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Example sentences for "ashes"

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asexual; asexually; ash; ashamed; ashen; ashine; ashlar; ashore; ashtray; ashure
  1. Sobbing like a child, she kissed the letter again and again, and kneeling by the fire, held it to the flame, and watched it burn to ashes on the hearth.

  2. The Colonel knocked the ashes from his pipe.

  3. Do you want to rake out the ashes of our domestic hearth--to play the part of--melodramatic villain?

  4. Lovell knocked the ashes from his pipe, and commenced leisurely to refill it.

  5. For a time he remained sunk in a listless dejection, sitting among the ashes of his hopes, his dreams of vast wealth gone, his shining Spanish castles in ruins about him.

  6. He threw his cigarette into the bed of ashes on the hearth and stretched his arms above his head.

  7. These shaly beds bear a strong resemblance to peat, not only in structure but also in the mode of burning, and in the light whitish ashes which are left.

  8. The ashes of a burned duck, treated in a magical manner, produced a huge toad.

  9. The revengeful king also commanded that the saint's relics should be burned, and the ashes thereof scattered to the winds.

  10. The favour was granted him, with the privilege of reducing to ashes everything he laid his hands upon.

  11. Those who were present carried away some of the small bones, leaving the rest of the ashes to repose in peace.

  12. Sack the house of God, and scatter Wide the ashes of the dead!

  13. Two old thorn bushes mark the spot where the prophet's ashes rest, in the midst of the remains of those he loved while in the land that groaned under the despotic sway of relentless tyrants.

  14. The house was set on fire, and would have been reduced to ashes had not willing neighbours extinguished the flames.

  15. Their bodies were burned, and the ashes sold by the priests at high sums, as preservatives against disease.

  16. It is unlucky to leave the print of a caldron in the ashes after taking the utensil off the fire.

  17. The yawning earth rebellows to her call, Pale ghosts ascend, and mountain ashes fall.

  18. When execrable Troy in ashes lay, Thro' fires and swords and seas they forc'd their way.

  19. It would have been useless to trouble the ashes with further questions.

  20. The artist had sensed the ridiculous pretty well, but I do not see that fire of spite and malice which is in constant play beneath the gray ashes of terror.

  21. His ashes became the object of veneration for believers--not a bad career for a fool of a devil.

  22. If he is to take a wife he will not have her cold and selfishly considerate, but quaff the full cup of adoration at first, even if it does turn to ashes and dust afterward.

  23. The life she delighted in would have been ashes in my mouth.

  24. When the dough was ready these ashes were swept aside, and the cakes laid on the hot earth.

  25. Then the ashes were piled round the cakes, and they were left to bake.

  26. In a moment the tramp was on his feet, and dashing the wood ashes out of his eyes and hair.

  27. Their boots kicked up clouds of black ashes as they bounded forward, and their pursuer followed at once.

  28. They were taken from the ashes and set to cool, while each scout fished a tin mug out of his haversack.

  29. Tis a plantation of ashes on a bank lookin' to the north.

  30. A good pile of red-hot wood ashes had gathered in the centre of the burning sticks.

  31. Chippy opened the heap of ashes and drew out the ball of clay.

  32. With a spare log Chippy drew the embers aside, and laid his ball of clay on the heated ground, and raked the ashes into place again.

  33. For many were the victims about to perish in the flames, and mingle their ashes in that vast ruin, where Moors and Christians, separated by mutual hate in life, would be finally united in the embrace of death.

  34. He cleaned the ashes out of his pipe and saved them carefully.

  35. Long Jackson got up from his log, tapped the ashes from his pipe, and came into the cabin.

  36. She'd taken care to crumple the ashes so that it was an impossibility to get a shred of direct evidence, not that it would have made any difference if she hadn't.

  37. Williams's eyes roved over the room and finally rested on a pile of crumbled ashes beside an alcohol lamp on the table.

  38. Besides, from the ashes of the burned scraps of the whale, a potent lye is readily made; and whenever any adhesiveness from the back of the whale remains clinging to the side, that lye quickly exterminates it.

  39. I, ha, as the flying particles almost choked me, are these ashes from that destroyed city, Gomorrah?

  40. Stubb scattered the dead ashes over the water; and, for a moment, stood thoughtfully eyeing the vast corpse he had made.

  41. Their implacable hatred manifested itself even after death, for when their bodies were placed on the bier, their ashes refused to mingle, and the very flames separated as they arose in bright columns from the funeral pile.

  42. Loud claps of thunder accompanied his exaltation, and when his friends sought his ashes to grant them burial, unable to find them, they erected an altar to his memory, upon the spot where the burning pile had been.

  43. When Achilles was killed by Paris, Thetis issued out of the sea with the Nereids to mourn his death, and after she had collected his ashes in a golden urn, raised a monument to his memory, and instituted festivals in his honour.

  44. On some fond breast the parting soul relies, Some pious drops the closing eye requires; E'en from the tomb the voice of nature cries, E'en in our ashes live their wonted fires.

  45. And, by the incantation of this verse, Scatter, as from an unextinguished hearth Ashes and sparks, my words among mankind!

  46. Their stalks and many weeds with them were burned, and their ashes scattered.

  47. About this man Mitchell hung the impalpable atmosphere belonging to the thoroughbred gentleman, Wolfe, scraping away the ashes beside him, was conscious of it, did obeisance to it with his artist sense, unconscious that he did so.

  48. As he knocked the ashes from his cigar, Wolfe caught with a quick pleasure the contour of the white hand, the blood-glow of a red ring he wore.

  49. The primate and his council had seen with solicitude that from the ashes of Waldo and the Poor Men of Lyons "very many new shoots were springing up,"[254] and called for some signal act of severity to repress the growing evil.

  50. The ashes of one martyr were scarcely cold before new fires were kindled--now before the cathedral, now before some parish church, again in the crowded market or in the distant provincial town.

  51. The ashes of Mérindol and Cabrières were scarcely cold, before in a distant part of France the flame of persecution broke out with fresh energy.

  52. The value of wood ashes depends upon how much they have become leached, but hardwood ashes should contain from 6 to 8 per cent of available potash.

  53. The best soil for lleren is a rich, moist, well-drained loam, which is usually benefited by an application of wood ashes or sulphate of potash; an excess of nitrogen causes the production of large tops and few tubers.

  54. Now, my house was but a little one, and so the ashes were not much.

  55. Then the orphan, having woven two baskets, collected the ashes of his burnt house, and made them into a load, and went to a distant village where the people suffered from sore eyes.

  56. As soon as they got inside, all the people bound them fast with ropes, and rubbed into their eyes the ashes which they themselves had brought, and thrashed them soundly.

  57. Then the sore-eyed people applied to their eyes the ashes they had bought from the orphan.

  58. The people in the place where I sold the ashes were crying, 'It is not enough, bring us as much more again!

  59. In this version the animals slaughtered are goats and sheep, and the profit is made out of their skins, while the ashes of the burnt house are by an accident exchanged for a load of flour.

  60. The orphan answered, "It is the price of the ashes of my house that you set fire to.

  61. To cure the sore throat, take three handfuls of ashes with your left hand, put into your left stocking, and bind it around your throat.

  62. If sparks are left (unintentionally) in the ashes over night, it is a sign of death.

  63. Carrying ashes out of the house after sunset is bad luck.

  64. It is impossible for anyone who has not actually tried fires both ways to appreciate the immense advantage that a bed of wood ashes gives.

  65. Peace be to the ashes of the man who invented this easy method of robbing the hearth of half its charm.

  66. The hearth is raised above the floor] Finally, the most important factor of all in the management of a wood fire is an ample bed of ashes for its foundation.

  67. A brush for the hearth, although not so frequently seen, is exceedingly useful in sweeping back the ashes and small embers.

  68. Gustavus's friendship towards Amandus has mounted to so high a flame, that it must necessarily burn down to ashes upon its material.

  69. I have now a redoubled love and toleration for ye; for what power but love raises us up again through the feeling of immortality out of the ashes of death?

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