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corpori; corporibus; corporis; corporum; corps; corpses; corpsman; corpsmen; corpulence; corpulency
  1. Corpse shall not be conveyed to or from a city without a permit (R.

  2. If the bones were entirely denuded of soft parts we should hardly expect them to be those of a corpse buried only three or four months previously.

  3. The only motive for attempting to simulate strangulation on a corpse would seem to be to inculpate an innocent person.

  4. Look oot, there's the corpse o' a wumman, sair mangelt and deid by her lane.

  5. A dead flower isn't a corpse of a flower.

  6. And you only call a thing a corpse because it looks corpse-like.

  7. Solon took a farther argument against the Megarians from the dead bodies, which, he said, were not buried after their fashion but according to the Athenian; for the Megarians turn the corpse to the east, the Athenians to the west.

  8. The day being cloudy in the morning, they deferred carrying forth the corpse till about three in the afternoon, expecting it would rain.

  9. Proceeding on their journey, they passed the corpse of a man who had evidently been murdered, for his throat was cut, and he was also hamstrung.

  10. Whatever may be your end, your body will arise on the appointed day, and if Heaven so will, it will come forth from its ashes more glorious than a royal corpse lying at this moment in a gilded casket.

  11. I wish to be ready to start early in the morning, and take the corpse with me.

  12. He called to me, and asked if I would view the corpse of his once beautiful wife.

  13. I will not intrude upon your privacy, but will await you at my office;" and bowing, I retired, leaving him beside the corpse of his neglected child.

  14. If Solomon was now dead, starved skeleton or rat-eaten corpse as he might be, Richard felt that he would still have had the advantage over him.

  15. The corpse was still warm, but the head fell back with a movement not of life.

  16. How Sir Launcelot came into the Chapel Perilous and gat there of a dead corpse a piece of the cloth and a sword.

  17. Even then the astral corpse still remains, but when it is quite without any trace of its former life we call it a "shell".

  18. Although this third incarnation of our chain is long past, the corpse of this physical globe 3D is still visible to us in the shape of that dead planet the Moon, whence that third incarnation is usually called the lunar chain.

  19. The grave was opened, and the corpse taken out.

  20. He had scarcely breathed his last, when the hangman cut the cord, hewed off the head, and made a young Protestant draw the corpse along the streets of Die.

  21. He died shortly after, but the authorities would not even allow his corpse to be buried in the family vault.

  22. Gaolers were accustomed to earn money by exhibiting the corpses of Huguenot women at fairs, inviting those who paid for admission, to walk up and "see the corpse of a damned person.

  23. In the preceding chapter, we left the archpriest Chayla a corpse at the feet of his murderers.

  24. His corpse was laid beside that of Alexandre Roussel, under the rampart of the fortress of Montpellier.

  25. A surgeon proceeded to make a post-mortem; but hardly had he put the scalpel in the body of the unfortunate victim before the supposed corpse uttered a cry, and the surgeon realised the mistake he had made.

  26. The corpse of an aged Hindu woman had just been brought in on my arrival, death, we were told, having occurred but an hour before.

  27. Still they coolly finished their examination, and then discovered the supposed corpse moving convulsively amongst his dead companions; but, thanks to efficient help, he was completely restored to health.

  28. Madrid lady who is supposed to have given birth to a child after she was laid in the tomb, the corpse having a new-born dead infant in the right hand when the vault was opened a few months after); Chr.

  29. Veyrat, informed of the circumstance, entered the chamber just as the nurse was about to wrap the corpse in its winding-sheet.

  30. It results from this that no corpse can be buried before a minimum delay of twenty-four hours shall have expired after the decease.

  31. For three days, vain search was made for his corpse among the slain, then it was found, and carried off on the back of an ass.

  32. Afterwards the corpse was placed on a bier, the bride supporting the head of her murdered husband, and both carried in procession round the city, to move men to fresh deeds of hatred and revenge.

  33. But the father answered never a word,-- A frozen corpse was he.

  34. Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note, As his corpse to the rampart we hurried; Not a soldier discharged his farewell shot O’er the grave where our hero we buried.

  35. The news being spread abroad, a priest came, the corpse was put in a coffin and carried to a small church, that it might be owned by the family of Gabriel.

  36. He must have been a corpse even when I took him for a merrymaker.

  37. You really can't blame a corpse much under the circumstances.

  38. For one moment, right between the staring antagonists, a bloody corpse sat upright on a rearing horse, with its head fallen on one shoulder and hanging by a gory muscle.

  39. There it goes, jogging away, ready to become an apparent corpse once more if I renew my shock tactics.

  40. The detached leg leaves plenty of space for the other, which readily slips from the metal band; and the little corpse falls to the ground.

  41. They were draining the dangerous corpse to the point of rendering it as dry and sonorous as the remains of an old slipper hardened on the refuse-heap by the frosts of winter and the heats of summer.

  42. The network is broken at the spot where the corpse was lying.

  43. This, it seems, is the method usually employed when the corpse is caught by one of its limbs in some narrow fork of a low-growing plant.

  44. You are capable of much better things still; but, before setting forth these, let us examine the case when the ground bristles with slender brushwood, which holds the corpse at a short distance from the ground.

  45. An hour later, the alleged corpse returns to life, as lusty as before the ordeal.

  46. The Necrophori disappear under the corpse and, feeling the contact of its fur, begin to dig.

  47. Hardly has the Fly grazed this apparent corpse with her legs, when the Scarites' tarsi quiver as though twitched by a slight electric shock.

  48. A corpse itself could not give fewer signs of life.

  49. Sometimes only one, often two, three or four, rarely more, busy themselves with the corpse which I offer them.

  50. The presence of the fresh corpse is soon perceived.

  51. At the foot of the gallows lay a coffin, containing the corpse of Klove, with horribly distorted features.

  52. Then the church bell tolled a requiem knell as to the family vault the corpse was borne along, attended by pall-bearers, who had been consistently selected from among the wealthiest acquaintances of the family.

  53. With the assistance of a boat, the corpse was drawn ashore, and kept there until the coroner could be summoned.

  54. They led her away, agitated, probably, more by terror than grief, but Mr. Heath remained gazing at the corpse of his only son.

  55. Most of the lower storey rooms had doors opening into this court; across the threshold of one lay the corpse of a female servant, mutilated in an unspeakable manner.

  56. The first thing I saw was the corpse of my landlord himself, lying in the covered court.

  57. I lost no time in scrambling past him after my companions, who had run away, and small blame to them, for it was like the rising of a corpse suddenly endowed with volition.

  58. Mute and pale as the dead, the Baroness walked with Franziska and Stella behind her husband's corpse the short distance between the station and the mill.

  59. It was as if she had heard a corpse speak.

  60. Soon a sojourner did die, and no friends were by; but good Tobiah the corpse did lave, and dress it for the grave.

  61. That will sure fool them," and he hurried to where the corpse of Ugger lay; and, in a few minutes, the body was tightly bound up in a blanket and laid down on the exact spot where Ham had found Holt.

  62. Neck broken," he declared, as he turned the corpse over.

  63. Upon a face which wore the fixed features of a corpse were imprinted the traces of the vilest and most hideous passions which had animated her while she lived.

  64. And, in truth, I am but the corpse of the living man of yesterday," sighed he.

  65. Doctor Franzi had the corpse removed, and threw himself wearily upon a sofa.

  66. She must have dissolved in a sunbeam, and gone back to heaven, for her corpse was never found here below.

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