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  1. The cervix uteri was swollen and soft, but not ulcerated.

  2. Efforts should therefore be directed, when possible, to ensure a soft state of the cervix before performing rapid dilatation.

  3. Péan’s retractor is passed into the vagina, and the cervix is seized with a volsella and drawn downwards and backwards.

  4. Immediately after the cessation of a period, the cervix is soft and somewhat patent, and advantage may be taken of this fact.

  5. A speculum is passed and the cervix is steadied by a volsella applied to the anterior lip.

  6. The cervix is then completely closed by the application of a volsella or three or four stout silk sutures, passing through both anterior and posterior lips.

  7. Many times patients cannot understand why it is that the operation of cutting the constricted cervix causes no pain; they often being entirely unconscious of the making of the incision.

  8. If there seems to be a persistent disposition of the circular fibers of the cervix to contract, and thus close the canal, a surgical operation will be necessary to insure permanent relief.

  9. The cervix uteri, or neck of the womb, is supplied with but few nerves of sensation, and is almost as destitute of sensation as the finger or toe nails, the paring of which causes not the slightest pain.

  10. In many cases, the contracted and narrowed condition of the canal of the cervix seems to be a congenital deformity, for we can trace it to no perceptible cause.

  11. If the patient be extremely sensitive the application to the cervix of a weak solution of cocaine is quite sufficient to completely benumb or anesthetize the parts so as to entirely avoid all pain from the operation.

  12. The tube to be passed through the cervix should be of glass, of the size of the little finger, and bent somewhat to conform to the pelvic curve.

  13. In the uterus and about the cervix they vary as regards size, and are either of a rounded shape or form narrow bands.

  14. It should be introduced very slowly, and pains should be taken to ensure its unimpeded escape, which can usually be accomplished by pressing the anterior wall of the cervix forward by means of the glass tube.

  15. It is by no means easy to decide as to the precise nature of local inflammations following lacerations of the cervix and the bruising or crushing of the soft parts in long or instrumental labors.

  16. A discharge from the vagina is almost always present, due to the increased circulation in the cervix and vagina.

  17. Tampons of ichthyol (ten per cent), mixed with glycerin, introduced twice a week against the cervix and permitted to remain forty-eight hours will often afford relief.

  18. Child advises that the cervix be dilated, and the interior of the womb, cervical canal and vagina swabbed out with a ten per cent silver nitrate solution.

  19. He must determine whether the child is alive, its position, the condition of the cervix and mouth of the womb.

  20. If the cervix is hard and the canal is not dilated, especially if the bleeding is free, the vagina should be packed full at once, if possible, with iodoform gauze.

  21. The majority of cases are caused by labor, and is due to a cervix that is not perfectly dilated.

  22. If an examination is now made, it will be found that the cervix (neck of the womb) is shortened, and that the mouth of the womb is beginning to dilate.

  23. This is an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the canal of the cervix (cervical canal), known as Endocervicitis; it may be acute or chronic.

  24. There is also a more or less marked lividity of the vaginal portion of the cervix from the first month of pregnancy.

  25. Also there is softening of the cervix as early as the sixth week, and as pregnancy advances the whole of the cervix is softened.

  26. If the gonorrheal poison is present in the pus, the walls of the vagina, cervix and cervical canal should be dried and thoroughly painted with a twenty per cent solution of nitrate of silver.

  27. They often deceive the woman and lead her to the belief that the labor has already begun; but examination of the cervix will reveal that this is not so.

  28. Very hurried, quick labors cause it sometimes, but the greatest injuries are due to the various operations for delivering the child through a cervix that is not fully dilated.

  29. The body is short in all domestic animals and connects the horns with the cervix or neck.

  30. In the cow the cervix is less prominent than in the mare and the tissue that forms it, quite firm.

  31. In the child, the uterus is longer in proportion to its thickness; in childhood, too, the comparative length of the cervix in relation to that of the body of the organ is much greater than in the adult woman.

  32. The cervix was only slightly dilated, and, as no pains were felt, it was agreed to wait.

  33. Carcinoma of the cervix should be removed at once.

  34. Stute reports an observation of total absence of the umbilical cord, with placental insertion near the cervix of the uterus.

  35. The body was exhumed, and a transverse rupture of the womb six inches long above the cervix was found, and the body of a dead male child lay between the thighs.

  36. Examination showed the cervix low down, the os small and circular, and no signs of pregnancy in the uterus.

  37. In seven months the abdomen presented the signs of pregnancy, but the cervix was soft and patulous; the sound entered three inches and was followed by some hemorrhage.

  38. A membrane divided the vagina into two canals, the cervix lying in the right half; the septum was also divided.

  39. The second was a duplicate of the first, excepting that a few bands extended from the cervix to the membranous septum.

  40. In the delivery there was extensive laceration of the anterior wall of the vagina; the cervix and perineum, together with an inch of the rectum, were completely destroyed.

  41. The matrix had augmented in volume, and the orifice of the uterine cervix was closed, but there was hypertrophy as if in the second or third month of pregnancy.

  42. By vaginal examination the cervix was found to be pulled up and obliterated; the anterior vaginal wall was bulged downward by the tumor.

  43. On examination, instead of the os tincae and cervix uteri, a large irregular ulcerated excavation was found at the posterior end of the vagina.

  44. Its edges are thick, soft, and closed; the cervix is short, and seems less than half an inch.

  45. Illustration: Cervix uteri about the sixth or seventh month.

  46. We now for the first time see the divisions of the uterus into body and cervix distinctly marked.

  47. The patient had been under our care for inflammation of the cervix uteri.

  48. Thus, then, it would appear that the upper chamber comprises in its formation the entire of the body of the fundus; whilst the lower chamber engages only the cervix uteri and the vagina.

  49. Local measures consist of painting or swabbing the vagina and cervix with various solutions, of tampons, suppositories and douches.

  50. Another seat of voluptuousness in the woman is located in the cervix of the uterus.

  51. In acute inflammation of the prostate gland and cervix vesicæ, the other parts around swell, the mucous membrane becomes turgid, and the mucous secretion is increased.

  52. Numerous females, at a period of life when malignant diseases rarely show themselves, have been subjected to excision of the os and cervix uteri.

  53. Electrode of Oscilloclast to cervix and hemorrhage ceased after second treatment.

  54. For if the attempt is made with an undilated cervix, not getting exit the foetus is broken up, and the point of the hook catches on the cervix and inflammation follows and much danger of death.

  55. In the cervix uteri is the foramen by which the woman both passes the monthly flux and receives the semen of the husband.

  56. The patient is to have fumigations for five or six days till the cervix is softened.

  57. Therefore, it is necessary with a contracted cervix to wait quietly, with a dilated one to make gentle traction, and during these times to extract it gradually.

  58. After dilation of the cervix uteri a hollow tube was put in to keep it open.

  59. In local conditions of imperforate hymen, imperforate cervix or ovarian disease, surgical interference is necessary.

  60. It cannot be too widely understood that cancer of the cervix is in its early stages a purely local disease, and if removed in this stage usually results in cure.

  61. Once the cervix is torn the raw surfaces become covered by granulations and later by cicatricial tissue, but as a rule they do not unite.

  62. A lacerated cervix does not usually give rise to symptoms; these depend on the accompanying endometritis, and include leucorrhoea, aching and a feeling of weight.

  63. The most frequent of these injuries is laceration of the cervix uteri, which is frequent in precipitate labour.

  64. The treatment of cancer of the cervix is free removal at the earliest possible moment.

  65. On examination the cervix presents certain characteristic signs, though these may be modified according to the variety of cancer present.

  66. As lacerations predispose to abortion the operation of trachelorraphy or repair of the cervix is indicated.

  67. Epithelial cancer of the cervix may assume a proliferating ulcerative type, forming the well-known "cauliflower" excrescence.

  68. The symptoms are those of retroflexion with feeling of pain and weight in the pelvis and desire to micturate followed by retention of urine due to the pressure of the cervix against the base of the bladder.

  69. At the end of the first stage of labor the cervix is completely open and the baby's head is beginning to come down through the vagina.

  70. The cervix through which baby must leave the uterus is shown clearly here, still closed.

  71. Cancer of the cervix also seldom appears--once in about 2000 cases.

  72. The cervix is then more or less dilated and the ovum is palpable.

  73. If the cervix is eroded, applications of a 10 per cent.

  74. Forcible dilatation of the cervix is always a dangerous operation, and should never be employed when avoidable.

  75. If she is evidently in articulo mortis and the fetal heart can be heard, her cervix should be forcibly dilated, the child turned, and delivered for baptism.

  76. Obstruction may bring about rupture of the uterus, septicemia, exhaustion and shock, pressure narcosis, or tears of the cervix or vagina.

  77. In the first stage weak pains may prolong the dilatation of the cervix for days and expose the mother to sepsis or exhaustion, and the child to consequent danger.

  78. When the placenta praevia is marginal to the cervix or lateral in the uterus the child has a better chance when a colpeurynter, or inflatable rubber bag, is inserted in the cervix as a plug.

  79. Chancres on the cervix may cause obstruction, and there may be indurations so dense as to necessitate cesarean delivery.

  80. The appearance of the pylorus in some instances of hypertrophic stenosis has been not inappropriately compared to that of the cervix uteri.

  81. At the autopsy it was found that the disease had almost separated the cervix from the body of the uterus, had involved the cul-de-sac of Douglas, and had eroded a large opening into the rectum.

  82. A middle-aged woman who was admitted to the Pennsylvania Hospital in a very advanced stage of epithelioma of the cervix uteri died from hemorrhage from the rectum and uterus in eight minutes.

  83. The wall becomes thinner; the cervix becomes shorter and thinner, sometimes hard, sometimes flabby as a membrane.

  84. Upon the cessation of the action, as related, the os suddenly closed, the cervix again hardened itself, and the intense congestion was dissipated.

  85. In fundo pelvis femineae septum est a latere in latus, rectum inter et vesicam urinariam, et in medio hujus partitionis uterus, qui piroformis est, quasi ad perpendiculum jacet et cervix sua in vaginam intrat.

  86. The cervix uteri was covered with a layer of pus.

  87. While the cervix is recovering from the operation, there is also a diminution in the size of the body of the organ, and the chronic inflammation subsides with it.

  88. Dilation of the cervix with sponge tents or with instruments or probes that were not perfectly cleansed, causes infection and a decomposition of the retained secretions, which, becoming absorbed, leads to pelvic cellulitis.

  89. This consists in a posterior inclination of the uterus, so that the body of the womb approaches the posterior walls of the pelvis, while the cervix of the womb is raised against the base of the bladder.

  90. Elongation or hypertrophy of the cervix of the uterus is the third variety of prolapses that Professor Schroeder includes in the group.

  91. The cervix is sometimes the seat of a special feature of uterine catarrh, that is due to the chronic inflammation of the cervical mucous membrane, stimulating a growth or proliferation of its own tissue or structure.

  92. This is due to the fact that in married women and those who have born children the cervix of the womb is exposed to mechanical injury from coition, friction against the vaginal walls in walking and from lacerations during delivery.

  93. The womb itself, however, will be enlarged and sensitive, while the cervix is gaping or open.

  94. Scarifications or puncturing the cervix with a sharp lance or pointed knife, will not sufficiently impress the morbid process, so as to stimulate it into a healthy action.

  95. I have notes of cases of this kind in which the pain was so severe that, after several years of medication and external applications, it was decided to dilate the cervix uteri in the hope of affording relief.

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