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Example sentences for "carcass"

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carburettor; carcajou; carcanet; carcase; carcases; carcasses; carcel; carcer; carcere; carcerem
  1. By Jove, I'll order pistols and coffee for two to-morrow morning at Napoleon's column, and let the daylight through your carcass if you utter another syllable about the bill.

  2. The carcass was towed to shore in front of our camp, and the captain met us there, having returned from the woods, where he had gone to start the dogs.

  3. He seated his great carcass in the starn of the boat, while I rowed him over the lake.

  4. I'll hammer yer life out o' yer carcass with my bare hands!

  5. Our Death is pictured with a scythe in her hand; and a carcass of bones, as clean as if the crows had picked it.

  6. His dried-up little carcass was swallowed up, totally lost, in a suit of black broadcloth.

  7. The driver, shaken out of his meditation over the sole of his foot, displayed at once all the signs of intense terror, and held with both hands, looking round from his box at this vast carcass forcing its way into his conveyance.

  8. His thick carcass trembled on its legs that were like a pair of pillars; it trembled from head to foot.

  9. That infamous figure upright on its feet, still, rigid, with stony eyes, as if its rotten soul had departed that moment and the carcass hadn't had the time yet to topple over.

  10. I had rather give his carcass to my hounds.

  11. His body's a passable carcass if he be not hurt.

  12. Here's a stay That shakes the rotten carcass of old Death Out of his rags!

  13. They follow the track of the hunter, to share such part of the carcass as he leaves, and it is their nature to herd together and run down this animal as their natural prey.

  14. When it got to the place where the sun was snared, its back began to smoke and burn, with the intensity of the heat, and the top of its carcass was reduced to enormous heaps of ashes.

  15. He and his dog-brother then stripped a tall pine of all its branches, and stuck the carcass on the top, taking the usual sign of his having killed an animal--the tongue.

  16. You see, they was firing cannon over the water, trying to make my carcass come to the top.

  17. Well, then I happened to think how they always put quicksilver in loaves of bread and float them off, because they always go right to the drownded carcass and stop there.

  18. The residue of the carcass I cut into four quarters, and we carried it to the cellar of the great house.

  19. He brought his whole carcass flinging through the air after his fist.

  20. Hugo picked up a hoof and dragged the carcass to the base of the wall.

  21. Its carcass shall be given to the court, and its fleece be taken by the Plaintiff.

  22. I am bound by my word," said the Lion, "else I would see your carcass stretched on the ground.

  23. Thus stored up, the carcass is ready to receive the Necrophorus eggs.

  24. They desire to lay up a carcass for their young alone, and with this object they bury it in the earth.

  25. It is unnecessary to say how much better it would be for the young larva to have at its disposal instead of a carcass a living animal, but paralysed and rendered motionless by some method.

  26. With the skin still in place that it might protect the meat and carcass of the seal in dragging it over the ice, Toby cut some liberal slices of meat in preparation for the frying pan in the morning, that there might be no delay.

  27. The rope was fastened to the seal, and the two boys, their hearts light with the certainty of food to sustain them and end their long fast, hauled the carcass back to their bivouac.

  28. Had to follow him most to the bottom where his carcass was wedged between the rocks.

  29. A bear was always acceptable meat to a settler, and I at once decided to stalk the brute and pack his carcass to the Grisdol cabin.

  30. For this purpose he retired to a remote wood, and transformed himself into a dead moose, which appeared as if the carcass had lain a long period, for worms were in its eyes and nostrils.

  31. He threw down the carcass of a large fat deer.

  32. On another occasion he had killed a deer, and after skinning it, was carrying the carcass on his shoulders, when he spied some stately elks on the plain before him.

  33. He had again brought home the whole carcass of a deer, which he had no sooner put down than the cannibal seized it, tore it to pieces, and devoured it, as if it had been a mere mouthful.

  34. The woman thought to please him by handing him some cooked meat, but he pushed it away in a dissatisfied manner, and took up the raw carcass of a deer, which he glutted up, sucking the bones, and drinking the blood.

  35. But he was favoured with a still more extraordinary sight, in a gigantic ant, which passed him, as he was watching a beaver's lodge, dragging the entire carcass of a hare.

  36. When the Indian returned, he found the courageous woman taking the skin from the carcass of the formidable brute.

  37. Perhaps it would have been otherwise had he known, Moodie, that you had not only killed his good lady, but were dining sumptuously off her carcass every day.

  38. He then got out and proceeded to a village close by, where we obtained for a few annas, the carcass of a young kid.

  39. Should the wolf prove victorious, he devours his adversary, but if the contrary be the case, the dog leaves untouched the carcass of his antagonist.

  40. To-day I heard him say that he was going to send me to the knackers' yard and sell my poor old carcass for a couple of crowns.

  41. This done, he hoisted the carcass on to his shoulders and took the road to the palace.

  42. Then Reynard and Hermeline and all the little foxes had a splendid feast, and in less than half an hour nothing was left of the Hare's carcass but the head.

  43. Let's case it, anyhow, and save ourselves the trouble of lugging the carcass back.

  44. While they were talking thus, both workers were plying the knife vigorously and in a little while the hide was free all around and the carcass was slipped off it.

  45. It took some time to drag the carcass to a place convenient for working on it and to get it in shape to carry down the mountain.

  46. A solitary vulture, sitting upon the carcass of some dead animal a few hundred yards off, loomed into the form of a fabulous monster of olden times, with a gory head, and a beak that opened as if to swallow all within his reach.

  47. Then he got all the wood that ever he could, And stuck it together with glue, so That he made him a hut, in which he might put The carcass of Robinson Crusoe.

  48. The carcass of a dead ox lay in front of the door, upon which a voracious brood of buzzards were feeding; and a coyote sat howling on an eminence a little beyond.

  49. If one eat from the carcass of a clean bird, as it is in his throat, it renders garments unclean.

  50. There were men to scrape each side and men to scrape the back; there were men to clean the carcass inside, to trim it and wash it.

  51. It was then again strung up by machinery, and sent upon another trolley ride; this time passing between two lines of men, who sat upon a raised platform, each doing a certain single thing to the carcass as it came to him.

  52. The carcass hung for a few minutes to bleed; there was no time lost, however, for there were several hanging in each line, and one was always ready.

  53. Before the carcass was admitted here, however, it had to pass a government inspector, who sat in the doorway and felt of the glands in the neck for tuberculosis.

  54. Now and then, when the bosses were not looking, you would see them plunging their feet and ankles into the steaming hot carcass of the steer, or darting across the room to the hot-water jets.

  55. The gang having already got the carcass on to the truck, the party set out at a trot, followed by screams and curses, and a shower of bricks and stones from unseen enemies.

  56. He was of no consequence--he was flung aside, like a bit of trash, the carcass of some animal.

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