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  1. The largest numbers of men involved and the broadest front of action in the war.

  2. As the war was eventually decided on the broadest of fronts, so the new phase of the war which started with Neuve Chapelle was begun on the narrowest of fronts.

  3. Leaves broadest at the middle or apex, cuneate.

  4. Leaves lobed to beyond the middle, frequently those grown in dense shade not so deeply lobed, some or all of the lateral lobes broadest toward the apex.

  5. Leaves lobed to about the middle, the lateral lobes broadest at the base; cup saucer-shaped; nut about 1.

  6. The broadest view of the facts and forces embraced by the subject is exhibited with a clearness of arrangement and a definiteness of application that render it perceptible to the simplest apprehension.

  7. Love and sorrow appear to be flowers of civilisation, and most to flourish where life has the broadest margin of leisure and abundance.

  8. But let it be understood that while our civilization has always been British (if that term is used in its broadest sense) our blood has always been mixed, even in Virginia and New England.

  9. Offhand these looked like good appointments; in reality too they were good appointments--able men in every instance; men of the broadest experience.

  10. Literature is the most powerful and necessary of the arts, and fiction is its broadest form.

  11. Therefore I sang a song in the broadest Exmoor dialect, which caused no little amazement in the minds of all who met me.

  12. If we hold fast the beginning of our confidence firm unto the end,' is presupposed in the brightest and broadest promises of good.

  13. Now that is true about creation, in the broadest and in the most absolute sense.

  14. Goldsmith knew that even Garrick's broadest buffoonery was on occasions accepted by Boswell with all seriousness, and he had no hesitation in believing Baretti's account of the party on the previous evening.

  15. The expropriation will be general; nothing but an expropriation of the broadest kind can initiate the re-shaping of society--expropriation on a small scale would appear like ordinary plunder.

  16. But this it forbids in the broadest sense.

  17. It is based upon the broadest induction, and it is verified by the most constant, regular, and universal of deductive processes.

  18. Here the student will find means of acquainting himself with the phenomena of life in their broadest acceptation.

  19. If a broad hint were necessary, he had the broadest in the world.

  20. At the law this principle has been elaborated into a large and abstruse subject; in ordinary arguments where there is no judge to make subtle discriminations, you must interpret it in the broadest way.

  21. And it is for this reason that the liberty based upon capitalistic toleration is the broadest and most substantial of all.

  22. The advancement of science--taking the word in its very broadest sense--is certainly an ideal that deserves our warmest allegiance.

  23. Whether education--using the word in its broadest sense--will effect a radical change in the relation of man and woman remains to be seen.

  24. The beach ran about three-fourths round the basin, being broadest immediately in front of the ravine and gradually narrowing away to nothing at about a mile's distance on either side.

  25. It is still the existing law in Illinois, and was for many years regarded as one of the broadest and most far-reaching of State enactments.

  26. The Eucharist is, in the broadest sense, the final act in the drama of our salvation.

  27. And yet the Atonement, which is, in the broadest aspect of it, Christianity itself, is a fact infinitely greater and higher than any mere theories of it.

  28. The first was called the Deutscher Verein (German Union), whose programme aimed at 'a constitutional monarchy on the broadest democratic foundation.

  29. So in the broadest sense it is true that the law is a logical development, like everything else.

  30. Every effort to reduce a case to a rule is an effort of jurisprudence, although the name as used in English is confined to the broadest rules and most fundamental conceptions.

  31. One mark of a great lawyer is that he sees the application of the broadest rules.

  32. In the broadest sense, indeed, that notion would be true.

  33. But for the present it is wise to confine attention to the broadest features of the cycle.

  34. From private persons, acting in private, and dominated in the main by private motives there cannot be expected the wisest and broadest direction of the flow of money--the lifeblood of business.

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