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Example sentences for "gruff"

Lexicographically close words:
grueling; gruelling; gruels; grueso; gruesome; gruffer; gruffly; gruffness; grum; grumble
  1. Sir Richard in a gruff voice, that seemed to have in it something of the deep roar of the sea waves breaking upon cavernous rocks.

  2. There was silence for a few moments, and then the gruff voice of Sir Richard Grenville broke in.

  3. I axed that question afore," said the gruff old fellow.

  4. To quieten th' gruff husband, and stop him if he rated her, I could na help slipping another sixpence under th' loaf, and then we set off again.

  5. Send me the gruff captain of the forecastle in his place.

  6. As the herald was riding away a gruff laugh broke from Fortemani, who stood behind the Count.

  7. Curly took the cup from her with a gruff 'thank 'ee.

  8. With Brains, Sir," was the gruff reply--and the right one.

  9. It would perhaps have been better for his fame had the author of Thalaba, Don Roderick, and The Curse of Kehama taken the gruff advice.

  10. Tickled by the extravagance of the idea which Zack's question suggested to him, Mat shook his sturdy shoulders, and indulged himself in a gruff chuckle, which seemed to claim some sort of barbarous relationship with a laugh.

  11. Thou bee'st a liar," replied a gruff voice, as the clank of metal on the stone was heard.

  12. When the burning city lay behind them and the quiet winter fields around, when the guard had said a gruff “You’re safe enough now!

  13. Hill, lately sent from Virginia to the support of the forces in Tennessee, made a sound too gruff for agreement.

  14. Ten minutes, and with or without a gruff “good night!

  15. It was the old homely accent, and gruff good-humoured voice, but with something subdued and broken in the tone.

  16. What do you want," shouted a gruff voice from the hay-loft.

  17. Right you are," said the same gruff voice, and then Mr Smith turned all of a cold perspiration.

  18. Mr Smith ran on, then along the other side, closely followed by him of the gruff voice, while two more went the other way.

  19. Gruff & Tackleton, the Toy Merchants for whom they worked,--the latter of whom was himself both Gruff and Tackleton in one.

  20. Look sharp, Louisa,” said the parrot, expressing the wish of both in a gruff monotone.

  21. The banns,” he said, in a gruff whisper, and because of his deafness louder than was necessary.

  22. One had a gruff loud voice, the other spoke quietly, drawlingly.

  23. Ere he could retreat he was seized with a rude grasp, and the gruff accents of his master were heard angrily exclaiming-- "How now, sir knave?

  24. As they passed the half-closed door, a gruff voice was heard reciting the appointed service for the day.

  25. Doctor's gruff voice, and that settled it.

  26. He went to see the boy in prison, and found him as gruff and surly as ever, yet he was sure that, when he came away, the eyes of Carrots followed him wistfully.

  27. When they came to the dazzling tree he advanced to it as if he cared nothing for its beauty, and showed her with a gruff and business-like air a split in the trunk.

  28. Each seemingly miraculous appearance of the cloudlet was hailed with admiration, and we were quite ready to enjoy the entertainment as long as our friend the enemy chose to supply it, and were inclined to be gruff with him when it stopped.

  29. The Colonel was inclined to be gruff until he learned that the orders were to move the brigade back over the river; then, indeed, he was sprightly.

  30. I don't care if he did have a gruff voice, I'm sure he was a good kind man.

  31. They had gone some distance before Baldwin spoke, and the gruff words came reluctantly as if pushed from behind by some more generous prompter.

  32. His tone, however, was still gruff as he said: “Crook’d ways seem to pay all right.

  33. This is my girl, and one of those fellows tried to steal her," said Burke in a gruff voice.

  34. Gruff Roundsman Murphy crossed himself, while White wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

  35. But they neither looked nor spoke like Cossacks, so their gruff voices were part of the uncanny scheme of things that surrounded me.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gruff" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    abrupt; aggressive; bearish; beastly; bluff; blunt; brash; brassy; brazen; brief; brusque; cavalier; churlish; coarse; crabbed; cracked; cranky; crusty; curt; dry; fleeting; gruff; grumbling; guttural; harsh; hoarse; husky; irritable; metallic; morose; ragged; raucous; rough; rude; severe; sharp; short; snappish; snippy; stern; stertorous; strangled; surly; tactless; temperamental; terse; thick; throaty; tinny; truculent; ungracious