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  1. They may be entirely free, or cohere in aggregations, or be attached to a supporting surface by a slender stalk, which may ramify and bear a little siliceous case or "frustule" at the end of each branch.

  2. Both diatoms and desmids may cohere together, forming more complex masses; but another creature allied to Protococcus is noted for its mode of cohesion.

  3. Some even live on land, and draw their moisture from the atmosphere.

  4. Alexander, too, himself is fully aware of this tragic concatenation of events.

  5. But a simple conclusion is reprehended if that which follows does not appear of necessity to cohere with that which has gone before.

  6. And the same rule holds as to antecedents and inconsistencies; for whatever precedes each thing, that of necessity coheres with that theme; and whatever is inconsistent with it is of such a nature that it can never cohere with it.

  7. Accordingly, when the incident electric wave strikes the receiving aerial and creates in it an oscillatory electromotive force, this last will, if of sufficient amplitude, cause the particles of the coherer to cohere and become conductive.

  8. A good metallic filings tube for use as a receiver in Hertzian wave telegraphy should exhibit a constancy of action and should cohere and decohere, to use the common terms, sharply, at the smallest possible tap.

  9. But even when little or no lime is present, there is a great tendency in the materials of ordinary tuffs to cohere together.

  10. Sandstone is an aggregate of such grains, which often cohere together without any visible cement, but more commonly are bound together by a slight quantity of siliceous or calcareous matter, or by oxide of iron or clay.

  11. By such downward pressure particles of clay, sand, and marl may become packed into a smaller space, and be made to cohere together permanently.

  12. O let the pilgrims, let the pilgrims, then, Be vigilant, and quit themselves like men.

  13. Then did Christian again a little revive, and stood up trembling, as at first, before Evangelist.

  14. Petals 3, with claws, which cohere more or less.

  15. Some of them cohere by imperfect division in the second grade of structural complication just described; they may form longitudinal series of cells, or they may be arranged round a common centre.

  16. Other instances of the coherence of the cells of unicellular organisms into indefinite and inconstant aggregations is presented by some radiolarians, individuals which cohere into what are called colonies.

  17. Such creatures form the lowest of all animals and plants; but the overwhelming majority of living creatures are formed of aggregations of cells which cohere and fuse together in various ways.

  18. Solid substances are those whose parts firmly cohere and resist impression, as wood or stone.

  19. A kind of aggregate fruit in which the ovaries cohere in a solid mass, with a slender receptacle, as in the magnolia; also, a similar multiple fruit, as a mulberry.

  20. A fruit consisting of many dry indehiscent cells, which contain but few seeds and cohere about a common style, as in the mallows.

  21. And it is just because those of the former cohere more than those of the latter, that a piece of iron feels harder and weighs heavier than a piece of cork.

  22. For instance, a particle of iron and a particle of cork gravitate equally, but particles of iron and particles of cork among themselves do not cohere equally.

  23. Frequently, these cell aggregates cohere so tenaciously that this arrangement is of value in distinguishing different species.

  24. During the ripening changes, this enveloping substance is modified, probably by partial solution, so that the globules cohere when agitated, as in churning.

  25. The stamens are very small, and only the two lower ones are provided with anthers, which do not cohere together as in the perfect flowers.

  26. In the short-styled form of Faramea the pollen-grains are covered with sharp points, so as to cohere readily together or to an insect; whilst the smaller grains of the long-styled form are quite smooth.

  27. But atoms or molecules may cohere for other reasons, gravitative or magnetic, and relative positions would be immaterial.

  28. The Virginia Junta know that the Federalist party will exist as long as you do, and that some external menace might cohere and augment it again under your leadership.

  29. In the case of some higher animals it is possible that the memory-group thus returning may cohere for a time or to a certain degree, and not be immediately diffused.

  30. Therewithal she may be aptly quoted as a mark-worthy instance how the Poet makes the several parts and persons of a drama cohere not only with one another but with the general circumstances wherein they occur.

  31. Love-taught herself, it was for her to teach both Orsino and Olivia how to love: indeed she plays into all the other parts, causing them to embrace and cohere within the compass of her circulation.

  32. But then he was bound by his own principles of art to make the character such as would rationally support the action, and cohere with it.

  33. And the whole texture of incident and circumstance is framed in keeping with that Ideal; so that all the parts and particulars cohere together, mutually supporting and supported.

  34. Water, at the same temperature, is a strong though brittle solid, whose particles tend to cohere into definite geometrical shapes, and sometimes build up frosty imitations of the most complex forms of vegetable foliage.

  35. Nor has an idea to reckon only with facts: it has also to cohere with other ideas.

  36. Ideas have a fixed meaning, and cohere in bodies of 'universal' truth, quite irrespective of whether any particular mind harbours them or not.

  37. If too much space was allowed they would not cohere readily enough.

  38. Yet he found it well not to have it too sensitive lest it cohere for every stray current and so give false signals.

  39. All these divine promises cohere and shed light upon each other.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cohere" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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