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Example sentences for "broadened"

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  1. The intellectual and cultural relationships among American Republics were broadened as a part of the general peace program.

  2. The most important point of its development was when it so broadened as to include all mankind.

  3. His smile broadened too as he noted the receipts from the fresh fish and the canned product.

  4. When they arrived at the indicated spot and the V broadened according to orders, the lights of the alien fleet could be discerned moving toward them.

  5. The V must be broadened by the boats hitherto held in reserve.

  6. As for the fire, that went on broadening and brightening and giving out a cheery sound until it broadened into the light of day, and Alan sat up to hear it crackling under the coffee-pot, where his father was cooking their breakfast.

  7. But, after all, the tree was warmed, and its sap ran stronger, and it grew and broadened in the sun and air; and that was more than he could say of painter or poet.

  8. Down on the coast the world suddenly broadened and lifted into larger spaces.

  9. Garth and his father had filled out and broadened beyond belief: they were deeply tanned and clear-eyed, and in each was a curious look of resoluteness that the doctor had never seen before.

  10. The river was only about twenty yards wide at the point where we embarked upon it, but it broadened rapidly as it was fed by tributary streams from either side.

  11. The river had now broadened to a hundred and fifty feet, and was indeed a mighty torrent.

  12. Engineering genius, broadened by the new scientific resources at its command, has triumphed over all difficulties.

  13. He had loved his work; it had broadened him, had provided him with exactly the proportion of mental exercise needed to keep him on edge and in a position to enjoy life.

  14. As I gave a last hurried glance around, I saw a thin line of yellow light between two of the boards, which broadened and broadened as a small panel was pushed backward.

  15. The black porter of the Pullman car was looking out from the vestibule, and when he saw Hemenway his sleepy face broadened into a grin reminiscent of many generous tips.

  16. After several miles of this curliewurlie course, the incoming of the Penny Pot Stream on the left broadened the flowing trail a little.

  17. They were gravely significant now, he thought; and scarcely knowing what he did he set narrow human eyes in the lion's face (for he knew no better) and broadened the hanging jaws with a delicate line or two.

  18. You know his views--a strange medley of honest Liberalism and aristocratic pride: rather, these were his views, but here in Freeland the democratic side of his character has considerably broadened and strengthened.

  19. In breadth they varied from three to twenty feet; at places they broadened out into considerable clearings which, like the narrower ways, were clothed with a very fine and close short grass, and were deliciously shady and cool.

  20. These movements were all dictated by considerations of self-interest, but self-interest broadened and educated by a knowledge of the world's situation.

  21. It broadened and broadened as the dark canopy of clouds, curtain-like, was lifted.

  22. While it is the chief function of the Council to investigate and report on proprietary medicinal preparations, its work has broadened so that the Council’s work may now be characterized as a propaganda for the rational use of drugs.

  23. So what with this and with that, we worried along until just beyond the line of our trenches, where the road broadened very considerably and we could compromise by riding on the flanks of the column.

  24. And though Fyles's smile had broadened at the other's clumsy attempt at subterfuge, it was quite lost upon Bill in the darkness.

  25. The stranger's smile broadened into a laugh.

  26. Christianity, on the contrary, rooted itself in the past, retained old institutions and old ideas, elevating indeed and spiritualising them, and thus slowly broadened down from precedent to precedent.

  27. Many a teacher and thinker, like Philo, whose ideas had been broadened by the Divine training of banishment and enforced exile in Alexandria or in Asia Minor, had risen to nobler and wider views than were current in Palestine.

  28. For the point could be broadened and so spread out as to divide the defending line.

  29. Well they knew that, if the Huns once broadened the point, all sorts of disasters might follow.

  30. So the damsel sat down shame-fast and in great confusion; but the young man jested and toyed with her and entertained her with laughable stories and loving verses, till her breast broadened and she became at her ease.

  31. So Samsam ran at Gharib who awaited him with broadened breast and heart enheartened, and they smote each at other with maces, till the two hosts marvelled and every eye was fixed on them.

  32. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "broadened" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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