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Example sentences for "clasp"

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clash; clashed; clashes; clashing; clashings; clasped; claspers; clasping; clasps; claspt
  1. Felicia still stood beside Geoffrey, and before he, too, rose, and faced the unwelcome guest, their attitude almost implied the clasp of hands that Angela had not seen.

  2. Again and again Maurice had retreated, though always with outstretched hands, hands that kept the clasp of friendship, a smile that salved her pride by recognizing only friendship in her smile.

  3. She had not flushed in greeting Maurice; a smile, a clasp of the hand, and she had glided past him.

  4. She had snatched my purse while I tried to clasp it, for my glove had first got in the way.

  5. I saw dearest mother below me trying to clasp her hands in prayer, and to give me her last word.

  6. It is a copper clasp nicely contrived to firmly clamp the bucket to the belt.

  7. The marquis went to her and tried to clasp her.

  8. In Paris during the Terror, every one came to know the full meaning of a clasp of the hand as men do on a battle-field.

  9. He saw her, and found strength to clasp her hand with a convulsive gesture.

  10. He had managed to unfasten her glove and laid hold of her bare wrist with a caressing insistent clasp that was full of tormenting desire.

  11. He was filled with a desire to worship humbly and purely; to bend his knee and clasp his hands and offer up to some one this vague mute adoration which he would have been at a loss to explain.

  12. The caress had been grateful to Katherine, the cool cheek dear to her lips, the clasp of the strong arms reassuring.

  13. Dale saw that beautiful hand slowly creep up his arm, across his shoulder, and slide round his neck to clasp there.

  14. Dale trembled under the clasp of her hands.

  15. I sought to clasp his great white hand but it did not seem to move closer.

  16. I next purloined a beautiful clasp for a lady's waist, consisting of stones set in gold, which had the brilliancy and appearance of real diamonds, but marked only four guineas.

  17. The wretched being seemed to attend with much earnestness and fervour to the clergyman, and he was seen to clasp his hands together the instant the rope was fixed.

  18. On searching Clayton, a large clasp knife and a bad dollar were found.

  19. And Agatha sobbed on her husband's neck, clasped by him as she never thought he would clasp her in this world.

  20. She loosed her clasp of him a little; the other two came near, she kissed them both, and bade "God bless them.

  21. Nathanael looked at her, as if longing to clasp her to his heart and say how happy he was; but he restrained himself and let his eyes alone declare what he felt.

  22. He stopped for a moment to greet them, but his clasp on her hand was nothing more than the formal pressure which friendship expects, and she looked in vain for any gleam in his eyes answering that in her own.

  23. But all she could do was to clasp her hands, and gaze through her tears upon the unanswering countenance of her brother, expecting every moment to see the spirit depart.

  24. Nay, shrink not from my arms, beloved--for once let me clasp you to a bosom that burns for you alone.

  25. In his close, passionate clasp her face was hidden; she hardly dared meet his eyes when he finally held her from him.

  26. The kiss is a sign of emotion; the hand-clasp bespeaks strong esteem or otherwise.

  27. Yet all the sweet humility of which she was possessed could not banish from her memory the lingering clasp of a hand, the warm light that fell from eyes that glanced at her.

  28. The doctor grasped it in that firm clasp which was always a tonic.

  29. I shall lace your white satin boots, and fasten your white satin dress, and drape the lace, and clasp the gems, and make your bride-bouquet.

  30. He contrived many an unseen meeting; her lips never lost the sense of his stolen kisses; her hands were constantly pink with the passing clasp or the momentary pressure.

  31. She drew her arm from his clasp and, without lifting her eyes to him, went forward with a swift, purposeful step.

  32. The two men stood looking at each other for a moment, as rare men, rarely met, sometimes do even on a sinful earth; and after that clasp and that look they turned away, brothers for life.

  33. Clasp him once more, the heroic, the dear!

  34. Thy Suppliant I beg, and clasp thy Knees; bereave me not (Whereon I live!

  35. Enchanted by this prostituted Fair, Our Youth run headlong in the fatal Snare; In height of Rapture clasp unheeded Pains, And suck Pollution thro' their tingling Veins.

  36. The Professor's hand-clasp and absent-minded smile seemed like a perfect character make-up.

  37. No wonder we have felt our way through time and space, to clasp hands in such deep affinity.

  38. As he unfastened the clasp of the old evening cloak she felt his touch upon her throat--it seemed to make her weak, almost faint.

  39. Very well," he said, flirting the ribbon out of the clasp and throwing the box on the ground, "do you see that pond down there?

  40. Rachel saw me instantly, and I could see her clasp her hands over her heart as she stood on the margin of the cleuch, black against the indigo sky of night.

  41. A gold class medal lay within, not fitting very well on account of a thin blue ribbon which the proprietor had strung through a clasp at the top.

  42. The dear little fellow would clasp his little hand tight round one of Henry's fingers, and fall to sleep in his bed, while his brother sang to him.

  43. With that word she went down from the upper chamber, and much her heart debated, whether she should stand apart, and question her dear lord or draw nigh, and clasp and kiss his head and hands.

  44. He smiled into the sweet little face, and holding out his thin hand, allowed her to clasp it.

  45. It took but an instant for Jasper to clasp her in her arms, lifting her off the ground as she did so.

  46. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "clasp" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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