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Example sentences for "carcase"

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  1. His further displays of erudition were cut short by the soothsayer, who cried out to him as they departed-- "Remember, thy carcase for his if he return not.

  2. But we shall be dancing over the bright Solway ere the morning watch, and thy carcase in the de'il's locker.

  3. I'se warrant there waur plenty o' room 'twixt his carcase and the wa'.

  4. Thy carcase will be meat for the emperor's hounds to-morrow.

  5. But that I could laugh at his impertinence, Alice, I would even now chide him soundly, and send his pitiful carcase to the stocks for this presumption.

  6. Cried out those murderers three; "The head is on his carcase yet, As thou mayest plainly see!

  7. I'll baste thy carcase to a mummy; I'll make thee tender for the hounds.

  8. His courage gave way at the dreadful anticipation, and he grasped the very carcase on which he trod for succour.

  9. The miller promised, but with a secret determination not to risk his carcase again for all the bright-eyed dames in Christendom.

  10. Bring him hither that I may question him ere his carcase be sent to the beasts.

  11. And when the animal died, he would not allow the skin or shoes to be taken off, but had the carcase buried entire.

  12. One of his chief luxuries was to have his immense, coarse carcase scratched for a considerable time daily by his female friends.

  13. The boats, under full sail, were towing the carcase towards the ship.

  14. The baleen is then cut out, and the carcase abandoned to the sharks, killer whales, and sea birds.

  15. When the Seals are scarce, these Bears will welcome the carcase of a Whale which has floated beyond the recall of the whaler.

  16. The number of laborers was increased daily by the hosts that flocked like vultures to the carcase of an expiring victim.

  17. The flying forces and their auxiliaries were soon in a famishing condition, subsisting alone on corn or on wild cherries gathered in the forest, with occasional refreshment and support from the carcase of a horse that perished by the way.

  18. We got on very well over the smooth ice, but when we arrived at a hummock we had to exert all our strength to get the carcase up to the top.

  19. We found that it was no easy matter to drag along the huge carcase over the ice, even where the surface of the floe was perfectly smooth.

  20. The shouts of my companions in the boat who had seen the occurrence aroused me, and, soon arriving, with the rest of the party, they hauled the huge carcase on board the boat, and we returned in triumph to the ship.

  21. We may drag the carcase part of the way, and then get some of the men to come and cut it up, and transport the remainder on their shoulders," said Ewen.

  22. One of them stooped, and examining the carcase of the dead reptile, exclaimed: "Carai!

  23. Twing, at the same instant flinging his wiry little carcase squat under the brow of a sand-wreath.

  24. Toss this storm-beaten carcase into any trench where it may in future serve as a mound against traitors; but let my young nursling be planted where the tempest that unroots the cedars shall pass over without injuring his tender growth.

  25. The bare carcase of truth and honour afforded no food for the carrion birds who floated round the unfledged antitype of the royal eagle.

  26. Her things are slain, and stink already, by the weapons that are made mention of before; what then will her carcase do?

  27. And, knife in hand, he deliberately stepped over to the corner where hung the carcase from which they had feasted the evening before, and cutting off a portion, placed it upon the coals to broil.

  28. May I be chopped in splinters by the reds if I allow this darned white Injun to get away out o' this without a carcase full o' lead.

  29. Dispose this mouldering carcase as you please, Ere lingering age or sickness wear it out, Unprofitable then for Sparta's good.

  30. Why do you not put me on shipboard, and send this carcase where it may be most serviceable to Sparta, before age wastes it unprofitably here?

  31. The old bear-hound slinks after with a large piece of flesh between his teeth, torn from the carcase of the butchered bear.

  32. While the black buzzards are quarrelling over the carcase, not far off there is another carcase stretched upon the sward, also of a bear.

  33. Tain't much to talk abeout; jess keep my old carcase from starvin'.

  34. There is the carcase of the bear, black with buzzards, and the skin still hanging from the tree.

  35. After he had skinned it, he gave the carcase to the village, and a feast was held.

  36. The serpent did as Shamash advised, and the birds of the air began to flock round the carcase in which she was hidden.

  37. A score of your best warriors is a heavy price to give for the carcase of one weary and aging man.

  38. Say, why should I bring Hafela to prey upon a carcase I have marked down for my own?

  39. Then a doublet of the new make; Close before, and open on the back, No sleeve upon his arm; Under that a shirt as soft as silk, And as white as any milk To keep the carcase warm.

  40. Without any delay, Hans journeyed back to the spot upon which the mighty Bramble-buffer lay fast asleep, his gigantic carcase resting at full length upon the ground.

  41. They knew well what their punishment meant to them--that in every hour of life henceforward, in every act, through every thought, each man should drag a human carcase by his side.

  42. To save his own carcase Nary gave up his employers.

  43. They were the men who had been sent in pursuit of Red Jason and Michael Sunlocks, the same that had passed them in the hummock, where the carcase of the dog still lay.

  44. Then its huge carcase was clearly perceived in the limpid water turning over.

  45. Then a fin was lopped off, and a few seconds afterwards the huge carcase was seen floating on the waves.

  46. Sunday stood over the latter, leathering into his half insensible carcase in a way that threatened to cover it with bruises; and at every blow he had something fresh to say.

  47. A paper fixed to each carrion carcase tells that this is another proof of Harkaway's vengeance.

  48. They watched the place eagerly, and in the space of a few minutes the carcase of the huge white shark, completely rent asunder, rose to the surface of the water, and floated about.

  49. The task of skinning the orang was next day relegated to Bakar, for which we were thankful, as the smell that proceeded from his carcase even at some distance off was fearful.

  50. Again, it was quite common at that time to see the carcase of a calf, lamb, or kid exposed for sale with a label from the inspector certifying that it had been killed in self-defence.

  51. Sometimes even the carcase of a lamb or calf was exposed as "warranted still-born," when it presented every appearance of having enjoyed at least a month of life.

  52. I will first cut off thy head, and then serve up thy carcase to the Round Table; for both that and thee I do utterly defy!

  53. He spoke not, save once; it was when his hated carcase rose to the surface.

  54. I have no means of ascertaining the duration of this swoon; but, with returning recollection, I again put out my hand, which rested on the cold and almost naked carcase beside me.

  55. Look to it, comrade, he shall know of this before thou canst convey thy cowardly carcase out of his clutches.

  56. Sir Osmund knoweth not thy crop from thy crupper, nor careth he if thy whole carcase were crammed into the dumpling-bag.

  57. Peradventure she may dangle thy carcase over the walls in defiance of our summons.

  58. The bones of the whale differ from those of animals, simply in being of a hollow construction, and filled with air so as to render the carcase more buoyant.

  59. It was my intention to open the carcase completely, and, penetrating the interior, to obtain various portions of the intestines, thinking that it would be possible to convert the larger ones into vessels fit for holding the oil.

  60. He had been led farther than usual in pursuit of game, but returned with the carcase of a large and very fat deer.

  61. Soon his carcase was seen floating on the surface of the waters, and they knew that he had fallen a victim to his courage and intrepidity.

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