upper hall, both of which came from a lamp that burned with a low flame on a bracket by the forward stair.

  13. I shuddered as I stood beside him, and brought the lamp from the bracket in the hall.

  14. The other stretched fifty or seventy-five feet before us, and an oil lamp on a bracket at the farther end gave a smoky light to the passage and to a mean little court on which it appeared to open.

  15. I think you will remember that I asked you for some screws for a corner bracket this morning.

  16. A razor lay upon the dressing-table, a shaving brush stood on a tiny bracket above the tin wash-hand basin.

  17. On the south side the last arch of the main arcade is supported by a bracket representing a human figure sustaining mouldings, resembling the one at the end of the north aisle.

  18. A fragment of rib still remaining was for the cross-groining of the aisle; but as this would have interfered with the arch mouldings, the rib was terminated higher up the wall upon a bracket in the form of a crouching figure.

  19. The last arch of the main arcade is supported by a bracket of foliage.

  20. Clustered columns uphold the transept arches, but the western and eastern arches are supported on each side by a single column terminating in a bracket at about the level of the base of the triforium.

  21. This consists of a floating bracket which accurately guides the tap into the existing thread, at the end of the tap being fixed a hand-operated capstan wheel, and on the tap a stop to regulate the depth of the screw.

  22. In 1770 Thomas Bracket was approved as a taverner in the house on the Neck called the King's Arms, formerly the George Tavern, lately kept by Mrs. Bowdine.

  23. He lighted the bracket lamp quietly and looked about to satisfy himself that his mate was asleep.

  24. Englishman, sitting up, his face flushing darkly under the bracket lamp.

  25. The Englishman's smile recalled the look Leonard had seen under the bracket lamp.

  26. I double-bracket the additions (theological glosses) of the Printed text, and I single-bracket two MS.

  27. The bracket is Perpendicular, the effigy Early English, both much mutilated.

  28. A projecting bracket on the under side of the seats of stalls, which were made to turn up; the monks were allowed to lean on these brackets during the long services, which were performed standing.

  29. The curious Prentice's Bracket, said to be the memorial of a master-builder and his 'prentice, was probably intended as bracket for a lamp.

  30. On north side of entrance to transept we see a canopied bracket with remains of blue colouring.

  31. On the south side is a projecting bracket which Leland tells us marks the grave of Abbot Serlo, the founder of the Norman Church.

  32. We notice the small figure of St. Ethelbert on a bracket on east pier on south side, of fourteenth century.

  33. Each gas bracket is provided with a pipe placed above it, which pierces the wall and through which the product of combustion is carried out of the house.

  34. A little table for afternoon tea should stand ready, with a tray of Satsuma or old Worcester, with cups and tea equipage, and a copper kettle with alcohol lamp should stand on a bracket on the wall.

  35. One must likewise get the feeling that the curve of the bracket is designed to support the shelf.

  36. This bracket acts as a link, connecting a vertical wall or leg with a horizontal member or shelf.

  37. Sidenote: Mouldings] We have classed the bracket as a link connecting a vertical and horizontal structure.

  38. The band and bracket saws are required in many instances to construct the connecting link between opposing masses of wood.

  39. As tangential junctions are difficult to arrange in wood construction and particularly in furniture, the break between the table top and the mirror has been softened by the introduction of a bracket or connecting link.

  40. To understand the character of this departure let us consider a simple bracket as a support for a shelf.

  41. There is a good specimen of such a bracket at Pilton Church, in North Devon (Fig.

  42. Font-covers of the seventeenth century are also fairly numerous, and a few of them still retain the elaborate bracket from which they were suspended in order to be raised or lowered with little trouble.

  43. On a bracket within reach of his right hand was the box containing the flashlight, of which he had spoken in his evidence at the Coroner's Court, and within reach of his left was a tap which controlled the gas.

  44. Lifting the box from the bracket he opened it, and, pressing a spring which ignited the magnesium wire, threw a flashlight on the house of Samuel Boyd.

  45. An old gas bracket over the door helped the operation.

  46. If you bracket yourself with him, I am more than willing.

  47. In other words, we must 'design' a bracket constructed of three pieces of wood put together at right angles.

  48. That's the back piece that goes against the wall; the bracket piece supports the shelf, and remember when you make it in wood, the grain must always run the long way of each piece.

  49. Work it up more carefully, design the shelf and bracket and put on all the dimensions.

  50. A bracket supporting a superincumbent object, or receiving the spring of an arch.

  51. A forked post or projecting bracket to support spars, etc.

  52. A bracket to support a balcony, a cornice, or the like.

  53. A bracket whose projection is not more than half its height.

  54. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bracket" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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