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Example sentences for "cutting"

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  1. The upper part of the stone contains the name, with blanks for cutting age, &c.

  2. Some are formed like a common halbert, others have a crescent at the bottom and the blade pointed forward, with a sharp edge, supposed to be designed for cutting the girths or reins of horses.

  3. Master Hubbard, "the scissor artist," exhibited his proficiency in cutting out profiles in paper at Norwich.

  4. A labourer named Jeremiah Cutting was buried beneath the falling roof of the stable and burned to death.

  5. A drift occurred in the chalk cutting between Narborough and Swaffham, and delayed railway traffic.

  6. There are at this moment boys exhibiting upon them, and are cutting round the corners and corn-stands with all imaginable ease and rapidity.

  7. The plaintiff's men cut the tithe wheat on seven acres of land, each man taking a strip or rig of land, and after cutting each strip returned and put his sheaves into shocks of ten each.

  8. She began cutting us the same day we tried to help her at the station.

  9. A cutting remark on Gussie's part during their first acquaintance concerning the Lookouts had resolved Elizabeth to cultivate the disgruntled freshman's society.

  10. She has said rude, cutting things about all of us.

  11. It seemed a huge saw cutting across the top of the world.

  12. Cutting in a whale to Stirling was like peeling an apple.

  13. The carcass, useless now, was cast adrift by cutting the lines.

  14. The bolt acted as a rod, and the cutting edge as it touched the plank ground through for a quarter inch and then refused to work deeper.

  15. Steam was got up in the boilers, the screw thrashed, and the ship plunged on--her sharp stem cutting through the drift ice like a knife going through thin paper.

  16. Purple night was falling when Stirling had the whale's body in a position for cutting in.

  17. Make two brace blocks by first cutting out a square 7/8" x 1" x 1" and cutting this in two diagonally from corner to corner.

  18. One end of each leg is rounded by setting the dividers at 9/16" and cutting to the line and cutting the opposite ends at an angle, as shown in the drawing.

  19. The large wheel is made by cutting a piece from a curtain rod 2-1/4" in diameter or by turning down a piece to this diameter on the lathe.

  20. The cutting should be roughly done with a turning saw and finished carefully to the line with a chisel and file.

  21. After the outline is satisfactory, the design should be traced on the wood preparatory to cutting out.

  22. After all cutting with edged tools has been completed, all pieces should be carefully sanded to insure the removal of all scars, pencil lines and other imperfections.

  23. If the tool is very dull, with nicks in the cutting edge, it should be ground first on the grindstone.

  24. This is done by measuring in 1/4" from each upper corner and drawing to the lower corners and cutting to the line.

  25. It is shaped, as shown in the sketch, cutting the outline with a turning saw and finishing to the line with a chisel and file.

  26. The foot board is made in a similar manner, first cutting it 1/2" x 5" x 8".

  27. Great care must be taken in cutting these three pieces of wood to see that every edge is square and true.

  28. A center lap joint is made by cutting through half way on both slats at such an angle as will cause the outer edge of the slats to be about five inches apart.

  29. It can be readily seen that the latter result will not make a very sharp cutting edge.

  30. The theory of the cutting edge of the tool is the same as that of the wedge; the thinner the wedge the easier it is to drive it.

  31. One might just as well be cutting chaff for horses.

  32. Bob Morris is as clever a chap as any in London at cutting people to pieces and putting 'em together again; but over Egyptian matters he'd be like a baby.

  33. I can't even keep a book out of his hand when I'm cutting his hair.

  34. A good many leisure hours were spent in cutting and sewing that shanty, which proved rather a success.

  35. Except cutting some night wood and tending the fire," adds number two.

  36. The one shown in the cut is thin in the blade, and handy for skinning, cutting meat, or eating with.

  37. Knock him on the head before cutting off his legs.

  38. Then he takes the sharp three-pound camp axe, and fells a dozen small birch and ash trees, cutting them into proper lengths and leaving them for the boys to tote into camp.

  39. The others elect to amuse themselves about the camp, cutting small timber with their little hatchets, picking fresh browse, or skirmishing the mountain side for wintergreen berries and sassafras.

  40. The cutting peats at the increase of the moon was mentioned as one; but he would not allow it, saying, it was not a superstition, but a whim.

  41. I said, printing an abridgement of a work was allowed, which was only cutting the horns and tail off the cow.

  42. One man, at a little distance, was busy cutting a long turf for it, with the crooked spade which is used in Sky; a very aukward instrument.

  43. His axe was soon at work; the bark was stripped, and the hollow laid open: they found the tree quite filled with honey, and cutting away a considerable quantity, they carried it off on pieces of bark.

  44. Then cutting a cleft in the handle, he inserted and tied the blade first, covering the joining with gum, and finally placing it in the sun to dry.

  45. The stone has been brought from our own quarry; but the labor of cutting and building was great and tedious.

  46. Then the boys cleared the ground, by laboriously cutting down the long grass, which they spread to form beds, a luxury to which they were unaccustomed.

  47. These round reeds will make capital arrows," said Hugh, cutting down a bundle of them; "and I doubt not but some of them would be elastic enough for the bows.

  48. Jack was in his element, superintending the cutting down of timber trees, and then manufacturing them into tables and chairs, and other useful furniture, to his heart's content.

  49. The nephew of Aragon was so delighted that he gave vent to a little cry of pleasure, at the same time cutting a pirouette.

  50. Here they purchased lauds and commenced cutting down and clearing away the forest along the valley, and erecting rude houses to shelter their wives and children, and mills to grind their grain.

  51. He then hung up three of the quarters upon the trees, cutting off a limb to form a hook on which it would hang safely from the wolves that were nightly prowling along the stream.

  52. It had run about a hundred rods and sought the stream again, cutting off a slight bend.

  53. It was downright cutting of throats and scuttling of ships that our youngster sang of, and the grim faces looked and listened approvingly, as you might fancy Ulysses's veterans hearkening to a tale of Troy.

  54. No mine must be sunk or cutting made for fear of angering the earth spirits, for as man is as essentially a part of the world as the earth, those earth spirits will avenge themselves upon him.

  55. Cutting short their eloquence, however, Mr. Lamotte recommended them to talk as little as possible among the townspeople, and to pursue the investigation quietly, after their own light.

  56. Constance, cutting off the retort that was rising to the lips of her aunt.

  57. One of the long windows had been opened by forcing the shutters, and then cutting out a pane of glass, after which the bolts were easily drawn.

  58. During the afternoon they were allowed to lie idle upon the ground, and watch their masters cutting the barley; although this indulgence was purchased at the expense of lacerated skins and aching bones.

  59. On discharging his gun, he had flung the useless weapon to the ground; and instead of it now grasped a long curving scimitar, with which he commenced cutting around him in every direction.

  60. Their rounded tops, cutting the sky with a clear line, forbade this belief.

  61. The Krooman, who had joined the slaves in cutting the grain, was in the field at work when the merchants moved off, and was not present to bid farewell to his more fortunate countryman.

  62. Jim proceeded to set an example by cutting the grain in a careless manner--letting the heads fall in every direction, and then trampling them under foot as he moved on.

  63. If something was not done soon, one or other--perhaps all three--would have to succumb to that keen cutting of the scimitar.

  64. When some one asked him if he was cutting up any Easy Money or would it be safe for a Man with a Watch to go to Sleep in the same Room with him, he would take a Drink of Water and begin to plead for Cuba.

  65. The Copper, perceiving that he had come very near getting Gay with our First Families, Apologized for Cutting In.

  66. The Indians do not like it very well that the whites camp on their ground on account of cutting timber.

  67. But, convinced that Jim was gaining, he contented himself with cutting across the Oval to note his place at the end of the second lap.

  68. When, however, in the evening, they fled from the field, and he followed in pursuit, he became hopeful of cutting them off and driving them in the required direction.

  69. For the moment, however, actual numbers were of small account; speed was the sole thought; for the necessity of cutting in between the enemy and the hills was now very apparent.

  70. Divesting himself of his clothes, and cutting some of the rushes, Faris quickly knotted them together in large bunches, and tied them in wisps round his head and the upper part of his body.

  71. That Haroun did not do things by halves was clear; for, not content with the slaughter in the ravine, he pursued the few of the enemy who succeeded in cutting their way out, and ruthlessly slew them.

  72. I said, "I thought that you had some concerns about this in relation to how you responded to my cutting the hairs on your face.

  73. They were quite rickety, and I was between the Scylla of cutting my throat with the razor and the Charybdis of breaking my bones by a fall on the floor.

  74. We were fortunate in passing through the cork producing district, and saw the whole process of barking the trees, cutting the bark in oblong squares and stacking it up like lumber in a large yard.

  75. Taps W are provided for cutting off the flow of water to either of the generators during recharging and an overflow pipe h serves to convey the water to the second generator as soon as the carbide in the first is exhausted.

  76. Cocks must be provided for cutting off the main and connexions from the generator and gasholder.

  77. It was as though he were cutting at his own strength, cutting off one of his own members to please his wife.

  78. Mr. Welles had no more notion what cutting under six inches butt diameter meant than he had of the name of the little brown bird who sang so sweetly in his elm; but Paul's voice and that of the nameless bird gave him the same pleasure.

  79. I wish you were always laughing and cutting up, the way you used to.

  80. He had done his little indirect share of the throat-cutting always.

  81. But he was cutting that one down, and it fell too soon.

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