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Example sentences for "congeal"

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  1. In effect, it is not only in departing from the Tropic Zone that we see the mean temperature gradually sinking even to the point whereat all liquids congeal and all terrestrial life becomes impossible.

  2. But the practical balance is effected in calm air, so that its lower strata have no tendency to rise, like the air in a fire balloon, nor its higher strata to fall, unless they congeal into rain or snow.

  3. If it does not congeal well, add some more dissolved isinglass, and more sugar.

  4. They are all made nearly in the same manner, using the juice of the fruit, and sufficient sugar to make it congeal and to keep it.

  5. If they are really brothers, the two bloods will congeal into one; otherwise not.

  6. Don't use a too heavy grade of oil in cold weather as it will have a tendency to congeal between the clutch discs and prevent proper action of the clutch.

  7. It is a well-known fact that in cold weather even the best grades of lubricating oil are apt to congeal to some extent.

  8. I block the roads and drift the fields with snow; I chase the wild-fowl from the frozen fen; My frosts congeal the rivers in their flow; My fires light up the hearths and hearts of men.

  9. In such case the oil may congeal at from 65.

  10. Let the clear tube cool a little, and then set it in cold water, where the Phosphorus will congeal as it cools.

  11. Some of them congeal with the smallest degree of cold.

  12. An acid phlegm will come over, and be followed by a liquor which at first will look like an Oil, but will soon congeal in the receiver, and have the appearance of a butter or grease.

  13. In old men it is the reverse, for they have wide passages of the veins, back and kidneys, that the urine may pass away, and the earthly humour congeal and sink down; the colour of the gravel shows the humour whereof the stone comes.

  14. Why is it, if the stone do congeal and wax hard through heat, we use not contrary things to dissolve it by coldness, but light things, as parsley, fennel and the like?

  15. About this time, too, the water began to congeal and freeze about our ships' sides o' nights.

  16. Frobisher would not believe that the cold was sufficiently severe to congeal the sea-water, the tide rising and falling a distance of twenty feet.

  17. Whether they can congeal meer Blood, all the serous part thereof being sever'd?

  18. Both are cut out and put to dry in the hot room, and are ready to be sold; the solution which did not congeal in the vessels and vats is again poured back into the caldron to be re-boiled.

  19. Then it is poured into tanks or vats, or any other receptacle, in which all of it that is apt to congeal does so within two or three days.

  20. The solution which does not congeal is either poured back into the caldron to be boiled again, or it is put aside for dissolving the new ore, for it is far preferable to fresh water.

  21. Afterward as many thin strips of iron as the nature of the solution requires, are thrown in, and then it is boiled again until it is thick enough, when cold, to congeal into vitriol.

  22. One is formed from the liquids which trickle down drop by drop and congeal in certain mines; therefore those who work in the Cyprian mines call it stalactis.

  23. Linseed oil indeed does not congeal till cooled from 4 deg.

  24. But doe not perfect to congeal all the salt in the bottome of the vessell, but leave therein a little moisture, to create flakes of ice.

  25. It is rarely so cold in the settled portions of California as to congeal water.

  26. Let it stand ten minutes, skim it, pour it gently into another bason free from sediment, and when it begins to congeal stir it well and fill the shapes.

  27. This dish may be allowed to congeal slowly; if done quickly it may become a dish of scrambled eggs with fish and oysters.

  28. Defn: To freeze or congeal into hoarfrost.

  29. Self-Control how fear, worry, anxiety and all kindred emotions create in the system conditions similar to those of freezing; how these destructive vibrations congeal the tissues, clog the channels of life and paralyze the vital functions.

  30. Fear, anxiety and all kindred emotions congeal the nerve matter and thereby shut off the supply of nerve force.

  31. The very blood seemed to congeal in her heart, under the influence of his freezing glance.

  32. My very blood seemed to congeal under her touch.

  33. As she went along with the dense crowds of noisy, shouting merry-makers, she saw all the people in the town trembling with fear, which made the blood congeal in their veins.

  34. Now, now they are like drops of wine, drops of fire, and though they should congeal and become rubies or topazes, they may never crown me more.

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