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  1. When the caldron cools, then the flies collect and swarm round it.

  2. Many reject the authority of Tertullian, who says that St. John was taken for trial before Domitian at Rome, and plunged into a boiling caldron of oil, from which he came forth unhurt.

  3. In the persecution of 95, John was apprehended in Asia, and sent to Rome, where he was thrown into a caldron of boiling oil; but he was not injured.

  4. St. John was put into a caldron of boiling oil, but escaped death in a miraculous manner, and was afterwards banished to Patmos.

  5. Brother Merry commanded them to bring him a caldron of water, and when every one had left the room he separated the limbs, threw them into the caldron, and made a fire under it, exactly as he had seen the saint do.

  6. They conducted him to where she lay, and he commanded them to let him have a caldron of water, and when it had been brought, he ordered all the people to go away, and let nobody remain with him but Brother Merry.

  7. He heard all this, and followed still when the King led Gawain into a fast dungeon where stood a great caldron of boiling lead.

  8. The dwarf leaped upon him, gripped him mightily about the waist, and cast him all as he was into the caldron of molten lead, holding him down with the prings till he was scalded to death.

  9. Took part in a feast to celebrate the success of the mutiny, the meal being cooked in a huge caldron in which the slaves' food was prepared.

  10. The opening or mouth of the infernal caldron was furnished with a net of iron chains.

  11. The snow which was taken up from the driveway has been put to melt in the great feed caldron over the stable fire.

  12. But they soon sidled forward again, and watched with beaming eyes the slow but sure emptying of the great caldron at whose bottom they anticipated finding the lost jewel.

  13. And indeed I thought her eye brightened as we all drew up around the huge caldron standing full of water over the stable stove.

  14. Cigarette, who nodded farewell to them with a cigar in her mouth, and busied herself pouring some brandy into the old copper caldron in which some black coffee and muddy water, three parts sand, was boiling.

  15. Whether it was a brief moment, or an hour through, that the circle stood about the great, black caldron that was swinging above the flames, he could not have told; to him it was an eternity.

  16. Here was a pretty caldron of piscatorial productions.

  17. Here was a pretty caldron of piscatorial products.

  18. The other's limbs He chopped into the caldron to be boiled.

  19. He roasts the men before they are cold, He snatches them broiling from the coal, And from the caldron pulls them whole, And minces their flesh and gnaws their bone With his cursed teeth, till all be gone.

  20. The caldron simmers, and so great is the fire that we expect it soon to boil over, and new fates appear for Europe.

  21. And I said, A caldron boiling and its face is from (?

  22. First, note the contrast between the two Visions—the blossoming twig and the boiling caldron brewing tempests from the North.

  23. That small conical hill, which, as you see, possesses a greener and fresher look than the adjoining land, is a cone ejected by the caldron beneath, but two brief centuries since.

  24. The incantation of Medea readily suggests that of the witches in Macbeth: Round about the caldron go; In the poison'd entrails throw.

  25. Medea simulated consent, but prepared her caldron for him in a new and singular way.

  26. Meanwhile, the caldron with its contents was preparing.

  27. There in the middle of it was a brazen caldron set deep in the floor and full of something that seethed and bubbled.

  28. You will have to bathe in the caldron that is in the third cellar.

  29. There's caldron and broomstick in the very sound!

  30. The caldron sank into the ground; the dense mist arose like a curtain; and the moon and stars shone brightly down upon the ruined pile.

  31. A caldron is suspended above a peat fire, smouldering on the hearth.

  32. No traces were visible on the sod where the unhallowed crew had danced their round; nor were any ashes left where the fire had burnt and the caldron had bubbled.

  33. We hear from them--no one believed that a single man of us could escape that devil's caldron alive.

  34. But over there the witches' caldron is boiling more fiercely.

  35. To Domitian, concerning St. John commanded to be cast into a caldron of boiling oil.

  36. On St. John, whom Domitian cast into a caldron of boiling oil, he unhurt.

  37. And every caldron in Jerusalem and Juda shall be sanctified to the Lord of hosts: and all that sacrifice shall come, and take of them, and shall seethe in them: and the merchant shall be no more in the house of the Lord of hosts in that day.

  38. This shall not be as a caldron to you, and you shall not be as flesh in the midst thereof: I will judge you in the borders of Israel.

  39. Hence the lizard's leg was thought a suitable ingredient for the witches' caldron in "Macbeth" (iv.

  40. After burial they steal them out of their graves and seethe them in a caldron till the flesh be made potable, of which they make an ointment by which they ride in the air.

  41. The caldron was kept boiling a year and a day.

  42. He whom she chose produced the ring without injuring his hand, in spite of the fire under the caldron being so intense that the water boiled over.

  43. It is unlucky to leave the print of a caldron in the ashes after taking the utensil off the fire.

  44. At the celebration of sacred mysteries there was a caldron for the preparation of a decoction from plants held in high esteem.

  45. Suddenly he seizes the caldron with a pair of pincers, and, dragging it from the fire, he tilts it up so that the molten gold runs out in a stream into a number of tubes like long straight jars joined together.

  46. The man who stands by the caldron has a pair of thick leather gloves to protect his hands in case sparks fly out.

  47. So each of these little round gold pieces is taken away to another room to be finished, and the remainder of the long thin strip out of which they were cut goes back to the caldron to be boiled up again and made into more sovereigns.

  48. The big caldron goes back on to the furnace to boil more gold.

  49. Out in that seething caldron were scores of human beings, battling for life with wind and wave.

  50. Out of the blazing caldron which lies between the two New Worlds, they leaped up, when the great sun called them, in whirls and spouts of clear hot steam, and rushed to the northward, while the whirling earthball whirled them east.

  51. He eats the liver and then throws the child into a caldron of hot water.

  52. When the anitos did not arrive at the accustomed time Kanag went out of the caldron and said to his sister, "Now, my sister, I will take you to Kadalayapan.

  53. When he got to the house, he saw a big caldron with hot water on the fire.

  54. The girl said to him, "Go inside of the big iron caldron so that the anitos who care for me will not eat you.

  55. Is hidden in a caldron to keep anitos from eating him.

  56. In one corner of the living room is a box containing blankets, above which are pillows and mats used by members of the household and guests; an iron caldron lies on the floor, while numerous Chinese jars stand about.

  57. In the middle of the caldron there rose up a lotus flower, with the bhikshu seated on it.

  58. Immediately after, the lictors seized him, and threw him into a caldron of boiling water.

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