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Example sentences for "conform"

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conflicts; confluence; confluent; confluents; conflux; conformability; conformable; conformably; conformance; conformation
  1. Those who do not conform to the rules are not allowed to sit in the game to the end.

  2. Rome listened and was excited or amused according to its mood, but nothing was done either to conform that rule to his demands or to stop the bold reformer.

  3. He added the two concluding paragraphs to conform to the statement he had made.

  4. The First Lord of the Admiralty had not, he thought, sent communications in his own name to an inordinate extent, but he was anxious to conform to the best practice on the subject.

  5. To make to conform to something else in character, motive, aim, or the like.

  6. To cause to conform to Socinianism; to regulate by, or imbue with, the principles of Socinianism.

  7. An informal, unconventional, or unofficial act or proceeding; something which is not in proper or prescribed form or does not conform to the established rule.

  8. To make conventional; to bring under the influence of, or cause to conform to, conventional rules; to establish by usage.

  9. To speak Hebrew, or to conform to the Hebrew idiom, or to Hebrew customs.

  10. To render modern; to adapt to modern person or things; to cause to conform to recent or present usage or taste.

  11. To reduce toa feudal tenure; to conform to feudalism.

  12. Many were not easy to be governed, nor like to conform themselves to strict rules.

  13. To place or set so as to be parallel; to place so as to be parallel to, or to conform in direction with, something else.

  14. The act of rendering modern in style; the act or process of causing to conform to modern of thinking or acting.

  15. One who does not conform to an established church; especially, one who does not conform to the established church of England; a dissenter.

  16. Near the entrance to the stadium there was an image of the god of Oaths holding a thunderbolt in each hand, before which competitors had to swear that they would conform to the rules laid down for them.

  17. In that portion of the ruin which lies on top of the knoll, the walls so far as traced conform to the shape of the site.

  18. The line of outer wall being once fixed as a defensive bulwark, there seems to have been but little restriction in the adjustment of the inner buildings to conform to the irregularities of the site.

  19. In order to conform to the fixed requirement of placing such means of access at the corners of the upper rooms, the builders constructed a clumsy platform to afford passage around the previously built chimney.

  20. Several much smaller inclosures made in the same way occur in the village, but they apparently do not conform to the original courts.

  21. In such of the ancient pueblo ruins as afford evidence of having passed through a similar experience, the crowding of additional cells seems to have been made to conform to some extent to a predetermined plan.

  22. Of course where a projecting cornice is built, it can be made, to some extent, to conform to the width of available coping stones.

  23. After which a plot and model shall be framed of the whole building, which no doubt may so well please all persons, as to induce them willingly to conform to such rules and orders as shall be agreed to.

  24. There is no real contradiction between the facts, that in relation to the lord every free shareholder was, as it were, bound by a separate and private agreement, while in relation to the village he had to conform to communal rule.

  25. Still it may be taken for granted that the distinctions and rules followed by the courts had to conform in a general way with matter-of-fact conditions.

  26. If the ground cannot be made to fit the system of allotment, the system must conform itself to the ground.

  27. The formation of the holding had to conform also to the quality of the soil, the density of the population, etc.

  28. And for this reason the laxer right had to conform to the stricter one, and came to be considered as appendant to it.

  29. But if so, then the legal admeasurement had to conform to the customary admeasurement defined by the community[565].

  30. My investigation will necessarily conform to this typical arrangement.

  31. All plans for betterment must conform to the assimilating power of the men and must not cut off their food in time of change.

  32. The importance of considering our own minds will be seen when we realize that every new fact taken in must in a measure conform to the previous ideas.

  33. For all such machinery the design must more or less conform to the thought and habits of work of all concerned.

  34. But it must be appreciated, and all work must conform to this principle, if it is to be pushed forward along the lines of easiest progress.

  35. And in the same way the whole scheme must be made to conform to the economic conditions.

  36. The management must conform to the best world practice in engineering, industrial life, individual welfare and economics.

  37. On our return, in order to conform as much as was in our power to the custom of our country, we were desirous of having a better supper than usual.

  38. But to employ scientific methods for the first time at such a moment involved difficulties, and the most painful episode of the winter came for me from an attempt on my part to conform to carefully received instructions.

  39. Book of The Acts tells us about Paul's willingness, when no principle was involved, to conform to Jewish custom.

  40. However, the engraver will see how nearly he can conform to your wishes, and perhaps we may be able to please you yet.

  41. To conform to Roman Catholic opinions, customs, or modes of speech.

  42. But He is as confident that He can conform us to His likeness, as that He Himself is at one with His Father.

  43. They all learn some trade, and acquire the habits and the skill requisite to constitute them producers, and thus practically conform to this fundamental law, "that if any man would not work, neither should he eat.

  44. To conform to the Ground-work of his Plot, Shakespeare makes the young Prince feign himself mad.

  45. Unlike the Chinese, they manifested a readiness to conform to American customs and an eagerness to learn the language and to adopt American dress.

  46. They proved much more clannish than the Bohemians and more reluctant to conform to American customs.

  47. Here all that Pinckney had to do to make his draught conform was to run his pen through the supplementary clause vesting the succession in the Speaker.

  48. The retention of these is sufficient to refute the idea that Pinckney changed his draught to make it conform to the work of the Convention.

  49. The struggling communities that had planted themselves along the shores of the Massachusetts Bay largely had refused to conform to the rules and ordinances of the English Church.

  50. The founders of the colony in the Massachusetts Bay, and most of those who immediately followed them, were men who did not conform to the ritual and government of the Established Church in England.

  51. If the change over has been accomplished before the phase relations of the two circuits differed, the converter will at once conform itself to the supply circuit and run thereon as a synchronous motor without further trouble.

  52. Nor can you obey such a law, although you may conform to it; nor can you be loyal to it, for you cannot be loyal to an abstraction.

  53. The reason is not a good one, and the result of the attempt to conform to it is not very happy.

  54. Putting aside for a while the continuation of this subject, what political form should the great State take to conform to its destiny?

  55. To conform to order is highly rational but without merit (e.

  56. Having orders to conform to its movements, we halted too; but that did not suit; we received an intimation to proceed.

  57. The iron bars supporting the sheet of glass do not conform to the outline of the medallions, hence it is somewhat more difficult to decipher the scenes than in XIII-century work.

  58. Others say that the builder thought thus to conform the wide choir to the ancient nave of lesser breadth.

  59. No uniform Cluniac building lore was followed; it was the usual custom for the monks to conform to the local traditions in each different country.

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