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Example sentences for "brusquely"

Lexicographically close words:
brushwork; brushy; brusk; bruskly; brusque; brusqueness; brutal; brutalised; brutalising; brutalities
  1. That is to say," brusquely said Dantin, who had listened with frowning brows and with an angry expression, "that Mme.

  2. I cannot," brusquely said the man run to earth, with accent of violence.

  3. He has had many," the man brusquely remarked.

  4. The verdict was thus brusquely emphasized by Hartt, one of the two consulting specialists.

  5. And he was about to collapse again upon the sands when, without warning, he found the woman had moved to his side and caught his hand, almost brusquely passing his arm across her shoulders, so that she received no little of his weight.

  6. The wealth and brilliancy of her imagination frequently lead to modes of expression which seem to brusquely contradict her sightless and soundless condition.

  7. No form of the modern occult antagonizes the foundations of science so brusquely as this one.

  8. Gregorio answered brusquely that the Jew should not touch the boy.

  9. He took up his hat brusquely and stepped into the street.

  10. Cold and grey and glittering they were as he bowed brusquely and turned away.

  11. He turned brusquely away from us and began to question the new men.

  12. Not quite good enough, major," announced Comyn brusquely as his breath broke from him with a sort of gasp and he spread out a heart flush.

  13. How else could he justify the scene at Field, when he had so brusquely probed her secret anxieties for Philip?

  14. And, when he brusquely told her not to interrupt, she felt strangely disposed to obey him.

  15. Lady Barbara smiled composedly, but the brusque rebuff, brusquely quoted, wounded her pride as nothing had done since Jim's cable.

  16. Thus brusquely interrupted, the innkeeper stared blankly at his guest, who had left the window and now stood in the center of the room confronting him.

  17. I, a--" Brusquely he arose from his chair, leaving the sentence uncompleted.

  18. State Museum, Lahore Having brusquely dismissed Krishna, Radha is overcome with longing and when he once again approaches her she showers on him her adoring love.

  19. Some of the cowgirls hardly dare to be angry but others upbraid him for so brusquely deserting them.

  20. Prince Pietro paying no heed to him, strode into the house, and brusquely threw open the door of a room which he knew to be Varillo's own specially private retreat.

  21. His uncle's house, which he had left as brusquely this time as before, haunted him in his mind troubled by sickness.

  22. Come," he said brusquely to his companion; "come.

  23. He turned brusquely from the window, paced his room a few times, limping up and down it, the lame jackdaw, the crippled bird in his cage, and his heart swelled in his breast.

  24. Not that the landlady was outwardly kind; but she was brusquely and gruffly inattentive, trusting the girl and leaving her to herself.

  25. Brusquely she pushed together the pen and ink and paper.

  26. Bess cried, turning brusquely from the door which she had secured.

  27. But his elder brother, Nominoe, having swallowed up his own slice, brusquely seized that which his mother was tendering to Julyan.

  28. Struck by the coldness of her lover's answers, Blanche brusquely stepped back.

  29. Two-thirty," said Respectability brusquely over his shoulder.

  30. Come along, then," brusquely insisted the impostor, leading the way to the eastern wall of boards enclosing the back yard.

  31. Their quiet conversation is brusquely interrupted by the heavy fall of a swan, which lies dead at their feet.

  32. But as his words and music are strictly original, and therefore cannot be judged by the usual canons, Beckmesser savagely marks down mistake after mistake, and brusquely interrupts the song to declare the singer is 'outsung and outdone.

  33. At this moment Armand Gillier walked brusquely into the room.

  34. Crayford came on brusquely from the opposite side of the scene and met him.

  35. Prince brusquely restrained him, to keep him from plunging into that mania for demonstrating.

  36. That evening, Toledo found himself brusquely repelled by his Prince, when he tried to tell him about a letter which he had received from Paris.

  37. The man lifted his hands to her wrists, broke her grasp, cut her brusquely short, put her forcibly from him.

  38. Never heard of her," he announced brusquely at a glance.

  39. Our invasion must have displeased him because he got off the chairs brusquely and walked out, leaving with me an indelibly weird impression of his thin shanks.

  40. These, with splashes of water on the floor out of a brusquely misplaced sponge-bath, were the only traces of the struggle.

  41. He didn't finish, and went out brusquely as if to escape from some unrighteous wiles of mine.

  42. But Ouaouaoua brusquely made a right-about face and headed toward the Boulevard des Batignolles.

  43. Then brusquely turning, he asked: "You like the King, Mademoiselle?

  44. If you don't get us all into jail or some other place before then we'll be lucky," came brusquely from his mother.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "brusquely" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    abruptly; briefly; broadly; curtly; directly; frankly; genuinely; harshly; openly; plainly; pointedly; roundly; shortly; summarily