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Example sentences for "brusque"

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brushwood; brushwork; brushy; brusk; bruskly; brusquely; brusqueness; brutal; brutalised; brutalising
  1. Comrade Ossipon would not be brusque with kind fate.

  2. The robust form of Comrade Ossipon, striding brusque and shadowy across the shop, squatted in a corner obediently; but this obedience was without grace.

  3. Meanwhile, with brusque movements, she arrayed herself in an apron for the washing up of cups.

  4. This obvious restraint argued an incredible and inexplicable timidity of the big fellow before the calm little man, who again lifted the glass mug, drank, and put it down with brusque and assured movements.

  5. A brusque question caused him to stutter to the point of suffocation.

  6. That one so big and brusque as Douglass should be able to define so many and such fugitive feminine emotions was a constant source of wonder and delight to her.

  7. So gratified was Douglass for this kindness, he made himself agreeable till such time as Helen, in brilliant evening-dress, came out; and when Hugh left them together he was less assertive and brusque in manner.

  8. She had found the elder woman's open speech and breezy manners amusing, but she had also conceived liking and respect for the sincerity and warm-heartedness that were evident underneath a rather brusque and erratic exterior.

  9. Maubars betrayed his irritation in his brusque movements and unsteady walk.

  10. He asked me, with the somewhat brusque politeness habitual to men of discipline, what was the object of my visit.

  11. His lofty compunction repelled her more than her mother’s brusque contempt.

  12. And in truth she looked comely with the sweet colors of it, turning her coy, brusque face this way and that with self-conscious pride.

  13. Moreover, he was rarely in repose, but moved with a singular brusque grace.

  14. The head is thrown backward from the throat; and there is a something of menace or defiance or suffering in the suggestion of brusque movement given to the sinews of the neck.

  15. He himself, despite his brusque manners, was a genial host, and Walcott speedily ingratiated himself into the favor of the guests by his quiet, unobtrusive attentions, his punctilious courtesy to each and all alike.

  16. The brusque gaoler appears at the iron gate; stands his burly figure in the portal; nods recognition to the officer; swings back the iron frame, as a number of motley prisoners gather into a semicircle in the passage.

  17. His manner to me, so brusque before, became courteous, kind, almost affectionate.

  18. I thought my father was even more brusque with him than before, and the Bishop, who was to travel with us, was curt almost to rudeness.

  19. Indeed we don't," was the brusque response.

  20. Graham, laughing, for he heartily enjoyed his aunt's brusque way of talking, having learned already the kindliness it masked.

  21. She was clever enough to take with him the good-natured, brusque tone of a woman who may permit herself little liberties because she is sure of her heart and of the respect of the man with whom she associates.

  22. You have to get your own tea from the urn over there, and collect your food from all the other tables," she added in the same brusque manner, as Katharine sat down and looked helplessly about her.

  23. But the rank and file of the middle class of Austrians, the class with which travellers have naturally most to do, are most brusque and ungracious in manner as well as in deed, unembellished with any hint of courtesy.

  24. However gross and brusque the German character may be, I must for ever make an exception of our Herr, whose genuine politeness, delicacy of kindness, refinement and manliness I have rarely seen equalled and never excelled.

  25. She needs no excuses," was the brusque reply.

  26. Yes, I am," was the somewhat brusque rejoinder.

  27. Almost brusque of manner, forceful, he was as strong and kindly of heart as he was skilful.

  28. Give me the little chap," he demanded in his brusque fashion.

  29. The day before, in the shipping office, what with the bad light and his excitement at this berth obtained as if by a brusque and unscrupulous miracle, did not count.

  30. That's why his utterance was abrupt, his answers to people startlingly brusque and often not forthcoming at all.

  31. I've had the privilege of meeting that reckless and brusque young lady and I must say that with her air of an angry victim.

  32. I was nettled by her brusque manner of asserting her folly, and I told her that neither did I as far as that went, in a tone which almost suggested that she was welcome to break her neck for all I cared.

  33. From year to year he dwelt on land as a bird rests on the branch of a tree, so tense with the power of brusque flight into its true element that it is incomprehensible why it should sit still minute after minute.

  34. Mrs Fyne saw the brusque half turn of the fellow's body as one avoids an importunate contact, defeating her attempt rudely.

  35. Even to inferiors she used the polite language,[34] and never the rude, brusque speech of men, or the careless phrases and expressions of the lower classes.

  36. Unpopular with his countrymen because of his brusque ways, his rude tongue and his honesty, which made him refuse all commissions from the art merchants, he sought the society of artists from other countries.

  37. To do so brusque and, as it seemed to Hilary, so inhumane a thing was foreign to his nature.

  38. The others had been most kind in manner, even expressing sympathy for my unfortunate position; but this man was brusque and unpleasant.

  39. Sir Felix was a tall, good-looking man, well past middle age, rather brusque of manner but kindly withal, and he looked up over his glasses as the detective entered.

  40. Tarling caught sight of the brusque Sir Felix Solomon gazing, without any visible evidence of distress, upon the wreckage of his office.

  41. Orde's big, open, and brusque manners bothered him as they would have bothered a cat.

  42. Orde, brusque in his desire to hurry through an affair of minor importance, rubbed the man the wrong way.

  43. Her bearing and her gestures were somewhat brusque at times, and gave her rather too disdainful an air; but her smile was so frank and pleasant that it excused any possible rudeness in her manner to persons who did not know her well.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "brusque" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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