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  1. There was that way out, as the Siwash girl broadly indicated.

  2. He laid hold of the canoe and rested a few seconds, panting, smiling broadly at her.

  3. But answer me this question: Isn't a social conscience, broadly speaking, the result of comfort and security?

  4. The recognition of this truth does not, however, affect the validity of our treating form and expression as two broadly distinguishable factors of aesthetic pleasure.

  5. Dwarfish in stature but broadly built, they are remarkable for the shortness of their legs.

  6. The exterior is decorated with sculptures and tile-work, and internally it is divided, broadly speaking, into a museum of general antiquities below, and the large gallery of pictures of the Dutch and Flemish schools above.

  7. The numerous preparations used by druggists are mostly prepared in factories under competent and careful supervision, and the standards laid down in the British Pharmacopoeia are, broadly speaking, carefully adhered to.

  8. He was, first of men, broadly interested in all the colonies, and in his mind the future began to be comprehended in its true perspective and scale; and for these reasons to him properly belongs the title of "the first American.

  9. We may broadly distinguish two main geographical elements in the alpine flora, namely, the northern element and the endemic element.

  10. It is, however, more broadly applied to a style of fabric originally made from the alpaca wool but now frequently made from an allied type of wool, viz.

  11. If it is undistinguished by any work of supreme genius, it reflects broadly and happily and in enduring forms the national tradition and character of the land in its dawning century.

  12. Broadly speaking, the first naval lord's duties and authority cover the fighting efficiency and employment of the fleet, and upon him and upon the controller the naval business of the country largely falls.

  13. The military classification of explosives differs somewhat from that of the Explosives Act 1875, but, broadly speaking, they are divided into two groups.

  14. On the other hand it cannot be said that any injurious materials are being used by brewers, the brewing industry being, broadly speaking, most efficiently supervised and controlled by scientifically trained men.

  15. He was, nevertheless, the most broadly characteristic figure of the Puritan of his time.

  16. To adult men generally those provisions broadly only apply which are aimed at securing sanitation and safety in the conduct of the manufacturing process.

  17. Broadly these same regulations as to exceptional overtime may apply in laundries but the act of 1907 granted to laundries not merely ancillary to the manufacture carried on in a factory or workshop (e.

  18. Hence tragedy on the one hand and comedy, or more broadly humour, on the other hand, have their great place in literature; for they are forms of the intermediate world of conflict.

  19. He hoped it had retreated, or was stationary for want of forage; and he was even asserting broadly that it had.

  20. Broadly speaking, surplus Government funds in India can at present be released only by the sale of Council Bills in London.

  21. They stand, broadly speaking, in an exceedingly strong financial position supported by large reserve funds.

  22. They evidently contain only a very small selection from the words and works of Christ, and yet their contents are included broadly in one outline.

  23. But Paul is placing himself at the point of view of the writer of Genesis and speaking broadly of God's purpose in creation.

  24. Looking at man as he actually and broadly is, we may think it a bold saying of Paul when he says, "Man is the glory of God;" and yet on consideration we see that this is no more than the truth.

  25. The childish rite brought up a little of the old thrill of apprehension, that no one might ask her the proper question to make her wish come true, and Mary smiled broadly over her own foolishness as she went on up the street.

  26. Taken broadly the negative varieties seem to be somewhat more numerous than the positive ones, but it is very difficult to come to a definite conclusion on this point.

  27. Eucalyptus Globulus, the Australian gum tree, has opposite and broadly sessile leaves during the first years of its life.

  28. This dependency on local nutrition leads to the general law of periodicity, which, broadly speaking, governs the occurrence of the fluctuating deviations of the organs.

  29. It is a low shrub, with broadly linear leaves of a clear green.

  30. The leaves are broadly sessile and their bases are united so as to constitute a sort of cup.

  31. Clearly, but not broadly striped individuals always yield the most reliable seed.

  32. This covered broadly the combination of the cutting cylinders, and rolls for holding the boards against the cutting cylinders, and also means for tongueing and grooving at one operation.

  33. Research has shown, however, that the latch was not broadly new with Hibbert, as it appeared in the French patent to Jeandeau, No.

  34. Now, strange to say this principle was broadly admitted.

  35. He never passed through college, but his faculties were broadly developed by the condition into which his genial and vivid nature led him.

  36. We can thus class Spanish ballads more broadly into: (1) Those of popular origin.

  37. But regarding the question broadly and sanely, Spanish literature could no more remain unaffected by Arab influence than could Spanish music, architecture, or handicrafts.

  38. I have been trying to say as broadly and strongly as I can, that our sins do not turn away the love of God in Christ from us.

  39. She smiled broadly as Bradley put his finger to his lips and crept toward Mrs. Brown, who gave a great start as she felt the clasp of his arm.

  40. These classes of hero-worshipers melt into each other, of course, but broadly they may be said to separately exist.

  41. Footnote] *Speaking broadly and without prejudice to the question, whether there be more than one species of Orang.

  42. I shall inquire into the value of this fact, and of some modifying circumstances by and by; for the present I merely put it broadly before you.

  43. The broadly curved banana leaves, and the feathery tufts of the palm trees overhead began to grow transparent, standing out in light green against the shining whiteness of the sky.

  44. Hershberger is here defining pacifism broadly to include the European meaning of opposition to war, but not necessarily a refusal to take part in it.

  45. It would not accord with the simplicity of his character to blink a fact that stands so broadly before him.

  46. Broadly designed, it may be as fine in its way as a piece of mediƦval stained glass, and it gives to silk and velvet their true worth.

  47. He sat upon a purple cloth instead of a saddle, and that, and a bridle with a forestall of gold and reins of yellow silk broadly fringed at the lower edge, completed the housings of the horse.

  48. They all sported ample togas of white wool broadly bordered with purple.

  49. His beard, once of the deepest black, flowing broadly over his breast, was streaked with white.

  50. The wall at his back cast its shadow broadly over the water to the opposite shore.

  51. It is all, broadly speaking, a matter of dollars practically to accomplish these things.

  52. I can even conceive a Jesuit doing it, for they were much divided, and there were men amongst them far more deeply and broadly divided from the prevailing teaching of their own Church, than from the Catholic party in Anglicanism.

  53. No doubt the line has not always been broadly marked between Liberalism where it borders on Radicalism, and Radicalism where it borders on the Charter.

  54. And over the girl's shoulder she smiled broadly and sympathetically at Taylor.

  55. The negro woman grinned broadly at her astonishment.

  56. Taylor grinned broadly at him, for now it occurred to him that he would be able to thwart Carrington's designs of "getting hold of the reins.

  57. And then he saw Taylor grinning broadly at him; and he was suddenly struck with the conviction that Taylor was not insane; that he was in possession of some secret that he was trying to confide to his friend, and that he had begun obliquely.

  58. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "broadly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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